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ROTF Nominated for People's Choice Awards

Transformers News: ROTF Nominated for People's Choice Awards
Date: Wednesday, November 11th 2009 9:41pm CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Event News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): dragons

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Member dragons has let us know that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is up for a People's Choice Award for Best On-Screen Team. It is up against the likes of Harry Potter and Twilight, so this is going to be a competition.

Cast your vote by clicking here and click on the Favourite On-Screen Team link near the bottom of the page.

Go Transformers!

Movie Bumblebee Prop Appears in Sydney, Australia

Transformers News: Movie Bumblebee Prop Appears in Sydney, Australia
Date: Sunday, November 8th 2009 3:10pm CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Event News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s): optimus1, Ozformers

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Bumblebee show's up in Sydney, Australia, or to be precise, Paramount's prop of him, for a promotional event with the DVD and Blu-Ray disk release of Transformers Revenge of The Fallen, in Australia. In addition to the prop, some concept art of a few things in the film were also shown. The familiar prop of the movie's star looms over the people in the images which can be seen here.

Movie Bumblebee Prop Appears in Sydney, Australia

Movie Bumblebee Prop Appears in Sydney, Australia

Movie Bumblebee Prop Appears in Sydney, Australia

Two Transformers DVD sets nominated for "TV DVD Awards"

Transformers News: Two Transformers DVD sets nominated for "TV DVD Awards"
Date: Monday, November 2nd 2009 8:30pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News
Posted by: Delicon | Credit(s):

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While Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has dominated DVD news lately, there have been a lot of other fun Transformers DVD's released over the past year.

Two such releases, Transformers Animated Season 2 and Transformers 25th Anniversary Matrix of Leadership boxed set have now been nominated for awards.

Here is some more info, courtesy of

A diverse selection of new hits and old favorites highlights the nominees list for the Sixth Annual TV DVD Awards, presented by Home Media Magazine, Agent DVD Magazine and

Consumer voting for the awards began Nov. 2 and runs through Nov. 20 at (the full ballot is available below. Vote now). Winners will be announced in December.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s Lost: The Complete Fourth Season and Warner Home Video’s Fringe: The Complete First Season took three nominations apiece. Lionsgate’s acclaimed Mad Men: Season Two release earned two nominations.

But the studio earning the most nominations was Paramount Home Entertainment, with 10 total nominations, including six from the CBS division. In second place with seven nominations was 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Indie distributor Shout! Factory earned four nominations, tying with Warner, Lionsgate, HBO Home Entertainment and BBC Video.

To be eligible, titles must have been released between Oct. 1, 2008, and Sept. 30, 2009. A blue-ribbon panel of judges rated each title based on the complete treatment, including program content, bonus materials and packaging. More than 170 submissions were considered.

The Transformers nominations come in the following categories.

Transformers Animated: Season Two, Paramount
Best Kidvid TV DVD -
A disc release intended for younger viewers

The Transformers: 25th Anniversary Matrix of Leadership Edition, Shout! Factory
Best Animation TV DVD -
A disc release of animated programming

To visit the nomination page, see the complete list of nominees and cast YOUR vote please click here! - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Paramount Press Junket Part 4: Transformers ROTF and G.I. Joe ROC special effects

Transformers News: Paramount Press Junket Part 4:  Transformers ROTF and G.I. Joe ROC special effects
Date: Monday, November 2nd 2009 6:56pm CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Event News, Company News
Posted by: Delicon | Credit(s):

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The has posted the fourth installment of their coverage of the Paramount Press Junket. This time around, we are treated to (among other things) some insight from Scott Benza, Industrial Lights and Magic Animation Supervisor and Shane Mahan of Legacy Effects.

Here are some excerpts, the first is from Benza.

Following Hasbro’s panel, ILM animation supervisor Scott Benza and visual effects supervisor Russell Earl took center stage, with Benza going first on both Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Earl would later be covering Star Trek’s visual effects, although he did work on Transformers). Benza starts off that ROTF was his fourth film working with director Michael Bay, having also worked on Pearl Harbor (2001) and The Island (2005), Bay was a very collaborative director and was open to many ideas, and his feedback helps improve some of the shots.

Benza starts off with how Bay understood some of the criticisms from the first movie in regards to the Autobots and the Decepticons, and how the Transformers got a make-over for ROTF, such as Megatron having fully functional tank treads (which was difficult for the animators). Spinning models of the Fallen and Sideswipe followed, as well pointing out on how lighting played about. He noted that Bay believed “the more messed up the robots, the more realistic they look”, hence the various scratches and dings. A lot of the concept designs were the basis for the robots, such as Ben Proctor, and feedback was exchanged between animation and art standpoints. Jetfire gaining a mouth compared to his early model is one such example, allowing them to animate him with more emotion which wouldn’t be as effective if it just his beard, followed by a short clip of Jetfire talking to Sam (Shia LaBeouf) that showed the mouth pieces in motion. One robot can be composed up to 52,000 pieces, Devastator alone the largest they ever dealt with, and several levels of resolution had to be created in order for the animation team to work with the Autobots and Decepticons fast and efficiently. Benza showed off four levels of Bumblebee, ranging from the most simplistic model to the most detailed one.

Here is an excerpt from Mahan's presentation.

Following the ILM presentation, a ride up to San Fernando so as to check out the special effects workshop that worked with Paramount on creating the Accelerator Suits for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Legacy Effects, successor to Stan Winston Studios. Shane Mahan, co-owner of the shop, showed several of the suits used in Marvel’s Iron Man in 2008, from the Mark I to the enormous Iron Monger, as well several battle-damage pieces of the Mark III. Next up was two of the six Accelerator Suits used in Rise of Cobra, weighing almost 45 pounds, requiring 4 months to build and milled, and composing of over 30 pieces as well additional replacement if anything got broken. Legacy Effects originally laser-scanned Marlon Wayans (Ripcord) and from his measurements they built the first suit; Channing Tatum’s (Duke) suit had to be retrofitted later, even though it’s not the most ideal way but there’s no beating around it. The suits were designed in mind so that it’ll take at least 15 minutes to be fitted on with 2 to 3 people assisting, although the crew spared no expense on the padded cases when it came to shipping them overseas.

You may view the entire original summary of this event by clicking here. - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Paramount Press Junket, part 3

Transformers News: Paramount Press Junket, part 3
Date: Wednesday, October 28th 2009 8:00pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s): Lonegamer,

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Mike Ballog and Aaron Archer spoke at the Paramount Press Junket recently, describing big news for the toy realm of the Transformers brand, and confirmation that a line similar to Universe 2.0 from 08' and Classics from late 06' is on the way, next Fall.

From Lonegamer of The Allspark:

Questions with Hasbro Director of Global Design and Development Aaron Archer post panel

Is a toy line similar in concept to Classics and Universe 2.0 - classic characters in updated bodies - going to be released next Fall?

Yeah, everything that isn’t movie, should fit in to that kind of area that we’re now calling Universe. So anything that doesn’t quite fit in movie, so whether it be Beast Wars, or re-imagining of, you know, Bluestreak or something, a favorite, will be in that kind of line. So we are going to do new updates.

So classic characters in updated bodies.

How many of those, I can’t really get into, but that’s something we know works for the fans, that kinda complete that new style – expression – and we’re happy to do that. We love to bring back old characters that you wouldn’t have thought we’d redo. It’s kinda a fun little designer challenge now going on. Mirage, he’s out.

Release date next fall?

I think mostly next fall is when you’ll see more of that.

Any update on release dates for the remaining Animated stuff?

[San Diego] Comic-Con, we showed what the few remaining guys were out there that we will produce at some point, whether in Animated packaging or not. But I don’t know the release dates, I focus on the creation and stuff. I don’t want to give the wrong date, but they are definitely coming out. We want all that stuff to come.

How does Hasbro handle the cultural differences, such as when it came to localizing the Unicron Trilogy and “Robots in Disguise” (“Car Robots” in Japan)?

It’s a challenge because it’s culturally two different ways to tell stories. So we kinda trade off – we wanted a particular type of thing, Takara will need a certain type of thing. What works well in the Japanese market is kinda the combining figures and different event-base products coming out, so their telling those stories, and we have a different take on that. So we make compromises on both sides and try to make it work. For Animated, it was more of a US-led production, and I think they’re trying to figure it out on their end how they’re going to make it fit into the universe they have. It’s not always easy but it’s not too difficult either.

Any thoughts on Japanese storytelling compared to Western storytelling?

I think for the Japanese… it’s one episode every week, it’s 52 episodes, more of a soap opera, in a way. Whereas we’re just telling fun action stories, character driven, from an American or Western sensibility, of course. Those are the really two big kind of things we navigate, and in Animated we led that production with Cartoon Network, so we didn’t do 52 episodes stand alone, and all of that. It just works better for the US and some of the markets that Hasbro participates in.

To read the full report, click here.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen wins 3 SPIKE "Scream" awards

Transformers News: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen wins 3 SPIKE "Scream" awards
Date: Monday, October 19th 2009 4:02pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Event News, People News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Delicon | Credit(s): SPIKE

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As we first reported in early September, SPIKE TV is airing its 4th Annual "Scream" awards on Tuesday, October 27th at 10PM PST/EST. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as you might suspect drew heavy consideration when nominations were decided and was actually nominated in 11 different categories.

Can't wait to know how many it won? Well, you don't have to.

The actual awards show was taped last night, and ROTF did very well, earning 3 awards. Megan Fox won for "best sci-fi actress", Isabel Lucas won for "breakout performance - female" and the movie itself was deemed to have the best special effects.

Of course, with ROTF hitting shelves everywhere in a mere matter or hours, fellow News Crew member Blurrz had compiled a comprehensive list of the various DVD and Blu-Ray special editions that the various retailers are releasing, You may check that out by clicking here. - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Transformers invade Los Angeles!

Transformers News: Transformers invade Los Angeles!
Date: Friday, October 16th 2009 2:41pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Event News, Press Releases, Digital Media News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Paramount

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Free Giveaways, Live DJ, Fans and…an 18-Foot-Tall TRANSFORMER!


Paramount Home Entertainment celebrates the DVD and Blu-ray debut of the biggest movie of the year, TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen, with an out-of-this-world consumer event. Fans will have a chance to be among the first to own the $830 million blockbuster when the Best Buy and Target in the West Hollywood Gateway shopping center open their doors for the DVD and Blu-ray release.

Consumers also will be able to take their picture with a full-size, 18-foot-tall, 8,200 pound BUMBLEBEE! Fans will be entertained by a live KROQ DJ.

**The traffic-stopping BUMBLEBEE, which requires a forklift and 10 ton crane to assemble and set up, will make for an extraordinary visual for your helicopter crew to capture**

BUMBLEBEE, the brave AUTOBOT who turns into a Camaro, and TRANSFORMERS fans.

Consumer Event: Monday, October 19th, 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
BUMBLEBEE Visual: Sunday, October 18th through Tuesday, October 20th

West Hollywood Gateway shopping center.
Corner of La Brea & Santa Monica Blvd.

Transformers invade Los Angeles!

This weekend's NASCAR battle featuring Optimus Prime vs Megatron!!!

Transformers News: This weekend's NASCAR battle featuring Optimus Prime vs Megatron!!!
Date: Thursday, October 15th 2009 2:06pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Event News, Press Releases, Company News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Paramount

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The Stars Of The Biggest Movie Of The Year Face Off On The Track With Legendary Director Michael Bay Driving The Pace Car!

At the NASCAR Banking 500 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina

In a first-ever stunt for a film property, rising star and 2008 Daytona 500 winner Ryan Newman, undercover as OPTIMUS PRIME, the heroic leader of the peace-loving AUTOBOTS, goes head to head with four-time Sprint Cup Series Champion Jeff Gordon, aka MEGATRON, the malevolent leader of the DECEPTICONS.

Ryan Newman’s car, uniform and pit crew will be branded with images of OPTIMUS PRIME, while Jeff Gordon’s car, uniform and crew will sport graphics of MEGATRON. In addition, Michael Bay, the renowned director of the TRANSFORMERS megahits, will be the official pace car driver for the 50th running of the NASCAR Banking 500 only from Bank of America at Lowe's Motor Speedway.

TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen will make its highly-anticipated DVD and Blu-ray debut on October 20, 2009 in immersive, two-disc Special Editions, as well as on a single disc DVD, from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures in association with Hasbro; distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment.

Sunday, October 18th 2:00-2:15pm EDT

AMC 15
Transponder KU-17
Channel A9
Downlink frequency – 12026.5 (V)
Data Rate – 8.448
Symbol Rate – 6.1113
FEC - ¾

Garry Chalk Confirmed for Auto Assembly 2010

Transformers News: Garry Chalk Confirmed for Auto Assembly 2010
Date: Tuesday, October 13th 2009 6:10pm CDT
Categories: Event News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Simon Plumbe

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Simon Plumbe of the UK based Transformers convention Auto Assembly has dropped us a note of a new update for the scheduled event due to take place in August 2010. Here's what he had to share:

Auto Assembly 2010 is proud to announce that Garry Chalk, the voice behind Optimus Primal in Beast Wars and Beast Machines and Optimus Prime in the Unicron Trilogy, will be attending Auto Assembly 2010 as it's first confirmed guest of honour. With a staggering 14 seasons of Transformers under his belt, Garry is the most prolific voice actor to have played the role of Optimus.

With Garry joining us for his first ever Auto Assembly convention, and a second voice actor to be announced soon, joining our existing line-up of comic guests Auto Assembly 2010 is set to be the biggest convention ever seen in Europe taking place on Friday 13th - Sunday 15th August 2010 at The Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham, England.

Tickets for the weekend are on sale now through the website for £45 for the weekend for adults and £35 for children, students and senior citizens, with under 5s admitted free. Single day passes will be made available for sale closer to the convention.

For more details on the convention, to see a full list of all the guests and activities taking place over the weekend, or to book your tickets, visit the website at

For a rather special announcement about Garry's appearance at the convention, check out this video here on the official Auto Assembly Youtube Channel:

We hope to see you all in August 2010.

The Auto Assembly 2010 Team

Nordic Mini-Con 2010 is in Aalborg

Transformers News: Nordic Mini-Con 2010 is in Aalborg
Date: Wednesday, October 7th 2009 2:39pm CDT
Category: Event News
Posted by: Blurrz | Credit(s): NFTA

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Good news for Danish Transformer fans, and surrounding fans from the Scandinavian countries, as the Nordic TransFans Association presents the Nordic Mini-Con 2010, which will be in Aalborg, Denmark. Here's what they have to say.

Nordic Mini-Con 2010 is in Aalborg
The NTFA Staff is pleased to announce Nordic Mini-Con 2010 in Aalborg!

Two years ago we held the first ever Nordic Transformers convention, in Arlöv in Sweden. The convention was a big success - we had presentations, competitions, a customizing class, a popular art contest, an exhibition with some more exotic (from a Nordic perspective) Transformers figures and other sci-fi figures, a sales room, plus the worldwide première of the first episode of Transformers Animated. People came, chatted, mingled, and had fun!

People have asked for it, we have been looking for opportunities to do it, and now it's time for the sequel: Nordic Mini-Con 2010! More of the same, only bigger and better!

The convention will be held in Aalborg in northern Denmark, with NTFA co-founder and staff-member Fighbird as the main organizer. Connections are great - you can get there by air (there's one bus going directly from the airport to the location for the convention), by train, and of course by car. If you live close to Oslo or Gothenburg you can take the ferry over to Hirtshals or Frederikshavn and then the train the rest of the distance to Aalborg. And if you live in southern Sweden, you can go by the Øresund train to Copenhagen and then switch to a train to Aalborg.

It will once again take place over the span of a weekend - the question is, which weekend? We are choosing between five dates in May and June, and now we want your input on which dates would suit you the best! Click on this link to go to the poll (you need to be logged in on the board to vote) and give us your answers! And feel free to give us your arguments for and against a certain date in that topic - we will consider all serious opinions. (The poll will remain open until 24:00 on 14 October).

Are you interested in contributing to Nordic Mini-Con 2010 somehow? Perhaps you want to sell/trade at a dealer table, or arrange a panel, competition or presentation - if so, please contact the NTFA Staff, either via a Personal Message or e-mail to one of the staff members, or via the contact form.

(Information on prices and how to register for the convention will be posted at a later date.)

You can ckeck out the original link here.

Stay tuned to for the fastest news on the net!

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