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Transformers Animated 'Autoboot Camp' At 10:30 Today- NO Sunday Repeat!

Transformers News: Transformers Animated 'Autoboot Camp' At 10:30 Today- NO Sunday Repeat!
Date: Saturday, June 14th 2008 7:15am CDT
Category: Cartoon News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Cartoon Network

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If you have not yet seen the Transformers Animated episode 'Autoboot Camp' this morning at 10:30 is your only Cartoon Network chance for awhile. It will not be repeated Sunday due to other special programming conflicts.

Don't miss Bumblebee, Bulkhead, fan-favorite Sentinel Prime, and quite a few surprises as Bumblebee searches his memories for information about a certain rival of his, who is believed to be a spy for the Decepticons. Tune in to figure out what in the heck I mean by that description, and possibly the revealing of this Decepticon spy's identity.

Next week, we have new episode 'Black Friday' airing on both Saturday and Sunday...back to the normal schedule.

Get your new episode fix today!

First Look at Starscream F-22 Maquette for Transformer 2?

Transformers News: First Look at Starscream F-22 Maquette for Transformer 2?
Date: Friday, June 13th 2008 9:38pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Rumors
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): Millenium Movies

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User Millenium Movies of has passed along some images of what appears to be a maquette of Starscream's F-22 Raptor jet mode for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. The model may be the one rumoured to be used during filming at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, as reported here.

See the images below:

First Look at "All Hail" #3 Cover

Transformers News: First Look at "All Hail" #3 Cover
Date: Friday, June 13th 2008 7:17pm CDT
Category: Comic Book News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Denton Tipton

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IDW Publishing's Transfomers Editor Denton Tipton has updated his blog with our first look at Guido Guidi's cover for "All Hail Megatron" Issue 3.

You can check out the cover below, or head on over to Denton's blog by clicking here.

New Photos and Videos from Transformers 2 Set in Philadelphia

Transformers News: New Photos and Videos from Transformers 2 Set in Philadelphia
Date: Friday, June 13th 2008 6:58pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Rumors
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): jfuller

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New member jfuller has dropped by with some new photos and videos from the filming of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen at the University of Pennsylvania, along with a detailed set report (be warned, for it may contain spoilers)

Read on:

And see all the photos and videos in jfuller's original thread here: /energonpub/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=40880

Ok guys first off just wanted to say hi, I've been a lurker of this board since before the first movie came out, I just never had anything really to add until today.

This is gonna be a long post sorry, but its worth it and has spoilers.

I was an extra yesterday down at UPENN's castle filming a scene. I was in one of the party scenes. I had to get fitted with jeans and a button down dress shirt, we all were and Shia was wearing dark jeans and a black button down shirt. In the scene which they shot 3 times from different angles Shia was sitting on an old wooden chair when this girl in a green short dress (who I thought was an extra) was dancing in front of him and kept leaning into him. Thats it for the scene I was in but there is a lot more to it. After I was done for the day I met a friend of mine who brought his wife, 9 yr old child, and a friend. Now my friend has a really nice camera, semi professional looking camera one of those Nikon SLR or something well anyways he got some great shots of Bay and Shia during the day, when he sends them to me Ill send them your way. Well I meet up with him and they are waiting right by Shia's car since it wasn't blocked off, and Bay's SUV was in front of his. The crew of Tf2 was great, they came over to us and gave out free water and iced cream too. Well it was right before 9pm when we heard they were breaking for dinner so we figured we'd get a shot of Shia by his car then. Besides us the only people near us were a bunch of teenage girls waiting for Shia. We noticed Shia walking by himself away from his car so we started to follow, he went into a student union type building and was just sitting inside. We could see him fine since the whole front of the building was windows. Well my buddy's son waiting in front of the door for him to come out and get his autograph. After about 15 minutes Shia comes out looks right at my buddy than covers his face and runs inside, than we see he run through the building (we could see him because the building was all windows, than the fool opens and jumps out a first floor window to get away, than runs to his car and keeps his head down. I'm guessing he saw my buddy's camera and thought he was paparazzi but either way that was not cool at all. Bay on the other hand was awesome, he was signing autographs, and posing for pics.

We were just hanging around since we heard they were filming some scenes with Bumblebee and we saw the trailer he was in all night, well some cop was nice enough to tell us they were filming bumblebee's scenes at 32nd and Chestnut so we walked over there. Sure enough there was bumblebee all covered up, in the street. After waiting a little bit the rest of the crew showed. Bumblebee's driver started racing down the street doing peel outs and 180's, than they started filming it. They kept on yelling at everyone no pictures, and you can hear in some of my videos them saying it. Well while I was filming it I noticed the girl in the short green dress from before was standing all by herself. I figured I'd get a picture of her since she is obviously going to be important in the movie and since I havent seen anyone posting a pic of her at all. Well as I filmed Bumblebee one last time I turned to film her and sure enough she was gone. I looked down the road and she was now filming a scene with Shia getting out of BumbleBee. So this girl in green has a pretty big role. Sorry for it being so long but think its worth it. Here are a pic of BumbleBee's trailer, and Bay's film car called "Pursuit". Also a bunch of videos of BumbleBee.

Profiles for new Target-Exclusive Movie Scout Repaints

Transformers News: Profiles for new Target-Exclusive Movie Scout Repaints
Date: Friday, June 13th 2008 6:48pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Auctions
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): Mignash,

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As reported earlier here, there is a new wave of Transformers Movie scout repaints: Gunbarrel (a repaint of Energon Kickback/Blight), Reverb (a repaint of Energon Blackout/Stormcloud) and Backtrack (a repaint of Cybertron Lugnutz). Now we have clearer images of the cardbacks, allowing us to read the characters profiles and get a better look at the stock images of these new figures.

See the images of the cardbacks in mignash's post by clicking here

More New Images of TF Animated Sentinel Prime

Transformers News: More New Images of TF Animated Sentinel Prime
Date: Friday, June 13th 2008 6:36pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, Auctions
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): BlackMagnus,

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Views: 16,875 has posted some new images of the upcoming deluxe-class Sentinel Prime figure.

See all the images here:

More TF2 Set Photos: New Concept Car On Set?

Transformers News: More TF2 Set Photos: New Concept Car On Set?
Date: Friday, June 13th 2008 6:28pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Rumors
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): Kortex, Branden, Transformers Movie Live Action Blog

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Transformers Live Action Movie Blog has been updated with some new photos from the set of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen at The Dairy Fields in Fairmount Park, PA. Seen in the photos are Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, as well as a new, and as of yet unknown, silver concept car (speculation is a new 2009 or 2011 Corvette C7)

See the photos by clicking here.

Site Article: A Survival Kit for New Collectors

Transformers News: Site Article:  A Survival Kit for New Collectors
Date: Friday, June 13th 2008 11:58am CDT
Categories: Site Articles, Collectables, Editorials
Posted by: Counterpunch | Credit(s): Counterpunch

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Here's an article suggested to me which puts down some information and common questions that new collectors often have. Hope that some of you out there find it to be a helpful primer to the hobby.

I get, a lot of questions posed to me both in real life and online in regards to toys and toy purchases. It’s an interesting side effect of having both been in the hobby for 7 or 8 years now, of being a vocal member of the community, and from experience collecting various exclusives and oddities. Most of the questions come to me via other collectors who have a degree of experience (or a lot of experience) in the hobby and are stuck on a particular purchase or bit of information. It was recently pointed out to me that many of the newer collectors, those who came in via the movie and now through Animated are kind of stranded without a solid source of information on some of the tricky money based elements of the hobby.

This article is for you newbie. It’s for the literal hordes of Seibertronians out there who read and don’t post and it’s for those out there who aren’t necessarily sure what question to even start by asking.


So, let’s get down to the most important factor in your collection: Money. You may be someone who lives at home, is still in school, an old collector returned, or even someone who has stable employment. No matter who you are, your ability to collect toys is based on your ability to save, budget, and have available the money to make those purchases.

I won’t go into the whole discussion of what money is in relation to time; instead I will just make this as clear and simple as possible: Transformers do not get cheaper. They do not decrease in value. They are probably the most stable and profitable collectable around. This means, that Transformer toys are never cheaper than they are on the shelf of a TRU (Toys R Us), Wal-Mart, or Target. If you know what you want, plan to buy it in the store. Secondary market prices for our hobby are a dangerous place to tread. Even more dangerous is the fact that on the secondary market (read: eBay), you’re contending against jerks like me who will buy what we want regardless of the price.

On occasion you can find ‘End of the Year’ sales at the major retailers where often times you can score buy one get one deals or other such mark downs. Trust me; these are the exception to the rule. Keep one thing predominantly in your mind if you want to be a collector with a wallet that remains fat: Pay NOW, or PAY later. Money in your pocket is never worth as much as it is now and prices online only go up.


eBay has become a dastardly place in the past 2 or 3 years for Transformers collectors. Values on everything have skyrocketed. Add up the factors of shrinking stock of figures in the open market, increased interest by fans, and attention from sellers that there is profit to be made and you have a demon on your hands.

The only real trick to successful eBay shopping is to be patient. Watch and learn what things go for. If you really want something on eBay, watch it for a month, get an idea of prices and then decide how much you are willing to put out for the toy.

One other thing that should be said is to avoid feeding the sharks. Many out there will buy up entire initial waves of new toys and list them at inflated prices. The trick is that in buying up all the stock, they create a false sense of limited availability and you wind up buying something that you will find in Wal-Mart in 2 weeks. Be patient and be smart. Only once in several years during the Energon series was stock SO limited that you could not find things in the store (and that was largely Wal-Mart’s fault…).

On-line Retailers

Find one, make friends, and reap the rewards. Eventually, you are going to want something shiny and Japanese…your friendly neighborhood On-line Retailer to the rescue. They all have their points of favorability and points of contention. I can’t emphasize the importance of having a reliable retailer enough. If you are going to dive into the dangerous and expensive world of foreign toys, you’re going to need an ally. There are the “Big 3”, being BigBadToyStore, TFSource, and Hobby Link Japan.

BigBadToyStore (BBTS) is my usual choice, but that’s just my personal preference. You will hear complaints that their prices are high and to some degree this is a valid complaint because they ARE higher than other shops, especially in regards to recent vintage items. However, your money gets you great shipping, tracked packages, and most importantly a real, legitimate, and outstanding return policy. They understand that collectors expect a degree of perfection from their purchases and are willing to exchange unsatisfactory items. I have returned reissues and Masterpiece figures alike with no hassle. They do not charge for pre-orders until the item arrives. You BETTER learn to use this service well. While you may not be able to afford that Masterpiece figure now, getting one reserved and saving up for it is a very valuable service. BBTS also offers numerous ways to save on shipping.

TFSource is another popular choice. The downside with them is that all pre-orders are paid immediately. However, TF Source has cheaper prices to make up for it. They also are the undisputed kings of packaging and quick shipping. For items you want to buy now, I would rate them on par with BBTS.

Hobby Link Japan is a popular choice among other collectors that I have not had the pleasure of dealing with yet. I understand them to be quite reliable, reasonably priced, and that they have the best shipping options for those not within the US.

I’m biased towards BBTS and I suppose it shows, but I like options in my purchasing. The other listed retailers are all great and have been supporters of this very site. They all deserve your business.

Acting Like a Little Twit

One word: Don’t. Here’s the issue; being a little twit is infectious. People see you freak out and do so in return. One notable example of being a little twit is the Movie Concept Bumblebee Incident of 2007. Scores of new fans learned a lesson in patience and that they were in fact, not the first people ever to have to hunt for Transformers. You see, Bumblebee from the recent movie was a main character, something which begets numerous releases. Now when the toy was first released, fans flipped. It was literally ridiculous. We would have 10 or more threads in the toy forum about where to find 08BB. Though all the older board members and collectors said, “Chill, it’s all good. No worries.” The good advice fell on def ears. As such, impatient fans paid up to and more than $50 for a $10 toy. They fed the sharks and suffered humiliation as the toy was released as a heavy packed item in subsequent wave releases, was put into two Target exclusives, put into the Battle Scene box, and finally released as a premium toy. The point is, don’t be impatient about collecting. Sure, you can’t wait a year or more to find a toy, but occasionally you may find yourself wondering, “Am I in fact being an jerk over a toy?” If you were wondering this question at any time, the answer is ‘yes’.

Store Exclusives

Make your decisions on whether or not you want these guys early on. Store exclusives are no longer shelfwarmers. They command some of the ugliest mark-ups on the secondary market. Even if you think that a given toy is horrid, explore every aspect of said toy to figure out if you really can live without it. Chances are that if you don’t act soon, you will in fact be living without one. Example: CostCo release of Armada Prime and Overload. At only $50 at the time of release, this was a bargain…You got a Leader Class toy and a Voyager Class toy. You were actually saving $10.

Can you live without this?

Hope so, it’s in the $200 range now, if you can find one…

Real Exclusives…

Store exclusive toys are nice…They’re good at separating your collection from about 50% of the others out there. Someday though, you might be interested in something so…off, so…rare, that other collectors stop and say, “Hey buddy, what the hell have you got there?’

Oh, how the Japanese must laugh when they decide the ways that collectors will have to go to get these toys. Some examples include breaking up a set or team and distributing them individually across Japan in various store. How about making you buy some crazy book, clipping some Japanese coupons, and mail ordering a green ambulance? Are you a fan of coloring contests? Well, unless you live in Japan and are ready to jump through these hoops, your gaijin option is to pay far, far too much to obtain these toys.

Only you, as a collector with your own interests and desires can decide if you are willing to pay anywhere from 5-10 times what the retail value of a standard toy is to obtain these. This is dangerous territory and you need to determine early on if you are willing to tread into it. Let’s see where you’re at.

How does something like this strike your fancy?

Only $80-120 for the figure…

($40 for the black sword he’s holding…)


If you joined us as collectors in the past 2 years you may have the impression that BotCon is an evil horde of scalping elitists. BotCon is a community event you should make every attempt to attend. It is probably the most expensive thing discussed yet. Saving up is a necessity. The entry fee alone to get in and get a box set is about $300. Hotel costs, travel, food, and everything else are on top of that. Plus there is always another $250 of convention toys to buy as well as the hypnotizing dealer room.

It ain’t for everybody…

Understand though, that the BotCon set of toys is a glorified set of repaints. Glorious both in terms of look and price. BotCon sets are never requirements for collections. Even the much lauded 2007 set with its Classics Thundercracker was not necessary to finish the collection of Classics (Technically, Thundercracker, Thrust, and Dirge were all dead by the end of the related fiction and are not really a continuing aspect of Classics). Most importantly what you need to know about BotCon is that the toys can be purchased without going to the convention. You can have them shipped to your door and when you do, go ahead and throw all those ‘elitist’ garbage comments out at the same time.


So, you want to buy ALL of a line? Are you ready for what this actually means to your life and wallet? Consider this. To purchase the entire Armada line at retail would have cost you about $1,200 before your local tax is put on. Energon would have cost you about $1,700. Cybertron falls in around a tidy $1,500. I know. I keep track of these things. The problem is that these approximations do not account for the various exclusives and other things to track down.

Being a completionist means different things to different people. You will likely not ever actually complete a line. For example, Armada can only be truly finished by about 5-10 people in the world. Shining Unicron makes that feat an virtual impossibility. Not only are there 10 or less of him in existence, but he costs about $4,000-6,000 a pop. The good news is that you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to buy everything. Carefully consider what you want out of a line of toys. You may only want the on-screen cast. You may only want the Autobots. You might want all the US releases. The point is to have a plan and not shoot in the dark. That’s a quick hard way to part with your money and usually only leaves collectors with a hollow unaccomplished feeling.

Wo-mans folk

Question: Can I have a girlfriend AND be a Transformers collector?

Nope! Haha! You’re screwed.

You can however, be a cool person who collects toys and has a girlfriend (boyfriend, partner, what the hell ever…). The question should be, ‘Can I choose between finding someone who likes me for who I am and finding someone who will tolerate the things I do.” Fellow collectors will tell you all the time that toy collecting is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. This is only part right. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but normal?..not so much. The thing is, that doesn’t matter. It’s not the point. Don’t justify who you are and what you like to your friends, family, or relations.

After all, how can a prospective girlfriend or boyfriend be accepting of your hobby if even you have to justify it?

Be cool. If collecting toys is an aspect of your hobbies and personality there is someone out there who is compatible. Hiding who and what you are only makes it suspect. There are plenty of people out there, both male and female who think like you do. Relax and enjoy life by not letting either your hobbies overwhelm your relationships or by letting others make decisions about the things you love to do.

Home is Where the Homepage is…

One thing I discovered in the past few years was the validity of the online community. Oftentimes we trivialize online relationships, drama, and interaction to make it seem ‘less real’. Here is a bit of naught said truth that more people should realize: “Friends and relationships you make online in today’s world are often times as real and valid as those in the everyday (irl) world.” Many of the people you talk to online are people you interact with more than your co-workers etc. The benefits of getting to know people are significant. Often times they will be willing to help you track down hard to find figures, clue you into local releases, and otherwise just provide for good communication. I have been repeatedly struck by the good will and friendly nature of those collectors I meet in the local community and at BotCon.

Don’t waste this valuable community resource we have here. Post counts, mod-ship, and internet celebrity be damned. Interact, introduce yourselves, and get to know the community at hand. There is ample opportunity to enjoy your hobby that much more by making it something that you can share with likeminded collectors and friends.

That about sums it all up. Throw out questions, say hello for the first time, or just jump in to the boards. Community resources extend beyond the news and pictures. It’s inevitably the discussion, debate, and occasional flames that bring everyone together and make this hobby something to talk about.

UPenn Pics: 'Sparkplug' Witwicky back for TF2

Transformers News: UPenn Pics: 'Sparkplug' Witwicky back for TF2
Date: Thursday, June 12th 2008 3:34pm CDT
Category: Live Action Movie News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): First Gen

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The Transformers Live Blogspot has posted pics of what appears to be the backdrop set for the University of Pennsylvania filming sequence for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. The pictures are the normal set shots with a few pics of Director Michael Bay and the overall design of the scenes in question.

To view those pictures, click here

In some of those pictures, you get the "Is that 'blank'" feel, not sure if that's Shia Lebeouf in a picture or Optimus Prime in the distance. Those questions are answered here at with close ups of Shia in a green shirt, and the Bumblebee and Optimus Prime vehicles on set.

And lastly, Ron 'Sparkplug' Witwicky was on set (Kevin Dunn) as it appears he will be reprising his role as 'Sam's' dad. This information was provided by

Stay tuned to for more breaking news on Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen.

BBTS Update: 100 Item Sale

Transformers News: BBTS Update: 100 Item Sale
Date: Thursday, June 12th 2008 1:14pm CDT
Categories: Sponsor News, Store News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): First Gen

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Views: 41,897 sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has sent out an email update listing new exclusive items and a 100 item sale!!! Here's the update:

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
wide variety of new preorders, many new arrivals, and a new clearance


We've just slashed prices on 100 older, overstocked, and slow-moving
items. There is a wide variety of product ranging from Transformers, GI
Joe, and Star Wars, to a mix of obscure Japanese items and more. Take a
quick swing through this menu for 100 great deals:


The hot new Marvel title "Hulk" has been focused around the mystery of the
who this new Red Hulk is, and what drives his anger. He's managed to take
out the Abomination and other Hulk friends and foes, and his rage seems
tempered by a sly intellect. Now BBTS is getting an exclusive Red Hulk
Marvel Select figure in cooperation with Diamond Select Toys, and we'll
have them ready for you come Setember! You can pick him up singly, or you
can get a special set of the new Red Hulk with the classic Marvel Select
Green Hulk! ... =bbts+hulk

Standing tall, this Elite Guard Commander transforms form robot into a
cannon-laden armored vehicle. Ultra Magnus has lights, sounds and speech,
and he'll be on his way this August. ... ode=retail

This huge figure of one of the marauding airships of Terminator 2 is a
truly impressive sight. The five foot long ship from Hollywood
Collectibles not only comes with a Future War themed display base, but it
also comes with eyelets to suspend it from the ceiling! This excellent
piece is sure to be the center piece of any collection. This beast is
priced $300 under MSRP at $3199.99 ... ode=retail

The Cloth Retro line of Mego-like Star Trek figures continues this winter
with the seventh pair - Lieutenant Sulu and a Gorn warrior. Like the rest
of the line, these figures display classic sculpting and cloth costumes
with accessories. ... ode=retail

Finally a thirst quencher from the future! For Boston America and
Futurama comes these cans of the brand new energy drink Slurm! Hopefully
this beverage will taste good, though those are pretty long odds,
considering it's worm of origin - Enjoy! ... ode=retail

This new line from Hot Toys continues with these cute Alien Vs. Predator:
Requiem figures. You can choose from Predator, Wolf Predator, Ancient
Predator, PredAlien, ALien or Battle Damaged Alien, or you can save a few
dollars by picking up the set of six! ... +Cosbabies

Davis Marketing is producing a 1:1 scale replica of the original Sonic
Screwdriver, first used by the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. This wonderful
collectible has a spring-loaded body to simulate the movement of the
original, and comes with its own deluxe presentation case with etched
brass plaque. ... ode=retail

This diorama portrays the classic scene where Luke and his Tauntaun are
attacked by the Wampa while on Hoth. Standing 18" tall by 19" wide, this
large-scale display will look great in any collection. ... ode=retail

Originally designed by H.R. Giger for the movie, this amazing piece has
been referenced from the actual production maquette which was made for the
movie. This diorama of an alien creature manning a giant laser cannon is
18" long by 11" high, and should arrive in time for the holidays. ... ode=retail

NECA is releasing a new line of figures from the classic Shaw Brothers
movies. The first series is set to include the Abbot from The 36th
Chamber of Shaolin, along with two other figures. Check out our listing
for more details. ... ode=retail

The Cult Classics line brings us another great large-scale figure! This
18" tall Beetlejuice figure brings back Michael Keaton's great performance
as the Ghost with the Most, complete with sound! This figure should be
shipping this September. ... ode=retail

Hot on the heels of the first wave of Gears of War figures comes this
large-scale version of Marcus Fenix. At 12" tall he's big enough the take
in all of the finely sculpted details, and he's sure to come with many
accessories. ... ode=retail

This 14" tall Sculpture Arts statue shows Balthier and Fran escaping out
of a crumbling remains of the Palace of Rabanastre on the back of an
airbike. The detailing on this piece allows for the realistic facial
expressions and intricate sculpting of the building. ... ode=retail

Square Enix is releasing a new set of add-on weapons for the excellent
figures of the Final Fantasy Play Arts line. From the classic Final
Fantasy VII comes an upgrade weapon set consisting of Hardedge, Conformer,
Fairy Tale, Dragon Claw and Death Penalty, so you can now have many new
play and display options for your Play Arts figures! ... ode=retail

Bandai is also continuing their Gundam Wing HCM Pro figures with these
three latest releases. Sandrock, Shen Long, and the Tallgeese Gundam are
all up for pre-orders, and will be coming in on a staggered schedule this
fall. ... ode=retail ... ode=retail ... ode=retail

This 12" statue by Hollywood Collectibles shows Sylvester Stallone as the
eponymous hero from his most recent outing. Crafted in polystone, these
statues are then painted by hand for fine detailing to bring out the
sculpt. ... ode=retail

ICONIC REPLICAS - DOCTOR WHO & UFO: Check out a variety of new statues
and replicas based on the properties mentioned above. These high end
collectibles are all produced in quite limited numbers: ... c+replicas

Instead of trying to find all four Black and White Turtles individually,
now NECA is releasing a box set containing all four of the turtles. This
box set will include the individual weapons with the turtles, but not the
display bases or extra accessories of the individually packaged turtles. ... ode=retail

The first in a new line of transforming vinyl figures from the art of
indie creator Jeffrey Brown, the Change-Bot Balls can transform from golf
cart into gun-wielding robot! Don't miss out on this first line from
Devil's Due's new toys divison! ... ode=retail

A new bobblehead to add to the Star Wars collection! This Previews
Exclusive bobblehead is of Commander Green, and must have been sculpted
quickly, since the poor trooper was there and gone in the blink of an eye
thanks to Yoda's sharp senses. Pick yours up this fall. ... ode=retail

This wave of Mighty Muggs figures will have an assortment not limited to
just one movie. The original Indiana Jones Mighty Mugg is included here,
along with Monkey Man from Raiders, Professor Jones from Last Crusade, and
Mutt Williams from Crystal Skull. ... ode=retail

The presumptive candidate of the Democratic Party is already making
history, and now he'll be immortalized in a bobblehead. Funko will be
releasing this great new collectible in August, the base emblazoned with
the phrase "Obama 08", and it will be able to speak "Yes We Can," Obama's
signature phrase. Don't miss out! ... ode=retail

Three new Marvel statues have been announced by Bowen Studios. The Black
Knight stands 14" tall and stands triumphant, thrusting the ebony blade
into the sky. Quicksilver stands tall and proud at 12", and comes in
either his earlier green costume or his later blue costume. ... ode=retail ... ode=retail ... ode=retail

First they brought us the Doctor Who fighures, and now Underground Toys is
importing the first wave of figures from the hit spinoff Torchwood! Wave
One, which consists of Captain Jark Harkness, Gwen Cooper, the Cyberwoman
and a Weevil, is available in the set of four, or you can order Captain
Jack or the Weevil singly.


HALO 3 - SERIES 2: McFarlane will be shipping out the much anticipated
second round of Halo 3 figures towards the end of June, to arrive in early
July. These are moving well so be sure to get orders in now to ensure
inventory is available once they arrive in July. ... ode=retail

BATMAN - DARK KNIGHT 12" FIGURES: Batman and the Joker will be arriving
to us in the next 2 - 5 days. DC has sold out of these on the wholesale
level and we are trending that way as well. Reserve yours now at $74.99
each. ... ight+1%2f6

INDIANA JONES - WAVE 3: This wave contains some great figures from the
2nd and 3rd Indy movies, including the River Phoenix Young Indy, and Sean
Connery as Henry Jones. Sets & Cases will be in stock next week. ... ode=retail

WORLD OF WARCRAFT - SERIES 2: We've just heard that Warcraft will be
shipping out from DC fairly soon - so look for them in several weeks.
Preorders are available now at $59.99 for the set of 4: ... egory=4522


Sota Toys brings us this great new Cthulhu statue sculpt, and we've not
only got their original Ultra Cthulhu statue in greens and browns, but
we've also worked with Sota on a BBTS Exclusive Black Ultra Cthulhu
statue, in Black and shades of purple, with violet-red wings. You can
pick up the original for $199.99, the Black BBTS Exclusive version for
$249.99, or save $50 and get both for $399.99! ... ta+cthulhu

We've just received our first shipment of Transformers Animated toys, and
they turned out great! We've got the first two waves of the Deluxe
figures, including Optimus, Bumblebee, Blackarachnia & more. We've also
got some of waves 1 and 3 of the Voyager-sized figures, with Megatron,
Starscream, Bulkhead and Lugnut available, as well as a two-pack of
Grimlock and Lugnut. We've also got the TF Animated: The Battle Begins
box set, with deluxe-sized battle-damaged Cybertron mode Optimus and
Megatron figures, along with a DVD featuring the title episode.

NECA's released a great new 18" figure based on the title monster of
1979's "Alien" hit movie. This figure is huge, well articulated, and too
scary to run into in an alley on a rainy night! Pick one up for your
collection today! ... ode=retail

One of our contacts has managed to find us another shipment of Masterpiece
Megatron Upgrade Kits. These die-cast and plastic pieces replace the
flimsy handle pieces on Meg's legs and also include pieces to make
Megatron's cannon and allow him to transform into full gun mode with
silencer and extended stock. ... ode=retail

This DC Box Set includes the 48 page Prestige Format Special "The Killing
Joke" as well as action figures of Batman and the Joker in their outfits
from the story. The book gives us a possible origin for the Joker, and
has him trying to prove that anyone can 'lose it' from just one bad day. ... ode=retail

This great vinyl figure is a great way to relive the Shogun Warriors
classic toys without the classic toy price tag. Standing a full two feet
tall, this Mazinger figure is cleanly sculpted and has quite the heft, yet
it's priced at a mere $131.99 - pick yours up today! ... ode=retail

CMS has shipped us the newest of the Brave Gokin figures - the Genesic
GaoGaiGar! Made of die-cast metal and ABS plastic with PVC joints, this
final Yuusha Ou figure comes with scads of accessories and can separate
into six individual machines and combine into the great GaoGaiGar. ... ode=retail

Impossibel Toys has sent us a large shipment of Transformer accessory
figures, and they're all ready for ordering! In addition to refilling our
G1-scale Spike and Sparkplug figures and Light-Up Energy Cubes, we've also
got plenty of Kremzeak light-up figures, and Quintessons aplenty - from
the Quint-01 Judge, the the Quint-02 Scientist, the Quint-03 Prosecutor
and the Quint-04 Executioner. Pick up a few of these great figures and
add them to your Tranformers and Transformers: the Movie collection
today! ... ategory=34

We found a few of these great statues to list, and they're all ready to
go. This statue is a limited edition of 1000 pieces, and show Bumblebee
full-body, fashioned after his appearance in the G1 cartoon. His face is
painstakingly sculpted into the friendly minibot that we all know and
love, and he comes with an Autobot symbol display stand. ... ode=retail

From the now-defunct Joyride Studios comes this multi-pack of miniature
Halo 2 figures. It includes a colored miniature version of Master Chief,
as well as clear versions of two Grunts, Master Chief and an Elite. ... ode=retail

Yamato's new line on GN-U Dou figures features robot toys from many shows
in ~6" scale with great articulation. The newest releases of these are
three battroids from the Macross Plus anime. You can choose from the
gray VF-11B, Isamu's tan YF-19, or Guld's blue YF-21, all in stock now! ... u+Battroid

We've just re-upped on the great figures from NECA for this movie. We've
got wave 1, comprised of the 8" Alien Warrior and PredAlien Hybrid, and
wave 2, consisting of 8" Masked and Unmasked Predator figures. They're
all in stock now, so take your pick! ... ode=retail ... ode=retail

Dark Horse has just released two new lunchboxes from the popular
Firefly/Serenity sci-fi franchise. The Serenity Lunchbox features the
Serenity logo on one side, and the ship itself on the reverse. The Fruity
Oaty Bar lunchbox features the dynamic Fruity Oaty Bar logo one the front,
with the Fruity Oaty girls in a forest on the back. ... ode=retail ... ode=retail

Needa is the fourth figure in the Shuraki multimedia series of PVC
figures. Designed by master Shunya Yamashita, this warlike lady is in a
military-esque outfit with jack boots and a mini-skirt, and includes some
optional clothing parts, a knife and a big old bayonet, to boot! ... ode=retail

This exquisitely crafted figure of one of the fighting girls of Ikki
Tousen, Kanu Unchou. Kanu is dressed in her school uniform, which
consists of a black midriff-bearing jacket, a white mini-skirt, and white
leg warmers. This figure shows her wielding her signature Crescent Blade. ... ode=retail

Thanks for your interest in [url"> and be sure to check
out some of the many new products listed above. Don't forget to view the
vintage department pages as well, they are continually listing more new


Joel & The BBTS Crew

So what are you waiting for, get on over to and see what they got.

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