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Big Bad Toy Store Update

Transformers News: Big Bad Toy Store Update
Date: Thursday, October 21st 2004 2:59pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some new arrivals and our vintage sale.

40% OFF ALL VINTAGE ITEMS: We've raised the discount up to 40% off ALL vintage items - every last item listed on our vintage menus is on sale!
More and more good items are beginning to move out so be sure to take advantage of the big 40% discount while the items you want are still available! Please see the vintage menu page for full sale rules.

HALO 2: The first series of Halo 2 figures have arrived. Master Chief is back in his standard Green armored suit along with the Warthog vehicle and the very large Covenant Brute figure. We have sets of 3 available for $44.99 as well as singles of the Warthog and Master Chief.

MCFARLANE: H.R. Giger's long awaited McFarlane release is finally here - the Li II Sculpture is classic Giger art and a very nice piece for only $22.99. The 12" Wings of Redemption Spawn has also arrived and is available for $32.99. Many other Spawn & McFarlane items are available.

TOYCOM / YAMATO USA - New items on the 'Other' Menu:

-- Cowboy Bebop: PVC Statues of Faye and Julia - each $23.99
-- South Park: Boxed Set of Cartman, Stan, Kyle & Kenny - normal 5" figures - available for $34.99
-- Capcom's Steel Battalion figures - 5 great looking robot walkers
priced at only $29.99 for the set of 5

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: Three new items have just arrived from Palisades. The AvP Grid Alien and Scar Predator Statues are $89.99 each and the Captive Alien Queen bust is available for $69.99 - we still have stock of a few other Alien & Predator items from Palisades, but most are nearly sold out.

INCOMING SUPERLINK: Our shipment of SD-19 Starscream, SD-20 Galvatron and SD-21 BRUTICUS - will be arriving in about 7 days. Here is a chance to get the full Bruticus combiner figure before any of the individual figures are availale domestically from Hasbro!

SIDESHOW-WETA: Cave Troll Busts in stock - we missed these back when they were originally released, so this is our first offering of the cave troll bust - priced at $61.99 each

INCOMING MARVEL LEGENDS & LOTR: Our shipment of Marvel Legends 7, Two Towers wave 3, and RotK wave 3 should be arriving tomorrow (friday) so be sure to check back tomorrow for a bunch of hot new figures!

MOTU: We've received limited stock of the She-Ra exclusive figure -
available for $24.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items and vintage sale items


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Sunday, October 17th 2004 6:27pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about our
vintage sale, help we need on vintage item bar codes, and new arrivals!

30% OFF ALL VINTAGE ITEMS: We've bumped up the discount to 30% off all
vintage items for our huge vintage sale. This is a great chance to pick
up a nice variety of vintage and recent single quantity items listed
throughout our vintage menus. Please see the full sale rules and info
listed on this link: Vintage
orders are up about 5 times the normal level after the bump to 30% off, so
don't wait too long to pick up any items you have your eye on!

BBTS NEEDS VINTAGE TOY INFO! If you have a large number of packaged
vintage G1 & G2 Transformers, GI Joe & Star Wars figures and vehicles - we
need your help! Our new website uses Barcode/UPC codes for a variety of
features, so we need the barcode numbers (UPC's) from the back of the box
or card of ALL vintage TF's, SW's, GI Joe (for use with loose figure
listings on future vintage dept. offerings). If you have a large
collection of figures WITH THE PACKAGING and would be willing to email us
a list of 12 digit UPC codes and associated product names, please email me
at and we can discuss the codes we currently need
along with the amount of store credit we could offer you for your
services. Please do not send any UPC info until we discuss terms and
thanks for any help you can provide!


-SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: GX-08A Mazinger Angels Aphrodai A has just arrived.
This is the first figure in the Mazinger Angel repaint series and it is
priced at $49.99. Also in stock is the GX-13R repainted Dancouga and
GX-24 Tetsujin 28 along with a variety of other chogokin items.

-NEO AMDRIVER: These are the first figures from the Amdriver line by
Konmai that BBTS has offered. They are listed on the newly named
'Chogokin & Robots' menu. We have the #09, #10, and #11 figures in stock
for $21.99 each.

-GUNDAM MODELS: The new Master Grade Seed 1/100 Rouge Strike Gundam and
1/1700 Seed Arch Angel ship model kits have arrived. Both kits are priced
at $49.99 and a variety of other kits are in stock as well.

-MACHINE ROBO MUGENBINE: The #11 Kuwagata Dozer figure from the Mugenbine
line has just arrived - $17.99. Most of the other MRMugenbine figures are
also in stock.

INCOMING HASBRO TRANSFORMERS: Hasbro has just given us allocation for the
next Energon Mega Wave including Grimlock/Swoop, Wingsaber, and
Beachcomber - they should be here in about 10 - 14 days! Alternator
Tracks, Meister, and a variety of great Deluxe figures will be here in
about a week.


-16" Signature Series Alien Statue - from Palisades - limited to 1500
-X-Files Minifigures - Set of 8 Palz figures from Palisades
-Yamato 1/48 Macross VF-1S Roy Fokker - $154.99

-MCFARLANE: Spawn 26 Boxed Set - limited stock
-SIDESHOW HISTORICAL: General Ulysses S. Grant 12" Figure

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the vintage menus and take 30% off all the prices listed!


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Tuesday, September 14th 2004 7:36pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a quick update about some new arrivals and pre-orders at

HASBRO ALTERNATORS & TRANSFORMERS: Our shipment of Alternators Dead End,
Hound, and Silverstreak has just arrived! Pre-Orders will be processed
shortly and they are available for $25.99, $24.99, and $22.99
respectively. Die Cast versions of all these are available from the
Takara Binaltech line for $49.99 to $54.99 each. Energon Ultra Bulkhead
and Landquake have been selling quite quickly, but we still have some left
for only $29.99 each! A few more 12" Palisades Megatron Statues have also

YAMATO JAPANESE BATMAN WAVE 2: Imported by Diamond Comics & DC - this
great series of Batman figures includes The Penguin, Batman, The Joker,
and Poison Ivy, The figures are a bit more expensive than the standard
releases due to the higher base price of Japanese toys, but these molds
can't be found elsewhere and are very attractive - listed on the DC menu
for $72.99 for the set of 4

MCFARLANE - BEATLES, ALIEN, PREDATOR: McFarlane's new Beatles - Yellow
Submarine set of 4 is now available for $39.99 - the set features John,
Paul, George & Ringo along with characters from the Yellow Submarine
Movie. The 12" Alien and 12" Predator figures are finally available, our
initial shipment was taken up entirely by pre-orders. Each figure is
$29.99 and comes with a base and attractive packaging.

STAR WARS: Galactic Heroes wave 2 has just arrived and features 6
'playskool' style figures including Yoda, Clone Trooper, Obi-Wan, Anakin,
Padme, and Jango Fett. The 6 figure set is priced at $17.99 and we also
have the wave 1 set of 8 figures available for $23.99.

MASTER REPLICA: Master Replica has announced 2 more high-end releases,
the first is the 3/4th Studio Scale Rebel Snowspeeder which is about 16"
in size and limited to only 1500 pieces. The Snowspeeder is priced at
$589.99 and is the 2nd studio scale vehicle in the series (The first being
the $1200 AT-AT - which has pre-sold out) From Alien vs. Predator - they
have created an awesome Alien/Predator Hybrid Chestburster, the statue is
about 14 inches tall and is only $189.99

SIDESHOW COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVES: We've acquired limited stock of the 12"
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Vampire Angel figure and 1/4 Scale polystone
Hellboy - 'The Samaritan' mini-prop replica. These were originally only
available at the 2004 San Diego Comic-Con.

PLAN B TOYS: The new Call of Duty set of 6 WWII figures has just arrived
and is available on the 'Various Figures' menu for $48.99. Plan B also
recently relesed the Ladder 49 figures based on the upcoming movie.

NEW PRE-ORDERS - EMILY THE STRANGE & ROBOTECH: Toynami has announced its
first releases from the Emily the Strange line - A collection of 5 Plush
figures is available for $39.99 for the set and 2 action figures - $18.99
for the set. Toynami will be producing more Appendix A Rick Hunter Armor
- available for pre-ordering for $27.99

A variety of other items have arrived as well:

CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: Riddick & Hell Hound Boxed Set and the set of five
figures is in stock. On the 'Various Figures' Menu

PALISADES FREAKABLES: Another In-House license from Palisades that
features 6 figures and a few assorted repaints - Palisades Menu

SIDESHOW-WETA: Elven High Infantry Busts are Back In Stock, Don't miss out
on the Morgul Lord)

OTFCC: Convention Exclusive Energy Spears are back in stock on the main
Transformers Menu - $39.99

TOY BIZ TWIST-EMS: Cases of Marvel Series 2 and Lord of the Rings Series
1 'Twist-em' figures are available for $54.99 each - 1 full set + extras
in each case.

XEVOZ: We've restocked the Deluxe sized figures including Sky Grinder,
Crypt Curse, Inferno Fury and Sledge Trooper, many other Xevoz and Stikfas
are also in stock.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new items.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

New product update from BigBadToyStore including Robot Masters info

Transformers News: New product update from BigBadToyStore including Robot Masters info
Date: Wednesday, August 25th 2004 11:18pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some
great new arrivals and many cool new pre-orders! The new arrivals are
mentioned first and the pre-orders are towards the bottom of this email.

STIKFAS: The Classic Alpha Male Blister Pack figures have arrived and
sets of 5 different colored figures (white, yellow, red, green, blue) are
available for $22.99! The new G2 style Alpha male sets have also arrived,
sets of 3 (one each of: Red, Yellow, Green) are available for $14.99
each. The 'Lite' sets of Ninjas and Baseball players will be here in mid
September. Pre-Orders for the Classic Alpha and G2 figures will be
processed soon!

figure has finally arrived, also availabe is 12" Abe Sapien and 12"
Kroenen. The 1/4 scale polystone statue of the 'Right Fist of Doom' is
now in stock for $22.99 and we have the 1:1 size foam Right Fist of Doom
available for $184.99. The new Fife and Drum Revolutionary War figures
have arrived - Continental Delaware Regiment and Redcoat 64th Regiment are
each priced at $41.99. The Chief Wiggum Simpsons bust has also arrived.

ROBOTECH: More of the Masterpiece Alpha #1 Scott Bernard have arrived.
This is the first of 4 Alpha Masterpiece figures that have been announced,
pre-orders are availbe for the remaining three and all are priced at
$79.99 each.

SPORTS PICKS - NFL 8: Another wave of Sports Picks figures have arrived!
We've dropped prices on the normal figures to $8.99 and $9.99 - and we
have 4 variants back in stock including: Tim Brown, Ahmad Green, Tory Holt
- Old Rams Uniform, and Jamal Lewis - all in alternate jerseys

VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The Vintage department has listed over 400 Toy Biz
items from the mid 1990's - a varity of comic based figures and also some
Star trek and Spawn figures. Be sure to take a look at the vintage menu
from time to time, items are added daily.


MASTER REPLICA: Mace Windu FX Saber (Pre-Orders processed soon)
ELVIS: McFarlane's Elvis 2 figure is on the Spawn & More Menu - $12.99
STAR WARS OTC: More Basic OTC figures have been restocked
PALISADES: A few more Ultra Magnus Statues have arrived
GI JOE BOOK: 'Now you Know' - a GI Joe comic and cartoon Guide


MICROMAN: An awesome new selection of Microman pre-orders has been
listed, no pictures yet, but the figures sound great: 4 Predator figures,
Alien Warrior, Alien Queen; Godzilla, Kingidora, AX-21 AquaPhantom, AX-22
AquaGolem, AL-21 & AL-22 Acro Ladies, Megaro & Jetjaguar, and the Military
Force set of 8!

TAKARA: Binaltech BT-06b - A BLUE version of the BT-06 Tracks Corvette
will be released at the end of the year by Takara - $54.99

MACROSS: 1/100 Scale Koenig Monster - awesome looking figure - $149.99

TAKARA: Robotmasters RM-20 Lioconvoy has been listed and pictures (some
are just prototype pictures) for the RM-15 through RM-19 have been posted.

SIDESHOW-WETA LORD OF THE RINGS: More great looking statues and busts
from Weta - Gothmog on Warg Statue, 1/4 Scale Sauron Helm, Mouth of Sauron
Bust, 4 new helms and 4 new Troll Maquettes - all very nice looking
pieces. Sideshow limits the number we can purchase from them, so these
may not last long! All items are due out in 2005

SOTA TOYS: World of Warcraft set of 3 and 'Now Playing' Set of 3. The
'Now Playing' Line is planned up through series 5 already - Sota Toys has
secured licenses from 20 different movie properties. The first wave
includes Toxie from The Toxic Avenger as well as figures from Darkman and
American Werewolf in London - $32.99 per set of 3

STAR WARS: 2 new case assortments for the OTC basic figures have been
listed - the Wave 'A00D' assortment will have 12 all new figures for
$79.99 and the 'A00B' assortment has 10 new figures (many of which are in
the 'A00D' set, but a few new ones that are not. Also available is the
Unleashed Wave 11 Set of 5 - this is a re-release wave of figures from
Unleashed 7, 8, and 10.

GI JOE: Valor vs. Venom Wave 6 set of 6 is available for $44.99 and we
have also listed a pre-order for the two new 3-pack figure sets coming out
in the next few months.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new items and pre-orders


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Update from BigBadToyStore: Energon, RobotMasters, and more!!!

Transformers News: Update from BigBadToyStore: Energon, RobotMasters, and more!!!
Date: Friday, August 20th 2004 5:39pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is quick update from about some new arrivals, a sale, and news on items arriving soon!

10% OFF ORDERS $75 AND OVER: We are having a 10% off all 'non-pre-order' items to clear out some inventory before the next big wave of items hits! The sale ends Sunday 8/22 at 10:00AM Central Time. If you order over $75.00 of non-pre-order items we'll give you a 10% discount when we process the order. (Please see all the order details on our site and please note that the discount is not shown during order checkout or on your first confirmation email) All vintage menu items are also included in this sale.

TRANSFORMERS ENERGON: Cliffjumper and Mirage are back in stock and we have also received the first 'Powerlinx Battles' packaging style of the new Energon basic figures. Figures included in the first Powerlinx Battles wave are: Offshoot, Insecticon, Arcee, Command Ravage, Energon Strongarm and more. More Omega Supreme have arrived as well!

MARVEL ITEMS: Marvel Minimates Wave 6 have just arrived and are listed on the main Marvel/LotR menu. The variant figure set is available in a set of 8 figures and the other figures are each available for $6.99 per two-pack. Spider-Man Classic Wave 10 has arrived and each of the figures is available individually. We've listed a few sets of Marvel Legends 6 and a few more Juggernauts after completing an inventory count on our remaining stock.

HALO: The fifth wave of Halo figures has just arrived. This wave comes with a Black Master Chief with rocket launcher and a few other weapons, Carrier Form Flood - which is really a strange looking figure, Red Covenant Grunt and Gold Covenant Elite. We still have limited stock of Series 3 and Series 4 Halo figure sets and single figures.

ITEMS ARRIVING SOON: Our suppliers in Japan have given us preliminary info that these items will be delivered to us in early September: #15 Takara Re-Issue Stepper, Robotmasters #11 Primal Ape, Robotmasters #12 G1 Starscream, BT-07 Smokescreen updated 2004 Suburau, Smallest Transformers CVS (Convenience Store Wave), Macross Queadluun Rau - Max, Gundam FIX 0021, Evangelion GX-14, Microman BM Machine Set of 4. We still have pre-orders available on all these items and we'll process pre-orders shortly before the items arrive to us.

VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The vintage department has listed a large variety of Japanese and US Gundam action figures - both loose and boxed/carded. The vintage dept. has also reduced the price of our AFA (Action Figure Authority) Graded Japanese Predaking Set to $1699. This rare set graded out at AFA-85 so its in top condition and the sealed boxes are all sealed in very nice AFA display cases. We plan to list this item on ebay shortly if it does not sell on the site.


-HELLBOY: Sideshow's 12" Abe Sapien figure
-ROBOTECH: Limited stock of Masterpiece Alpha #01 Scott Bernard -MASTER REPLICA: .45 Scaled Luke Skywalker Mini Saber
-SIDESHOW-WETA: Nazgul Steed Busts, Golden Hall & Helm's Deep Environment
-GODZILLA: 6" Titanozaurus is back in stock
-FIST OF NORTH STAR: Kenshiro & Roah (towards bottom of 'Other' Menu') -REN & STIMPY: Ask Dr. Stupid Micro Bust (on Palisades Menu)

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items - I hope you have a great weekend and we appreciate your business!


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Reissue Hound, Robot Masters, OTFCC Megazarak and more at BigBadToyStore!

Transformers News: Reissue Hound, Robot Masters, OTFCC Megazarak and more at BigBadToyStore!
Date: Thursday, August 5th 2004 1:01pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some great new arrivals:

#14 TAKARA RE-ISSUE HOUND: The #14 Hound figure has just arrived, another classic re-issue from Takara. This G1 hound features all the original accessories including the gas can, tire cover and all his guns and missiles. Available now for $33.99 - Pre-Orders will be processed tonight and tomorrow. Pre-Orders for #15 through #17 are available.

MASTER REPLICA: The .45 Scale Obi-Wan and Mace Windu Mini-Sabers have just arrived, very nice items about the size of a large pen - for $33.99 each. They come with a display stand and very nice glossy book style package. The Luke FX and Mace FX Sabers will be arriving to us very soon
- pre-orders are still available for $113.99 on these Sabers.

ROBOTMASTERS: We have received more Robotmasters from Japan and currently have all of the first 10 figures in stock. The #01 Optimus prime and #02 Beast Megatron are the most popular figures and we will be receiving further stock in about a week as well. The Beast Megatron is about 50% the size of the original Beast Wars megatron and the upcoming #11 Ape Convoy will also be about half the size of the original.

COMIC-CON & CONVENTION EXCLUSIVES: We've received the Street Fighter Evil Ryu vs Psycho Bison Exclusive, Silver Sandtrooper, 6" Optimus Prime Statue and 6" Ultra Magnus Statue - all are listed on the 'Other' Menu.

PALISADES STATUES: In addition to the 6" Optimus and Ultra Magnus exclusives we have also received the 12" Megatron Statue and more of the 12" Optimus Statue. Many Hard Hero statues and busts are also available on this menu.

LORD OF THE RINGS MINIMATES: The first wave of LotR Minimates has arrived and is listed on the main LotR Menu. There are 10 figures in the first wave - sets of 10 available for $39.99 each. Figures include: Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Saruman, Wormtongue, King Theoden, Frodo and more.

GUNDAM FIX FIGURES: We have restocked over a dozen of the Gundam Fix figures - highlights include the FIX 0020 Madrock and the FIX 0010 Gerbera
- which has been a long term best-seller in the FIX Line. Also back in stock is the Zeonography 3001 A&B, 3002 A&B and 3003. Be sure to check through the gundam menu for many other great figures.

OTFCC MEGAZARAK: This limited edition exclusive from the OTFCC 2004 convention has just arrived - a very nice repainted Armada Megatron/Galvatron figure that comes packaged in an attractive black Universe box. The OTFCC Sentinel Maximus exclusive will be arriving to us in about 3 weeks - we will ship out the sets once Sentinel Maximus arrives and single orders for Megazarak only will be processed soon.

FUTURAMA: More of the Toynami Futurama I-Men have arrived - a great looking miniature set of some of the best characters from the show.

VARIOUS TRANSFORMERS: The Smallest Transformers Optimus vs. Megatron set has just arrived - it comes with a large Japanese hobby magazine for $19.99 (Pre-Orders processed soon) Brawn & Windcharger and Cliffjumper & Bumblebee keychains and Japanese keychain boxes of 12 are back in stock - $11.99 per set. More BT-01 #7 and #8, BT-02, Takara 20th Primes are back in stock. The Hasbro re-issue prime and Takara New Year Primes have been restocked in small volumes


GHOSTBUSTERS: 15" Stay Puft Marshmallow man- awesome figure 'other menu' THE CROW: 18" Eric Draven with motion activated sound
SMITI: The Offspring SMITI sets - on the 'other' menu
MUPPETS: More of the Advernture Kermit - Indiana Jones Style
GODZILLA: 9" Kingidora and 6" Godzilla
MACROSS: 1/60 Armored VF-1J with the new boxy style armor
EVANGELION: GX-16 Blue Eva and more GX-23 Zanbot

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new items!


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Update from BigBadToyStore: Binaltech Dead End and RobotMasters!!!

Transformers News: Update from BigBadToyStore: Binaltech Dead End and RobotMasters!!!
Date: Thursday, July 8th 2004 5:24pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some great new arrivals and pre-orders:


TAKARA INSECTICON 'CLONE ARMY' REPAINT: Takara will repaint the #16 Insecticon re-issues with a red and black paint scheme 'Clone Army' set.
This exclusive set will be a fairly limited edition size and is available for pre-order for $54.99 per set of 3 - or order 4 sets for the reduced price of $194.99

STREET FIGHTER SERIES 2: Sota Toys has announced the 2nd wave of their much awaited Street Fighter figures. Wave 2 includes: T. Hawk, Blanka, Ken, Vega, and Cammy. Series 1 will be coming out fairly soon and we still have some pre-orders available.

(If you have pre-orders for any of these items they will be processed

TAKARA SUPERLINK: SC-17 Wing Saber highlights the new Superlink arrivals along with SC-16 Ariel - which is the Japanese version of the hard to find Arcee figure. SD-16 Chromhorn (Insecticon) and SD-15 Shockfleet (Mirage) are also both in stock. More SD-01, SC-10 and other figures are also in stock.

TOYNAMI - MACROSS SUPER POSEABLES / ROBOTECH: Toynami has just released their Macross - 'Do You Remember Love' set of 3 Super Poseable figures. Included in the set are a red and blue VF-1A Super Valkyrie and Roy's Strike VF-1S Valkyrie. The set of 3 is available for $36.99. Robotech Masterpiece editions #4 Max, #5 Miria, #6 Jack Archer are all back in stock for $64.99 each. We also still have some stock of the new Yamato Armored VF-1J

TAKARA TRANSFORMERS: More of the BT-03 Streak and BT-04 Hound have arrived - each are available for $54.99. The Transformer KT & History PVC style figures are each in stock for $44.99 per box of 12 figures - each box will likely contain the full set of normal figures. These are fairly obscure items and we are not heavily stocked so may sell out fairly soon.

MASTER REPLICA: The Darth Vader Lightsaber FX edition has just arrived and is available for the lowest price M.R. will allow us to sell it for - $113.99 - The Luke and Mace FX sabers will be out fairly soon and we also have pre-orders for the Stormtrooper, Rebel, and Leia Blasters

BANDAI JAPAN: The PX-03 Kaneda's Bike has arrived and we have a limited quantity remaining - $84.99 each - the bike itself has a lot of diecast metal and is a great looking item overall. The Gundam Zeonography #3003 Zaku has arrived - $39.99. Also more of the 6" Gamera vinyl figures from the Godzilla line are now in stock.

SIDESHOW: The very cool Hellboy Prop Replica 'Right Fist of Doom' has just arrived - its a huge 1:1 scale high quality foam prop that you can actually wear. Also in stock is the 'retired' Thomas Hewitt Leatherface figure from the Texax Chainsaw Massacre remake - a great looking figure.

STAR WARS: We've restocked the OTC TIE Fighter and X-Wing and still have 12 varieties of the Trilogy figures in stock for $6.99 to $7.99.
Pre-Orders are available for upcoming Vintage waves and more.

PALISADES - MUPPETS & PREDATOR: Wave 8 Muppets sets of 4 are in stock - $42.99 - another very cool set from Palisades featuring Sam the Eagle, Movie Usher Scooter, Dr. Phil Van Neuter and Marvin Suggs. The Predator Elder bust has arrived and is priced at $55.99 Also back in stock is the Pink Panther set of 4 for $39.99

SIDESHOW WETA: We've received a few Grima Wormtongue Busts, Galadriel Busts and some Helms. We've managed to find a few various statues in very limited numbers as well.

INCOMING TAKARA TRANSFORMERS: Takara will be releasing the BT-05 Dead End black Viper and all 10 of the first RobotMasters in about a week - we expect them to arrive around July 22nd so now would be an ideal time to pre-order. The #14 Hound will be released at the end of July. We'll be processing BT-05 Dead End and Robotmaster pre-orders within the next week or two. Also don't miss out on the OTFCC Exclusives!

INCOMING TOYBIZ ITEMS: Toybiz has confirmed they will be shipping Marvel Legends Series 6 and the Lord of the Rings Fell Beast with Rider figures to us sometime next week. We are about 2/3rds of the way sold out on Marvel Legends Series 6 sets - so be sure to pre-order soon if you'd like the set. (Please note that Toybiz may have increased the set from 5 figures to 6 - if so, we will automatically increase your pre-order to include one of each of the normal figures and adjust the price proportionally - any chase figures will be sold separately once we sort through all our cases)

MARVEL: More of the Ultimate Thor figures have arrived - $16.99 each

INSANE CLOWN POSSE: The Hell's Pit set of 2 figures is available on the 'Other' Menu for $24.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items! Thanks so much to all of you who have placed orders with us - we greatly appreciate it!


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Update from

Transformers News: Update from
Date: Thursday, June 24th 2004 8:01pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Here's a new update from ...


--STAR WARS: Vintage figures Wave 2 and Wave 3 have now been listed.
Wave 2 is the full of the first 8 figures released: Luke, Han, Obi-Wan,
Leia, Darth, Yoda, Lando, C3P0. We are offering Wave 3 as a set of 6
including: Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Boba Fett, Lando & Darth
Vader. Unleashed Wave 11 has been announced and updated to include these
figures: Count Dooku, Mace Windu, Darth Vader. Don't miss out on the
other SW pre-orders we have listed including the Sandcrawler!

--GI JOE: Venom vs. Valor Wave 4 set of 7 and Wave 5 Set of 7 have each
been listed for $59.99 for the full set!

--MICROMAN LADY FIGURE SET: We have secured more stock that will be
arriving in early July - Pre-Orders are now available again for this
hugely popular set!

--ENERGON: Our first shipment of Omega Supreme has arrived and is 95%
sold out - We have placed a 2nd order with Hasbro and re-opened our
pre-order for that 2nd shipment - arriving in early to mid July


PERFECT GRADE & MASTER GRADE GUNDAM: The 1/60 Perfect Grade: Zeta, Wing
Zero Custom, MKII AEUG and MKII Titans kits are all back in stock. More
Master grade kits have arrived including Rick Dias, Quebely, Super Gundam,
ZZ Gundam, AEUG & Titans, RX-78-4 and -5 and many more!

GUNDAM SEED: The 1/100 High Grade kits #1 through #11 are all in stock
including the brand new #11 Providence Gundam. Also in stock are a
variety of 1/144 HG Seed kits including the new Strike Rouge + IWSP, the
Gundam Cgue, and Miguel's Ginn

GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES: 1/200 HCM Pro (High Complete Model Progressive)
figures are now in stock! $17.99 each for these nicely detailed figures
that are substantially nicer than MSIA figures and come in an
attractive new packaging style.

DC DIRECT & MARVEL SELECT: The brand new DC First Appearances set of 4
has just arrived. These four figures are based on the classic comic art
from when they first debuted in the vintage comics - figures include:
Shazam, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. Also in stock is the Marvel
Select Ultimate Thor figure.

MACROSS: We've received the 1/60 Armored VF-1J - the armor sets alone
have already sold out so here is a chance to pick up this very popular
valkyrie and armor set.

MACHINE ROBO RESCUE MUGENBINE: These nifty new MRR items are located on
the bottom of the Soul of Chogokin menu along with many other cool Bandai
items. Bandai very much improved the design of this years MRR items.
They transform from a robot to variety of other machines or animals and
also can gestault into one large robot. Very cool items for $17.99 each!

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN AND GAO GAI GAR: More of the very popular GX-23 Zambots
have arrived and are available for $207.99 - Also more Dancougars and
Gaiking Repaints have been restocked. The awesome Max Factory
Genesic Gao Gai Gar is available on the SOC Menu for $209.99 - it features
very nice die cast and plastic construction and a variety of cool weapons,
all packed in a carrying case style box.

GI JOE: Valor vs. Venom Wave 3 has arrived. We are offering the full set
of 6 new figures for $53.99 as well as a set of 6 that includes one
previously released set for $39.99 Palisades Serpentor Bust has also
arrived as well as more Flint Busts.

DEKARANGERS: We've received a few more Dekaranger items including the
very large Deka Robo Base, the Deka Robo Ranger, Deka Machine Set, Handy
Deka Ranger Robo. And more of the AbaRanger Max Ouja's have arrived

TRANSFORMERS: More #11 Astrotrain, #12 Minicars, #13 Targetmaster Hotrods
and Takara Masterpiece Primes have arrived. Also in stock is the Takara
Grand Convoy Model Kit for $11.99 and we have a large variety of other
transformers in stock.

UPCOMING TRANSFORMER ARRIVALS: BT-05 Dead End Viper and the Robotmasters
line will be arriving towards the end of July, #14 Re-Issue Hound in
early August, and #15 Stepper in very early September. Be sure to get
pre-orders in on these items in case we sell out quickly once they arrive!

SPORTS PICKS: MLB Series 10 has arrived - we are offering the full set of
9 figures for $84.99 and single figures are all available for $9.99 each
and one player's variant figure is also available.

VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The vintage departmant has listed some cool
transformer items this week including boxed Jetfires, boxed predacons, a
MISB Japanese Terrorcon set, and a variety of loose G1 items. More GI Joe
items and many other misc items have also been listed.


SUPERLINK: More SD-07 Galvatrons are in stock - $49.99
NECA: 18" Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger are in stock - 'other menu'
HARD HERO: 9" Rhinox Statue - a great looking piece!
BANDAI STAR TREK: More Enterprise E kits have arrived
GODZILLA: More GD-45 Boxed Mecha Godzillas are in stock
HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES: Sets of 4 along with single figures - 'other menu'
KISS ALIVE: The fairly old boxed set - on the spawn menu
PINK FLOYD: The boxed gift set - on the 'other menu'

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new items.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

New update from

Transformers News: New update from
Date: Thursday, April 22nd 2004 8:51am CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Joel from

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"Hi - Here is a quick update from about some great new arrivals and a nice sale we will be running until this weekend.

"400+ ITEM SALE! - We´ve analyized our inventory levels and decided to 400+ have a sale. Prices have been reduced on hundreds of items ranging from recent transformer releases to Lord of the Rings figures from several years ago and everything in between. Be sure to check out the entire list since there is a lot of stuff including: GI Joe, Gundam, Star Wars, Transformers, Chogokin, Halo, Macross, McFarlane, DBZ, DC, Bandai & More!
"SPORTS PICKS - MLB SERIES 9 - The latest Baseball figures from McFarlane have arrived. All six of the standard figures are available for $9.99 and we also have a variety of variant figures.
"DRAGONBALL Z & GT: Series 15 Dragonball Z figures have arrived - including the very cool Cyborg Frieza and Vegeta Battle Damaged. The full set of 5 is available for $37.99. Dragonball GT Series 1 has also arrived, set of 5 is available for $37.99 and sigles of SS4 Goku and regular Goku are in stock. Overall these sets are very nice figures, Jakks is doing a good job with the line.
"NEW PALISADES PRE-ORDERS: On the Pre-Order Menu - we are now offering the Alien Queen Chestburster Statue, and 3 new items from the upcoming Alien vs. Predator Movie: Alien Statue, Predator Statue (low $84.99 price) and the Captive Alien Queen Bust. Also from Palisades is the 4" Army Builder figures from Army of Darkness, Ash and a variety of skeletons and nasty creatures are included in the set of 8 figures.
"VINTAGE ITEMS: The vintage department has listed a variety of GI Joe 3 3/4 figures and vehicles including a USS Flagg, Defiant Shuttle Complex and Terrordrome. More G1 transformers have been listed including a Fortress Maximus and variety of the larger figures and combiners. A variety of more recent starwars figurs has also been listed.
"GI JOE SNAKE EYES STATUE: The latest mini-statue from Palisades is the best one yet in the series, Snake eyes in a crouching position along with Timber the wolf. Available now for $59.99 (pre-orders ship soon) We´ve also restocked the Stormshadow bust and the Python Patrol exclusive is on sale on the clearance menu.
"ROBOTECH I-MEN: The New Generation I-Men set of 10 is in stock for $29.99 ROBOTS IN DISGUISE: Ultra sized Megatron & Galvatron are back in stock
STARCRAFT: Sets of 3 figures for $32.99 - on the ´Other´ Menu
LOTR: RotK Prologue Bilbo has arrived, MANY LotR figures on sale - $4.99
"Thanks for your interest in and please check out our sale menu and the new items.

"Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToystore has Pre-Order for 20th Prime

Transformers News: BigBadToystore has Pre-Order for 20th Prime
Date: Saturday, August 2nd 2003 5:14am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Cyber Bishop | Credit(s):

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Got an email this morning from and one of the pre release items is the Palisades 20th Anniversiary Optimus Prime. He will arrive in December with a price tag of $92.99. In the email they also mention the OTFCC exclusives..

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