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BigBadToyStore 25% Off Sale and More!

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore 25% Off Sale and More!
Date: Sunday, May 13th 2007 6:25pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has provided another update, as well as infromation of new shipping options. There is also a sale going on!

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
great new sale, more exciting new preorders, and a shipping method change:

Priority Mail shipments so high that we can no longer offer this service.
For boxes over 1 cubic foot (which is the majority of what we ship)
prices increased 200% to 300% on average. We have removed the
Priority Mail shipping option and replaced it with USPS Parcel Post.
Parcel Post has a 7 - 10 day delivery time, we suggest looking into UPS
Ground shipping as an alternative.

25% OFF & 40 BONUS ITEM SALE!: From now until Wednesday May 16th, you
can save 25% on everything except 'new' and 'preorder / backorder' items!
Thousands of items are on sale including many vintage department items.
To sweeten the deal we've also added 40 bonus items to the list, many of
them have never been on sale before. There are some great values in the
list below and be sure to browse through your favorite menus to take
advantage of the 25% Off sale.


FINAL FANTASY - ADVENT CHILDREN 2: Square Enix rolls out the second wave
of Advent Children figures with a new set of three including: Yuffie,
Kisaragi, Reno, and Kadaj. These 8" figures feature 20 points of
articulation and the full set is priced $15 below MRP at $59.99

MCDONALDLAND ACTION FIGURES: Huckleberry Toys has done a great job
capturing the retro feeling of these cool bastions of Saturday Morning
advertising. The set includes Ronald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Mayor
McCheese, and Captain Crook. The figures all stand around 6" to 8" tall
and come with packaging reminiscent of the old days. Sets of 5 are
$69.99 and singles are priced at $14.99 each.

MEZCO'S CINEMA OF FEAR: A great new batch of figures from Mezco has just
been listed. They have expanded the Cinema of Fear line to include 4
action figures, 3 'Screen Grab' scene dioramas, and 3 large scale Plush
figures. All these lines feature Freddy, Jason & Leatherface. We have
sets and singles listed below MSRP here:

FINAL FANTASY 1/4 SCALE SEPHIROTH: The second huge 1/4 scale figure from
Square Enix. You can reserve both Sephiroth and Cloud Strife at $329.99
each ($70 below MSRP) Check out these cool figures here:

ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA - SHOKO-SAN: Another beautiful new release from
Kotobukiya. The new Shoko-san figure is perched on small pillow with a
small amount of night-time wear. This 1/7 scale figure is up for preorder
$5 under MSRP at $54.99

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN PROP REPLICAS: Master Replicas has introduced a
new round of cool new prop replicas, collectibles, and scene replicas.
Items include The Dead Man's Chest - a large treasure chest that can be
used for storing various goodies. Hector Barbossa's Sword is priced $70
under MSRP at $179.99, and we also have 3 cool scene replica statues
featuring main characters from the movies:

HASBRO'S SUPERHERO SQUAD MEGA FIGURES: Hasbro bumps up the scale of its
popular Superhero Squad figures with the new Mega packs that include
Sentinel and Galactus. Also up for preorder is the Collector's boxed
8-pack. We have new images of all listed here:

AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON: Sota Toys has created a very cool boxed
set featuring Jack in both man and beast form. This is a part of their
'Now Playing' figures and up for preorder at $23.99

SAINT SEIYA PVC FIGURES: MegaHouse is releasing a new line of Saint Seiya
figures priced at $44.99. Figures include Athena, Dragon Shiryu, and
Pegasus Seiya.

NEW SIMPSONS BY FUNKO: A huge new 24" Krusty the Clown bank is up for
preorder at $89.99. Series 3 Wacky Wobblers and Simpsons Movie
Mini-Wobblers have also just been listed.

ROCKY MINIMATES - SERIES 2: Diamond Select brings us four more figures
including Rocky in street gear, Apollo & Rocky - both Battle Damaged and
Paulie. This set and series 1 are up for preorder at $13.99

HOT TOYS MILITARY - FIREARMS SET: A cool boxed set that includes 9
different authentic 1/6 scale fire arms. There are 12 total weapons
included in the case, but at least one of each is guaranted for $99.99

THE GOONIES - MEZCO: We don't have images yet, but preorders have been
listed for the new Goonies set of 5 figures including: Chunk, Data, Mikey,
Mouth, and the larger Sloth figure standing 7.5" tall.

ATTAKUS 'NOODLES' STATUES: We've just listed a 5 Statue Noodles set at
$129.99 ($25 below MSRP) This set features five main characters from the
animation and they will be arriving in the next month or two.

IKKI TOUSEN: KANU GOTHIC LOLITA: Another great looking figure, this
version of Kanu features a white & black trimmed outfit with flowing
skirt. Preorders are now up at $64.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new preorders. Be sure to take advantage of the
great sale pricing and Happy Mother's Day!

Joel & The BBTS Crew Update May 10th 2007

Transformers News: Update May 10th 2007
Date: Thursday, May 10th 2007 3:49am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Another quick update from Joel.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
wide variety of new preorders and more new arrivals! Be sure to check out
the extensive list of items below for great additions to your collection:


continues its expansion into licensed characters with the new 16" Batgirl
figure and four different 16" & 17" figures from Spider-Man 3 including:
Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker, and Spider-Man - each limited
from 2500 to 3500 pieces and listed $15 to $20 below MSRP.

DOCTOR WHO 5" FIGURES: We've just received info about a new 5" figure
case assortment that includes a variety of figures we've never offered
before: The Moxx, Cassandra, Sycorax, Gold Dalek & Ninth Doctor are
available as a set of 5 for $54.99 here:

ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA - EXCLUSIVE RUDY: Under 500 pieces of this cool
blue-haired version of the 1/7 Rudy PVC Statue will be sold in North
America, and BBTS is one of only several retails to sell this item. This
is another beautiful sculpt from Shunya Yamashita, complete with sword and
optional clothing bits. Up for preorder now $5 under MSRP at $59.99.

DOCTOR WHO 12" FIGURES: Three new figures up for preorder at $29.99
include: Judoon Commander, Martha Jones, and Novice Hame. Check them all
out here:

TRANSFORMERS SPORTS LABEL: Our initial shipment was sold-out before it
arrived, we were lucky enough to secure a very small amount more at
aftermarket pricing (instead of wholesale pricing). The set is now back
up for preorder at $79.99 - reserve yours now, I don't think we'll be able
to get anymore after this.

ESSENCE OF BUFFY STATUES: A fantastic new series of statues from Diamond
Select. Each statue features an electronic light-up feature and all come
with very detailed and accurate sculpting. We now have all 4 of the
Essence statues up for preorder at $109.99 each:

GI JOE 2007 8" FIGURES: Hasbro has recently released images of this
year's wave of Kung-Fu Grip soldiers as well as announced some new ones.
Check out the very cool Metal Mayhem set with Snake Eyes along with the
Adventure Team figures with animals, and the new Leatherneck, Desert Wolf,
and Shockwave figures here:

CORGI DIE-CAST: MARVEL, BOND & BATMAN: We've just listed a variety of
new die-cast figures & vehicles from Corgi including nearly 20 different
Batmobiles and related Batman vehicles, 13 1/12 Scale Marvel figures
including Dark Phoenix, Elektra vs Daredevil, Colossus and more, and over
20 James Bond vehicles. We'll continue to carry more new releases from
Corgi as they announce them - check out the list of items here:

SPIDER-MAN 3 - NEW MOVIE ASSORTMENT: Hasbro has just unveiled the latest
assortment of new figures. We've broken down the case assortment and
listed everything singly. Check out the 8 new figures here:

ANIME GIRLS: Another scorching new batch of preorders - check out these
must-see ladies:

--DANCING GIRL NILE: An original characters sculpted in 1/6 scale

--BOME VOLUME 23: Saber from Fate/Stay Night looks great - $27.99

--QUEENS BLADE: 1/6 Scale high end Menas & Airi with adjustable outfits

--IKKI TOUSEN: 1/6 Sonsaku Hakufu - This outfit is nearly falling off

--CHAOS GATE: A very nicely done Ignis in a flowing White Dress is up for
preorder at $126.99 - crafted by Orchid Seed

--EVANGELION AGEL CHROMOSOME: The new Shamsel figure comes with quite a
small outfit and is priced at $28.99

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN - GX-37 KING JOE: Bandai's latest entry into the ever
expanding S.O.C. series is now up for preorder at $84.99

STARGATE PEWTER FIGURES: Six different core characters from both Stargate
SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are now up for preorder from Phoenix Icons.
Each figure is priced at $32.99 and fully painted.

SOTA TOYS - NOW PLAYING MOVIE FIGURES 4: The fourth wave of Sota's
popular series includes: The Leprechaun, Anubus Warrior from The Mummy,
and Shadow Puppet Klown from Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Each figure
is available for $2 under MSRP at $13.99

STAR WARS FINE MOLDS Y-WING: The masters at Fine Molds have finally
created a Y-Wing model kit. We have this on listed at $36.99 and it will
be arriving this summer.

DISNEY'S CARS: We've just listed a pair of specialty market exclusive
items. These new items won't be available in the big-box mass market
chains. A new 7-pack of core characters are now available in a gift-set
for $25.99, and we've also listed the Mac Truck Playset that comes with a
bonus Cars figure at $19.99

FLEXIDISPLAY STANDS: These innovative stands feature three arms of
multiple lengths that can be adjusted to hold nearly any size Macross
valkyrie, Star Wars ship, or any other ship of roughly that size. Check
out the stands in action here:

MARVEL TITANIUM: Hasbro has announced another round of 3.75" figures - up
for preorder at $17.49 are the new Captain America, Iron Man, and
Juggernaut figures.

HASBRO MARVEL SUPERHERO SQUAD: Hasbro will be creating larger collector
packs of your favorite mini-heroes. The Mega packs are $11.99 each and
include an X-Men pack and Fantastic Four pack. And there is also an even
larger $23.99 Collector's pack that should contain roughly 8 figures

HOT TOYS - ROCKY - CLUBBER LANG STREET GEAR: The fifth figure from the
Movie Masterpiece series is now up for preorder at $149.99. Mr. T looks
mean and nasty in this outfit

SIDESHOW'S JOHN WAYNE CAVALRY OFFICER: Sideshow has been selling out of
nearly everything they produce lately so don't miss out on this one, the
third 12" John Wayne figure to date. His Cavalry outfit is from the Civil
Ware era and the figure is priced at $47.99

STAR WARS METAL: Attakus brings us 3 more figures from the Metal
Collection. Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker are each priced
between $92.99 and $112.99


DISNEY CARS CASE 'M': This new assortment of cars features a variety of
newer figures including the highly sought after Ferrari F430. Cases of 18
are in stock now for $69.99

FUTURAMA - BENDER BANK & BOBBLES: The 12" Bender Bank and a variety of
smaller Bobble Heads are now in stock from Funko from $9.99 to $22.99

MAZINKAISER & SHIN GETTER: Zacca P.A.P. has just released 8" pvc versions
of these two heavy hitting robots. Each is priced at $84.99 - they are
very nicely done and come packaged in a large box with many windows, and
each figure is positioned in a cool action pose in the box.

NINTENDO MONOPOLY & MORE: A wide variety of Monopoly games from USAOpoly
have just arrived. All of them are available for $29.99 including:
Family Guy, Bond, Nintendo, Simpsons, Snoopy, John Deere, Pirates, Shrek
and more.

HOT TOYS ALIENS SNAP KITS: These cool mini model kits come packaged in
mini alien eggs, each box of 12 should contain a full set of 10 figures as
well as a few duplicates. Both aliens and the crew are included.

GETTER 1 - WEATHERED MODEL: This piece is limited to only 1500 pieces
worldwide and made by Miracle House. In stock now for $119.99

ROCKY 3D MOVIE POSTER: Just in today from McFarlane, this is one of the
best movie posters they have done yet. They have revised the cardboard
packaging style and this poster is pretty elaborate - $19.99

TOYBIZ - HOUSE OF 'M' & FEARSOME FOES GIFTSETS: We've just restocked both
of these long sold-out sets at $39.99 each.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew Update: May 4th

Transformers News: Update: May 4th
Date: Friday, May 4th 2007 7:11pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel has provided another update for

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals and more new preorders!


BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - ACTION FIGURES: We've just listed the first wave
of Diamond Select's awesome new Battlestar figures. We have the figures
listed individually as well as in a handy set of 4 that includes Cylon Six
in Red Dress, Apollo, Previews Exclusive Caprica Six, and the Brendan 'Hot
Dog' Costanza chase figure (not yet pictured). This set of 4 is listed
$14 below MSRP at $49.99!

our first exclusive with Diamond Select Toys - the Caprica Six Bust -
limited to only 750 pieces worldwide! Caprica Six is up for preorder at
$49.99 by itself, and we've also bundled it with the Red Dress Six Bust
for a $10 savings at $89.99, and another bundle with the Wave 1 Set of 4
figures at $89.99 - a $24 savings.

STARGATE SG-1 SERIES 4: Diamond Select has just announced the fourth wave
of this very popular series. Wave 4 brings us Desert Combat versions of
Jack O’Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal’c, Previews Exclusive
Jonas Quinn, plus pieces of the MALP robotic device and the series’
trademark transport rings! Along with added articulation and newly
resculpted accessories. Sets of 5 are priced $18 under MSRP at $61.99 -
check them out here:

are crafting the ultimate Stormtrooper Helmet. Only 2500 pieces will be
released this summer - this Limited Edition Helmet is priced at $389.99

HOT TOYS RAMBO III: Hot Toys keeps the hits coming with another extremely
well done 1/6 scale figure. Sly is priced at $92.99 and comes equipped
with compound bow and rifle.

SPAWN - WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: A new Previews exclusive set
features 3 of the most heavily armed Spawn molds from past series and
lumps them together in thew new WMD giftset. We have them listed $8 below
MSRP at $39.99.

VERONICA MARS BUSTS: Diamond Select has created two cool busts from the
popular TV show - both Veronica and Logan are up for preorder at $49.99

TAKARA MICROMAN: We've just listed 8 new Microman preorders including
three different Evangelion sets, 3 more Kinnikuman sets, and two new sets
of Microman Wecker figures. Check out all the new figures here:

FEWTURE MAZINGER: Fewture brings us two cool new silver versions of their
Mazinger 1901 Bossborot & Doublas figures. Each of these beauties is
priced at $209.99 and will be arriving in November.

JAPANESE BEAST WARS: A few more obscure reissues for the JBW 2007 figures
with DVD. Gimlet and Motorarm are each up for preorder at $29.99.

VIRGIN COMICS - RAMA THE WARRIOR PRINCE: Virgin will be releasing a
limited edition Rama Statue. We have it listed $15 below MSRP here:

DARK HORSE COMICS: A variety of new items from Dark Horse this month:

--PATHFINDER - The Ghost Statue & Viking Statue both look great, these are
limited to only 350 & 500 pieces worldwide:

--HELLSING - A very cool new Gungrave bust is now listed at $44.99

--SERENITY - Dark Horse rolls out a Serenity Lunchbox at $16.99

--PEANUTS - The 10th character in their popular statue series is Sally,
check them all out here:

SIDESHOW SPIDER-MAN 3: We've just listed preorders on the three new
Statues, so after getting back from the show check them out.

QUEENS BLADE: Two new beauties are up for preorder at $59.99. Take a
look at the new Tomoe and Erina PVC Statues here:


TRANSFORMERS MONOPOLY: This cool new game set from USAOpoly features six
different die-cast mini-figures, a completley TF themed board, and
pictures of your favorite figures on the currency. This game was just
released days ago and is in stock now for $29.99.

STAR WARS TRANSFORMERS: The new wave of 30th Anniversary packaged SW-TF
figures has just arrived. We have both repackaged versions of the older
figures as well as all the new figures in stock now from $12.99 to $19.99
and also a case of 6 for $94.99

LIVING DEAD DOLLS 13: The Grand-daddy of all LDD series is finally here.
Lucky #13 features the outcome of crossing the path of bad luck. Sets of
five are in stock now for $99.99

HASBRO'S LITTLEST PET SHOP: BBTS will now carry Hasbro's popular LPS line
and we currently have over 20 figures in stock. Preorders for upcoming
items will be listed as figures are announced, check out all the new items

SIDESHOW'S T2 HUNTER KILLER: One of the coolest movie vehicles ever, the
Hunter Killer has had surprisingly little coverage in the collectible
world. Sideshow's new 20" statue is priced at $384.99 - a great item for
any T2 fan.

SOUTH PARK SERIES 5: Mezco Toyz puts together a great mix of characters
taken from newer episodes as well as some never-before-released fan
favorites including: Hippie Exteminator Cartman, Tweek, Damien,and the fan
favorite, Mephesto who comes with his trusty sidekick, Kevin. Sets of 4
are priced $10 under MSRP at $49.99

JAPANESE BEAST WARS RHINOX: Keep your JBW 2007 collection complete with
the addition of the new Rhinox figure. Available now at $29.99, Rhinox
features an updated paint scheme that better reflects the now 10 year old
show. We have the other 8 earlier release in stock as well

SIDESHOW 12" ENDOR REBEL INFANTRY: Yet another cool new 12" figure that
has already sold out from Sideshow. Get yours now for $57.99

HOT TOYS 12" T2 ENDOSKELETON: The 12" Movie Masterpiece Terminator
Endoskeleton features a whopping 52 points of articulation, a selection of
three different firearms, and red-lighted eyes. In stock now at $179.99 -
yet another work of art from Hot Toys.

REVOLTECH: We've just restocked the Shin Getter 2, Eva-03 Black, and
Devil May Cry Dante Revoltech figures. Check out the Transformers
Revoltech figures and all the others here:

GREECE HOPLITE SPARTAN: Can't get enough of 300? This Spartan figure
takes a more historic look at the heroes of Sparta - in stock now for

EVEN MORE NEW ITEMS: There are so many items arriving and being listed
each day that we can't mention them all here, so be sure to browse through
the menus from time to time for hidden gems.

Thanks for your interest in in and have a great

Joel & The BBTS Crew Update April 28th: 30% Off Sale!

Transformers News: Update April 28th: 30% Off Sale!
Date: Saturday, April 28th 2007 11:45am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has provided another big update, including a 30% off sale!

Hi - Here is another big update from stuffed
full with a week's worth of news about new arrivals, new preorders, and
another great clearance sale! Be sure to check out the entire list, there
is a ton of cool new product.

30% OFF CLEARANCE SALE: Save 30% on everything in the store except those
items marked 'new' or 'preorder' from now until 12:00 Noon Central Time on
Monday April 30th! In addition to the thousands of items on sale at 30%
off, we also have left our Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale running with
discounts of 35% to 80% on hundreds of items. Check your favorite menus
for 30% off savings and here are links to the older sales that still
contain many great deals:


MARVEL LEGENDS WAVE 2: Hasbro's second entry into the ever-popular ML
series with The Blob Build-A-Figure is now in stock for $89.99 per full
set of 8 figures. Series 1 is also in stock - check out series 2 here:

STAR WARS 30TH VEHICLES: The brand new Sith Infiltrator and V-Wing
Starfighter are each in stock for $26.99. We've restocked the Classic
White TIE and Saesee Tiin's Starfighter at $18.99 each and a variety of
other ships are available here:

FINAL FANTASY XII FIGURES: Brand new arrivals from Square Enix. We have
Ashe, Balthier, Gabranth, and Vaan in stock at $24.99 each. Another
nicely executed round of figures - view them here:

STARGATE SERIES 3: This wave includes Vala, Colonel Mitchell, and Ori
Prior. We also have exclusive "Avalon" Vala, Replicator Carter, and
unpainted prototype figures of three different characters. Check out the
full selection of Stargate items here:

MARVEL 12" ICONS WAVE 2: Doctor Doom and Punisher are now in stock for
$44.99 per set. Both figures are nicely done and also available

CHOGOKIN LIGHTAN 6-PACK & WOODEN BOX: Get all 6 of Bandai's cool
transforming Lightans along with a beautiful hardwood collector's box with
a padded velvet-like holding tray. This set is priced $20 below MSRP at
$259.99 - the pictures we have don't do the set justice, its very nicely
put together and an outer display box is also included.

TRANSFORMERS: Our last shipment of MP-03 Starscream has just arrived and
we've also restocked Nemesis Prime Alternator, Cobalt Sentry E-Hobby
Exclusives, and the Robotmasters Skywarp & Thundercracker set.

STAR WARS EXCLUSIVES: We've just stocked a nice variety of exclusive SW
items including: Unleashed Darth Vader, Unleashed Luke Jedi, DVD
Collection OTC 3-Packs, Astromech Droids, Holiday Jawas, Cantina Band, and
a variety of others are in stock on this menu:

GALACTIC HEROES: A highly popular wave of Galactic Heroes has just
arrived, we have all the figures available singly as well as the 'Wave 3'
case assortment. Check them all out here:

NECA'S LABYRINTH - JARETH: This 7" David Bowie figure is very well done
with interchangeable hands, crystal ball, goblin accessory. In stock now
for $13.99

SIDESHOW'S LEGENDARY IRON MAN BUST: With a production run of only 550
pieces, and a cool removeable face plate, this item is sure to go way up
in value in the future. We have a handful of them in stock at $194.99

MARVEL 3" TITANIUM: Seven new Titanium figures have just arrived and all
are priced at $5.49 each. Figures include Thing, Human Torch, Doctor
Doom, and four different Ghost Rider Movie figures.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA STATUE: The New Galactica Statue is in stock for
just $124.99 - limited to only 2003 pieces and measuring in a hefty 15"
long, its a great item for any Battlestar fan.

BOME VOLUME 19: Another busty beauty from Mr. Bome - The new Isoroku
Yamamoto figure looks great and is in stock for $26.99

MASTER REPLICAS - VADER EP IV FX SABER: M.R. has released the Vader FX
Saber with Episode IV packaging. Get yours new at $109.99

NEW STIKFAS: The new Emergency Response Team, Stikers Band 4-Pack, and
Pre-assembled Stifkas have all just arrived. Also in stock are M-Bears
and Cuboyds Series 2.


EXCLUSIVE GOBLIN QUEEN STATUE: This extremely cool new statue is only
available from BBTS and a handful of comic shops. It is limited to only
600 pieces worldwide and selling fast so get yours reserved and don't miss
out. Diamond Select Toys did a great job with this sculpt - lots of skin,
two mean looking gargoyles and a big flowing cape. Preorders are listed
at $10 below MSRP at $114.99

GENTLE GIANT: Another round of cool new items from Gentle Giant has just
been listed including their new Halo 3 products as well as more Star Wars,
Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter:

--STAR WARS KUSTOMZ: A new line with much more attitude than traditional
statues. The Speederbike is the first in line - view it here:

--HALO 3: The Master Chief gets his own bust in honor of his upcoming
third tour of duty. We have it listed $8 below MSRP at $47.99. Also up
for preorder from Medicom via Gentle Giant is a Master Chief Kubrick set
with various color versions - $16.99

--STAR WARS: Han Solo will be released in both regular and animated
styles this November. The regular statue is priced $30 below MSRP at
$144.99 and the cool animated version is priced at $69.99

--HARRY POTTER: The Order of the Phoenix Bust-Ups have just been listed.
This cool set features 5 different characters plus extra parts to build a
6th Bust-Up! These are $4 below MSRP at $25.99

--LORD OF THE RINGS: Gimli joins the ranks of animimated statues and is
now up for preorder at just $52.99

These helmets are in roughly the same scale as the mini weapons they have
been producing for the last few years. The first helmets released are
Boba Fett, X-Wing Pilot, and Stormtrooper. Each is priced $5 under MSRP
at $44.99 each.

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS: A nice batch of new items this month, Diamond Select
is really stepping it up with great new licenses and nicely executed
products. I recently met with the entire DST Team, they are passionate
collectors & designers, highly energetic, and an extremely nice group of
guys and gals - very impressive operation overall:

--BATTLESTAR CYLON SIX BUST: The beautiful Cylon Six in her iconic
low-cut red dress is now up for preorder at $42.99. This item is limited
to a mere 1000 pieces - don't miss out on the start of a big wave of new
Battlestar Merchandise for 2007 and 2008!

--STAR TREK - AMOK TIME STATUES: A great looking new 3-piece set of
statues from the famous Amok Time episode where Kirk battles Spock.
Limited to only 1000 pieces, we have the set of 3 listed at $55 below MSRP

--STAR TREK - DEEP SPACE NINE FIGURES: A brand new series of figures has
just been announced. We have full sets of 4 figures up for preorder at
$47.99. This set includes the Previews Exclusive Odo figure as well as
the chase variant Ezri Dax.

--BACK TO THE FUTURE MINIMATES: Its hard not to watch this movie when
flipping through the channels, DST brings us a cool set of minimates
including Marty, Doc, Lorraine & Biff for just $12.99.

--OFFICE SPACE - BILL LUMBERGH: This cool new figure comes with a sound
chip that repeats several of Bill's best lines from Office Space. We have
it priced at $17.99 and don't miss out on Milton as well:

--MARVEL STATUES & BUSTS: We have a variety of new items up for preorder
including: Winter Soldier Bust, Red Skull Icons Bust, Origins Thor
Statue, Jean Grey Premiere Statue, Kitty Pryde Clear Bust, Rogue "Picnic"
Variant, and Icons Symbiote Spider-man Bust.

--MOUSE GUARD PVC SET: A cool new set of PVC figures in the enormous 1:1
life size scale of about 3" is now up for preorder at $17.99

--SPIDER-MAN 3 STATUES: The Rise of Venom and Eddie Brock Statues are now
up for preorder at $134.99 and $209.99 each. We previewed these recently
and both are extremely cool - the Eddie Brock statue is amazingly complex
- check out the silhouette photos here:

MASTER REPLICAS SPIDER-MAN 3: M.R. will be releasing scaled replicas of
Spider-Man's mask in both red and black versions as well as a Black Suit
Spider-Man on Church Tower statue - check these cool new items out here:

THE BEATLES: Medicom brings us a cool new Kubrick set of all four Beatles
in their "Can't Buy Me Love" outfits. Preorder now at $39.99

THE BIG LEBOWSKI: Bif Bang Pow! has created a very cool new set of
figures - The Dude (His Dudeness, Duder) and Walter are available for
$33.99 here:

FLASH GORDON MOVIE: Another cool release from Bif Bang Pow! Alex Ross
designed the very cool Ming the Merciless and Flash Gordon figures - up
for preorder now at $29.99 each.

MY LITTLE PONY 25TH ANNIVERSARY: Get 6 of the original ponies in a pair
of retro 3-packs for just $34.99 - coming this summer from Hasbro.

ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA: We've added a special edition version of the
Rudy 1/7 PVC statue. Be sure to check out all his other masterpieces:

Thanks for your interest in - Please be sure to
check out some of the many new items listed above and dont' forget to save
30% on thousands of older items that are now on sale.


Joel & The BBTS Crew Update

Transformers News: Update
Date: Saturday, April 21st 2007 3:01am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Another update from Joel of

Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another round of cool new arrivals and more big preorder news!


TAKARA'S MP-06 MASTERPIECE SKYWARP: Takara has just announced the sixth
figure in its amazing Masterpiece series - Skywarp will be arriving this
fall and is priced at $99.99! Skywarp comes with his traditional G1 style
black & purple paint scheme. We have some early images on the site and he
looks fantastic with the sinister black paint. Also included is an
alternate face - check it out here:

SUPERGIRL & CATWOMAN VINYL STATUES: A couple of hot new releases from
Kotobukiya. You simply have to check these new items out - extremely
attractive sculpts and we have each listed $10 below the MSRP at $69.99
and $59.99 respectively.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT - DELUXE FIGURE: Joining the extremely popular first
wave of figures, DC has just announced the Deluxe Illidan Storm Stormrage
figure. This figure is 6.5" tall with 11" wings that bring the overall
height to 13" Priced $5 under MSRP at $24.99

IRON GIANT STATUE: There is finally some new Iron Giant merchandise! DC
Direct has sculpted a 2-part tabletop statue that features the Iron Giant
from the shoulders up and a secondary statue with his hand holding a
miniature Hogarth figure. Preorders are available at $20 below MSRP:

BATMAN 1:18 1966 BATMOBILE: We've just listed the Elite, and Super Elite
versions of this iconic Batmobile coming out from Hot Wheels this winter.
The Elite version is priced at $74.99 and the Super Elite is $269.99. The
basic version is priced at $27.99 and the upgraded models feature tons of
additional features not found on the lower priced models.

DAWN ACTION FIGURES: A great new release from Diamond Select - there will
be a total of 4 Dawn figures released this year including Dawn, a Previews
Exclusive Dawn in a more sinister red outfit, Darrian, and the horned
Darrian exclusive. We have sets, singles, and cases available:

DC DIRECT - WONDER WOMAN SERIES 1: All ladies in this great new set,
check out all the attractive gals in this $49.99 set here:

AUTOBOT'S MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP STATUE: New stock will be on the way soon
for this extremely popular statue from Diamond Select. These have been
very hard to come by lately so get your preorders in at $149.99 here:

MARVEL ICONS - HASBRO WAVE 3: Hasbro has just announced three new figures
including the very cool Silver Surfer along with two versions of the Human
Torch. We have sets, singles, and cases available here:

DC DIRECT - NEW FRONTIER SERIES 2: Another cool new set of classic
characters is up for preorder for $10 under MSRP at $49.99. Batman, The
Flash and more. Series 1 is also up for backorder and arriving soon:

EVANGELION STIKFAS: The long awaited licensed Evangelion Stikfas will be
arriving this summer! We have preorders for the first 4 EVA's listed at
$17.99 each. Also just listed are the new Dark Samurai and Black & White
Ninja Duel sets at $9.99 each.

THE BIG LEBOWSKI: Bang Bif Pow! has just announced a cool new line of
figures based on the classicly quirky crime & bowling movie. His Dudeness
& Walter are the first two figures listed for preorder at $33.99 per set,
and we have a few Dude bobbleheads listed as well.

ULTRA MAGNUS EXCLUSIVE HEAD BUST: This exclusive from the NYCC is limited
to only 600 pieces and we have them listed at $41.99. This is a repainted
version of Optimus Prime bust - also available to order:

FINAL FANTASY 1/4 SCALE CLOUD STRIFE: This huge Cloud Strife figure will
stand around 18" tall and is made by Square Enix. Preorder price is $30
under MSRP at $369.99 - check it out here:


--IKKI TOUSEN - GREY KANU: One of the most popular sculpts is back with a
new paint job. Check out the Grey version of Kanu here at $47.99

--ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA: A beautiful new bust - the Shion Fine Art bust
is priced at $59.99. This continues to be a top selling anime line, and
for good reason - check out the latest masterpiece here:

--MUCH MORE ANIME: Do a quick search for new items from the following
properties: Chrono Gate, Yakitate, Galaxy Express 999, Persona, Shakugan
no Shana, Whip X Nonoko, Oneechanbara, Getter Robo, and Zoids


MARVEL LEGENDS 2 & ICONS 2: A huge shipment of the second round of Marvel
Legends figures is on the way along with the 12" Punisher and Doctor Doom
figures. Preorders should fill within a week on these so reserve them


STREET FIGHTER PREVIEW: The latest release from SOTA has just arrived and
we have them listed well below MSRP. Akuma, Ken, and Ryu each come in a
double window box that lets you view these extremely articulated and
redesigned figures from both the front and the back. Sets of 3 are $12
below MSRP at $44.99 each and singles are $15.99 each.

ROCKY IV FIGURES: Sets of 6 Rocky IV figures are now in stock for just
$55.99 per set. The set includes Training and Fight versions of both
Rocky and Drago, as well as Thunderlips and Ludmilla Drago. We also have
cases priced at $109.99 and single figures as well.

REVOLTECH MEGATRON: The highly anticipated and highly articulated new
versio of Megatron from Kaiyodo has just arrived. Megatron comes with an
alternate head and several alternate hands. Don't forget to pick up the
Revoltech Optimus Prime as well - both in stock at $24.99

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA STATUE: This extremely popular resin statue from
Diamond Select has been tough to find, we luckily just received a nice
amount of them and have them in stock $25 below MSRP at $124.99.

REVOLTECH PATLABOR ZEROSIKI: Another cool Revoltech figure. The new
Zerosiki is in stock for $19.99 and comes with a shield, weapon, extra
hands and extra head.

GRENDIZER - MARIA FREED: A cool new 1/6 scale PVC statue is now in stock
in both red and black outfit versions. Each version is $69.99 and
features Maria in a seductive pose with plunging neckline.

MORE NEW ARRIVALS: Other items include Peanut's Pig Pen statue, Sideshow
Spider-Man 3 Bust, MSIA Freedom Gundam, Time Silhouette Hoplite Spartan,
and a variety of items from the Vintage Department.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the great new arrivals and new preorders listed above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew Update April 13th 2007

Transformers News: Update April 13th 2007
Date: Friday, April 13th 2007 3:21am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has provided us with another exciting update!

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals incluging MP-05 Megatron and a bunch of very cool
new preorders!


STAR WARS 30TH WAVE 4: Hasbro continues to impress with more figures
never seen before as well as the new McQuarrie Darth Vader. Wave 4 cases
are available for $89.99, we also have sets of 7 priced at $64.99 and
single figure listings as well at various prices. The new figures
include: M'Iiyoom, Elis Helrot, Holiday Special Boba Fett, Umpass-Stay,
Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight, McQuarrie Series #4 - Vader, and CZ-3 (Jabba
Palace Droid)

STAR WARS BOBBLE HEADS: Funko - the kings of bobble heads & wacky wobbler
toys has just secured the Star Wars license! We've just listed their
first round of figures including $9.99 Wacky Wobblers of: Vader, Clone
Trooper, Boba Fett, Yoda, Greedo, Han Solo, Stormtrooper Gamorrean Guard,
Jawa, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also check out the 12" Boba Fett Bank and the
cool Darth Vader in TIE Fighter Wobler:

TRANSFORMERS 'RENEWAL' 2007 FIGURES: Takara has not yet released images
of these items, but they are most likely going to be re-releases of the
Transformer Collection reissue figures from the last few years. We have
Megatron, Convoy, Soundwave and Starscream up for preorder singly or save
$15 when you buy them all together in our set listing.

MACROSS 1/60 SV-51 GUMMA IVANOV: An awesome all-new mold from Yamato,
this is one of the coolest valks to come out of Japan in quite a while.
This figure is fully transformable with all 3 modes. Preorders arrive in
July and are priced at $219.99

STAR WARS TITANIUM WAVE 4: More new figures including Green A-Wing,
Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner, AT-AP, and two more Battlestar Titaniums
have just been listed separately and also as a case. We do not have
images of any of the new items yet, but hope to have them soon.

JET LI 1/6 REAL MASTERPIECE FIGURE: Made by Enterbay, this highly
accurate replica of the martial arts master is up for preorder at $259.99

MARVEL SELECT ZOMBIE HULK: Hulk joins Captain America and Spider-man in
the ranks of the undead with the new $17.99 Zombie Hulk figure. Check out
all three of these very cool figures here:

you the exclusive versions of the Wrath of Khan Enterprise and TNG
Enterprise 1701-E. Both ships follow the original molds, but cool battle
damaged paint has been added. We have both listed a bit below MSRP at
$37.99 each.

1:18 SUPER ELITE BATMOBILE: No images yet, but this $269.99 Hot Wheels
Super Elite die-cast figure should have every bell and whistle
imagineable. This is a limited edition piece based on the original

REVOLTECH: Two more new figures have been listed including the EVA-05
Mass Production version with weapon (the version with wings was previously
mentioned) and also the new Kuro figure from Dokodemo Issho.

GUNDAM MODELS & FIGURES: From the Shizuoka Model show we have a couple of
special editions including the 1/60 Perfect Grade Wing Gundam and 1/144
Super HCM Pro RX-78-2. Other new preorders include Master Grade Char's
Zaku 2.0, HCM Pro #40 Destroy Gundam and #12 Zaku Warrior Live Concert

WITCHBLADE - MASANE POWER UP VERSION: A cool new repaint of the beautiful
Masane character, crafted by Alter and imported from Japan, this figure is
listed at $74.99

GAO GAI GAR FINAL VERSION: We've opened a preorder at $199.99 for this
large and complex figure from Max Factory. It features some die-cast
metal parts and a high level of detail:

NOW PLAYING MINI FIGURES - SOTA: Sota brings us a set of 3 small scale
figures including Fairie from Legend, Zombie from Return of the Living
Dead 3, and Anubis from The Mummy Returns. These are $9.99 each or $27.99
for the set.

HOT TOYS - NAVY SEALS: Two cool new HALO Jumper figures including Camo
Dry Suit version and Jump Suit Version - $114.99 each

ANIME GIRLS: Another big round of beauties for your enjoyment

ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA: All his previous figures have been wildly
popular and this hot new one should be even more so. The new 1/7 Rudy
figure features plenty of skin and a seductive pose. This figure is made
by Aoshima and preorders have been opened at $59.99

LINGERIE SOLDIER: This figure is based on an anime that was never
actually made yet it drew so much attention they decided to go forward
with the toy anyways - check out the fiesty Rose 1/8 PVC Statue here:

CHAOS GATE: The new Kaze no Ushiro wo Ayumumono figure has been listed at

MANY MORE ITEMS: There are too many to list, check out the new figures
from these popular titles: Chobits Chi "Maid Alice", Princess Waltz -
Iris, Death Note Kira & Ryuk, Mine bluE #10 black version, Genshiken Ogiue
Chika, Idolmaster Xenoglossia trading figures, Melty Blood Arcueid, Quiz
Magic Academy Rukia, Melancholy - 3x Nurse Outfits, Shining Tears Mao,
Sekirei Kusano & Miya, and Type-Moon Fantas Moon Eclipse. View these and
many others in the Anime Category:


MP-05 MASTERPIECE MEGATRON: The wait is finally over! The amazing MP-05
is now in stock for $99.99. We have a nice supply available, but they are
sure to go quickly so get your now, this one is definitely worth the price
of admission with a very complex transformation and superb robot & gun

just arrived and we now have these items in stock: Animated Luke
Skywalker Maquette, Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone Trooper Armor Statue, Simpsons
Bust-Ups, Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Bust, Hellboy Bust-Ups, Han Solo on
Tauntaun, and Hagrid Mini Bust. View the whole GG selection here:

HARRY POTTER SERIES 1: NECA has done a superior job with the new Potter
figures, they are a step above anything else previously released. We have
sets of 5 available now for $64.99 and also singles of Harry and

SPORTS PICKS NBA 12 & NHL 14: Both these new series are now in stock with
most figures at only $10.99 each. We have a handful of variants available
as well. Also - save 40% on all older Sports Picks!

MP-03 STARSCREAM: In case you missed out on the earlier waves, we were
lucky enough to find another relatively small batch of MP-03. Pick one up
along with the MP-05 and give your MP Prime some friends for the shelf.

BOME VOLUME 14: The latest arrival from Kaiyod is the Dead or Alive
Kasumi in white outfit. This fetching sculpt is in stock for $28.99 and
be sure to check out the many other upcoming Bome releases.

STAR TREK CLASSIC ENTERPRISE: The latest release from Art Asylum &
Diamond is now in stock $6 under MSRP at $33.99. This version is very
simple and clean and has an old-school feel to it.

DOCTOR WHO: The 5" Remote Control K-9 with Doctor Who figure and Tardis
Talking Money Bank are now in stock for $24.99 and $14.99 respectively. A
variety of other Doctor Who items are also in stock here:

BATTLESTAR MINIMATES SERIES 1: Full sets of 8 with variants are back in
stock and we also have singles and sets of 6 in stock. Don't forget the
Battlestar Series 2 preorders as well:

CYBERTRON PRIMUS WITH MINICONS: All our other versions of Primus have
sold out, but we now have a new set in stock that includes 4 bonus
minicons. This set is priced at only $49.99 includes 4 cool free minicons

MORE TRANSFORMERS: We've just restocked the Alternators Ravage and Rumble
as well as the THS-02 Convoy, Titanium Optimus Prime, Alternators
Sunstreaker, #14 Reissue Hound, Alternators Smokescreen, BT-15 Binaltech
in both Blue & Police versions. Tons of other Transformers are also
available here:

COMING SOON - REVOLTECH MEGATRON: We expect these to arrive in the next
10 days or so. This will be a great piece to accompany the Revoltech
Optimus Prime - both are priced at $24.99 and located here:

Thanks for your interest in - our Spring Clearance
Sale is still running so be sure to check out those menus as well as some
of the great new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew Update April 06th: Clearance Sale Expands!

Transformers News: Update April 06th: Clearance Sale Expands!
Date: Friday, April 6th 2007 11:43pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Another Update on the Clearance sale form Joel of

Hi - Here is a quick weekend update from
about another great clearance sale, new arrivals and some new preorders.


We've extended last week's 60 item & 25 menu clearance sale and just today
added 60 more items and 25 more menus! Check out both lists for a slew
of great deals, many of them 50% to 80% off on thousands of items! Take
advantage of our overstock situation and take home some great deals on
many popular series of figures.


MP-05 MASTERPIECE MEGATRON: A small portion of our overall order arrived
today and Megatron looks awesome! He has a truly complex transformation
process and the gun mode is huge. We've updated the site with new images
of Megatron in both modes as well as images of the orange cap - which
turned out very well. The rest of our shipment should be arriving mid to
late next week and preorders are still available at $99.99


REISSUE MEGATRON #06: The Transformers Collection #06 Megatron is now in
stock for $84.99. This version also has an orange tip installed - please
read the notes on our site for further info:

REVOLTECH DANGAIOH: Now in stock for just $19.99 - check out this and
many other new Revoltech figures here:

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM: Sunstorm, Starscream, The Fallen, War Within Ultra
Magnus, and War Within Megatron are all in stock for $17.99

DISNEY CARS: We've restocked the Movie Moments cases as well as received
more Rip Stick racers and the new Race & Chase sets.

GUNDAM 1/60 GLORIOUS SERIES: The new oversized and souped-up versions of
core gundam characters are now in stock. These kits range from $149.99 to
$299.99 and come with a lot of extra bells & whistles.

GRINDHOUSE: Grab a set of 3 Grindhouse figurs after catching the premiere
tonight - in stock now for only $37.99

GODZILLA: The vinyl Jet Jaguar figure is back in stock for $9.99 and we
have a variety of other Godzilla figures as well as his enemies in stock

GETTER 1: The new Test & Training mode Getter 1 is limited to 1500 pieces
and each box is hand numbered. In stock now for $119.99

TRANSFORMER DVD'S: We've restocked the 20th Anniversary Edition TF Movie
as well as some of the recent boxed sets - check them out here:

HOT TOYS ROCKY: We've restocked the 1/6 Scale Rocky and Clubber Lang
Movie Masterpiece figures from Hot Toys. Be sure to reserve the upcoming
Apollo Creed & Ivan Drago as well - all $149.99 each.


NINTENDO MONOPOLY & MUCH MORE: Joining the very cool Transformers
Monopoly from USAOpoly, we've just listed a variety of their other
Monopoly games including: Shrek, A Christmas Story, Batman, M&M's,
Disney, Family Guy, Fantastic Four, James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Marvel,
Military and more. We've also listed their Nightmare on Elm Street vs
Friday the 13th Trivia game and other titles relevant to the toys we

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take
advantage of the new sale items.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BBTS Orange Capped Megatron TFC #06

Transformers News: BBTS Orange Capped Megatron TFC #06
Date: Friday, April 6th 2007 8:15pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s):

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We have seen reports for a while that BBTS intended to carry a modified version of the Takara Megatron TFC #06 re-issue, however we have not seen pictures. BBTS intended to modify the gun barrel with a blaze orange plug, in order to meet the requirements of selling the toy gun in the United States. BBTS has finally released pictures of the modified gun, which is now in stock at their store.

The orange plug is very similar to the custom plug, which BBTS is adding to their supplies of MP Megatron. Click here to see the pictures of the modified version of TFC Megatron. Then click here to compare it with their pictures of MP Megatron.

BigBadToyStore Update: April 3rd 2007

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Update: April 3rd 2007
Date: Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 10:31pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has provided another update. As far as Transformers go:

Starscream figures for $11.99 - our shipment arrives tomorrow so there is
no waiting. These figures represent Prime and Starscream as they first
appear on earth.

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM: Sunstorm, War Within Ultra Magnus, and Starscream
all arrive tomorrow. Preorders are available for $17.99 each

MP-05 MASTERPIECE MEGATRON: Our shipments should start leaving Japan in
the next day or two and we expect them to begin arriving next week.
Preorders are available at $99.99 - this figure is already starting to
sell out across Japan so be sure to reserve yours now.

JAPANESE BEAST WARS 10TH: We just received the 'Early Release'
promotional materials shortly after the figures arrived. We have a
limited number of sets of 8 left that also include a free loose version of
Prime and Megatron along with a large cardboard display sign and a variety
of flyers. Check out the full selection here:

ALTERNATORS RAVAGE & RUMBLE: We have a very limited number of these
figures in stock now, with more coming soon. Get yours now at $33.99 each

As for the rest of the Newsletter:

Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another nice round of new arrivals and more cool new preorders:


Some items on the Spring Cleaning sale menu will be removed later this
week as the quantities get lower, so be sure to take advantage of the big
savings on all the items here - many items are 50% off or more!


DC SUPERHEROES: Another new wave of figures has arrived and we now have
inventory on hand of: Mongul, Parasite, Bizarro, Kal-el, Darkseid,
Superman, Superman Variant, Doomsday, and 3 different case assortments.
Check them all out here:

FAMILY GUY SERIES 7: This new wave features these six cool figures:
Bionic Peter, Commando Stewie, Bad Girl Lois, Groovy Death, Neil Goldman,
and Performance Artist. In stock now for $69.99

ALTERNATORS RAVAGE & RUMBLE: We have a very limited number of these
figures in stock now, with more coming soon. Get yours now at $33.99 each

GHOST RIDER REAL ACTION HEROES 1/6: Another fantastic sculpt from
Medicom, the new Ghost Rider figure is priced at only $96.99 and in stock:

JAPANESE BEAST WARS 10TH: We just received the 'Early Release'
promotional materials shortly after the figures arrived. We have a
limited number of sets of 8 left that also include a free loose version of
Prime and Megatron along with a large cardboard display sign and a variety
of flyers. Check out the full selection here:


Starscream figures for $11.99 - our shipment arrives tomorrow so there is
no waiting. These figures represent Prime and Starscream as they first
appear on earth.

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM: Sunstorm, War Within Ultra Magnus, and Starscream
all arrive tomorrow. Preorders are available for $17.99 each

MP-05 MASTERPIECE MEGATRON: Our shipments should start leaving Japan in
the next day or two and we expect them to begin arriving next week.
Preorders are available at $99.99 - this figure is already starting to
sell out across Japan so be sure to reserve yours now.


GI JOE 25TH ANNIVERSARY SINGLES & WAVE 2: Hasbro has just released info
about the next round of amazing new 25th figures. The first wave of
single carded figures includes Hooded Cobra Commander, Cobra Officer,
Flint, Storm Shadow, and Snake Eyes with Timber. The have also announced
the 3rd 5-pack which is another round of Cobra figures! The Cobra 5-Pack
#2 includes: Cobra Commander (Battle Dress), Storm Shadow (Dragon), Cobra
Stinger Driver, Cobra Air Trooper, Cobra (the Enemy). We don't have
images of the 5-pack but do have images of the singles listed. The single
figures are available as a set of 5 or a case of 8.

this one will be a clear or translucent version of Mirage as the Ford GT.
We have preorders listed at $79.99 and its great to see another release in
the Binaltech line.

NECA CULT CLASSICS HALL OF FAME 2: A great new wave that gives you the
Saw Killer in regular and pig-head mode, as well as the Leatherface from
their recent boxed set and also an awesome new Zombie Ed from Shaun of the
Dead. Sets of 4 are $49.99 and singles are $11.99 to $13.99

GI JOE 8" MILITARY & ADVENTURE TEAM: We don't have any images of this
line yet, but the new 8" Military Heroes and Adventure Team figures will
be an extension of the Sigma 6 line that features the same Sigma 6 style
focused on realism as well as animals!

REVOLTECH: The new EVA-01 Type-F from the video game and Toro from
Dokodemo Issho have just been listed at $19.99 and $24.99 respectively -
check out the new figures here:

1966 BATMOBILE 1:18 DIE-CAST: A new offering from Mattel - this is the
beginning of a highly anticipated string of new Hot Wheels Batmobiles.
The preorder price is $27.99 and we have an early image listed here:

SIDESHOW'S MARY JANE COMIQUETTE: This is simply an awesome new sculpt
from Adam Hughes - we won't have it available for long so get your
preorders in and be sure to check out this beauty:

STAR WARS GALACTIC HEROES: Two new case assortments each contain 6 new
2-packs and a variety of older 2-packs. The "M" and "T" assortment cases
are priced at $69.99 and each of the 6 new 2-packs is priced at $8.99

TRANSFORMERS MONOPOLY: Enjoy a new take on this classic board game with a
complete Transformers theme. Priced at only $29.99 its worth taking a
look at here:

STAR WARS BATTLEPACKS: Two new 30th Battlepacks have just been listed.
We don't have images yet - these are priced at $34.99 each due to the case
pack from Hasbro (2 new items along with 2 old sets we already have plenty
of) - the new listings are found here:

LEPRECHAUN BUST: A new item from Sota Toys, this bust is based on the
1993 movie and preorders have been listed at $38.99

TOYNAMI - SKELANIMALS: A new batch of Skelanimal plush figures have been
listed here:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew Update - March 28th, 2007

Transformers News: Update - March 28th, 2007
Date: Wednesday, March 28th 2007 8:40pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Joel at

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
great new sale we are running, new arrivals, and more new preorders!


We have tons of great new deals listed on the site for you with our Spring
Cleaning Clearance Sale. 25 Menus have discounts of 35% to 80% with 20 or
more of them at 50% or more! We've also listed 60 individual overstocked
items at greatly reduced prices. Check out a variety of Transformers,
Marvel Legends, Halo, X-Men, Attacktix, Imports, GI Joe and more on the
new sales menu. This sale does not have a specific end date yet, but
items will be pulled as we reach more desireable inventory levels. Great
deals are spread throughout the entire list so be sure to check them all
out here:


JAPANESE BEAST WARS 10TH ANNIVERSARY: Eight great new versions of classic
figures have just arrived. Each is packaged in a fancy multi-faceted
window box that displays both the new paint versions of the figures but
also the included DVD. A DVD case for each figure is also secured to one
side of the box for future storage of the DVD. Takara did a nice job with
these figures - sets and singles are available here:

exclusive from E-Hobby has just arrived. This set features three all new
characters - Rosanna, Glit, and Sundor - details about them are listed on
the site. This set is priced at $54.99 and is in stock now.

GOD OF WAR - KRATOS: NECA has just delivered two amazing versions of
Kratos from the awesome God of War game. We have both the Golden Fleece
and Flaming Blades versions in stock now. NECA is currently sold out and
won't restock until May, the majority of our stock is sold, but we do
still have a good number left here:

E-HOBBY THS-02B BLACK CONVOY: Another shipment of this popular exclusive
has just arrived. E-Hobby is running low on these and we now have a good
chunk of their remaining supply - in stock now for $84.99

ultra-high-end version of the Enterprise is now in stock. This baby is
priced at nearly $1200 so you'll need to check the spec sheet for all the
goodies included.

TITANIUM TRANSFORMERS: Scourge and Jetfire join Soundwave and Rodimus
Prime as recently restocked 6" Titanium figures. Check out the full
selection here:

SPIDER-MAN 3 GAMES & FIGURES: Spider-Man versions of Monopoly, Sorry!,
and Operation have just arrived. Check out the cool adaptations of
classic games here, and don't forget to check out all the new figures too


ALTERNATORS RAVAGE & RUMBLE: These are starting to show up at retail
across the country and our buyers are working on getting a supply to us
soon. Preorders have been opened at $33.99 each for Ravage and Rumble,
but the quantities are limited of course, so be sure to reserve them soon!

NEW TITANIUM TRANSFORMERS: Hasbro will deliver the War Within Ultra
Magnus, Sunstorm, and Starscream 6" Titanium figures to us in about a
week! Preorders for all three are available for $17.99

DC SUPERHEROES: Mattel will be delivering cases that contain Darkseid,
Kal-el, Bizarro, and Mongol from the DC Superheroes line, we also will be
receiving the 10" Justice League cases within the next 5 days or so.

Starscream Protoform figures will be arriving to BBTS in about a week!
Preorders will be listed next week as well so check back then.


BUFFY T.V.S - 'THE JUDGE' BUILD-A-FIGURE: Diamond gets in on the
bonus-figure idea with their new set of 6 Buffy figures that each include
a part needed to build The Judge. The full set is up for preorder at
$79.99. Two other new Buffy items include the Summers Family Album Boxed
Set and "The Wish" Xander

STAR TREK TNG: Captain Picard finally gets his own Captain's Chair style
figure. This 20th Anniversary figure is priced $4 below MSRP at $20.99

OFFICE SPACE - MILTON DIORAMA: A great addition to your desk at work,
this cool new figure is set in the 7" scale and is priced at $20.99

ARMORED CORE MODEL KITS: Another new kit for the highly popular Armored
Core series. The Ray Leonard 3 Aaliyah Kit is priced at $33.99

BOME VOLUME 22: Monsieur Bome brings us his interpretation of the
Fate/Stay Nigh Rin Tosaka figure - up for preorder at $27.99

24 MINIMATES: Jack is back in a new 4-piece Minimate set for just $13.99
- check out this cool new 24 format here:

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Two new items have just been listed including the
Series 2 Minimates and also the 12" Retro Apollo & Starbuck figures

MARVEL STATUES & BUSTS: A nice batch of new items including: Origins
Doctor Doom, Icons Elektra, Avengers Spider-Man Statue, Civil War Nitro
Bust, and Milestones Magneto Statue - all spread throughout this menu:

BEGOTHS SERIES 6: Our first listing for the BeGoth series, this set of 3
figures is priced at $89.99 and includes Pandora, Penelope, and Slayer

NECA HARRY POTTER: A few more new items from NECA includ 11.5" Bendable
Dolls, and the 7" scale Harry Potter vs Voldemort - Goblet of Fire Boxed
Set - Check all the NECA Potter items out here:

TARZAN & THE GOLDEN LION STATUE: Another cool statue from Reel Art
Studios, this Tarzan statue is priced $35 below MSRP at $154.99

SAVAGE DRAGON - SHE DRAGON VARIANT STATUE: Another cool limited edition
statue from Moore - this one is priced at $189.99 and features nothing but
a mohawk and tiny bikini bottoms.

STAR TREK - ICONS KIRK BUST: Diamond has started a promising new line of
busts with Kirk from the early days. This bust is $5 under MSRP at $39.99

GRINDHOUSE - STUNTMAN MIKE: A cool 12" version of Kurt Russell's role,
this new figure is priced at $27.99

Thanks for your interest in - be sure to check out
some of the many great deals on our latest sale


Joel & The BBTS Crew

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