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United States Air Force Article About Filming of the Transformers Movie

Transformers News: United States Air Force Article About Filming of the Transformers Movie
Date: Tuesday, June 6th 2006 8:16pm CDT
Category: Movie Related News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Air Force Link and

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United States Air Force has placed an article about the upcoming Transformers movie on their website, Air Force Link. The article discusses the military's role in the film and more. Here is what the article said:

"Movie project transforms Holloman

by Arlan Ponder
49th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

6/5/2006 - HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. (AFPN) -- What do the Air Force’s first stealth fighter, a toy that has been around since the 1980s, and a director who loves big-budget, special effects-driven movies all have in common? The answer is the DreamWorks project, "Transformers," being filmed here.

On May 19, Col. David Moore, 49th Fighter Wing commander, along with representatives from the Department of Defense, Air Force public affairs and Otero County, officially announced pre-production work was being completed with filming to begin within a few days.

“We have been working in collaboration with DreamWorks studios over the last two months preparing to support them in filming a major Hollywood motion picture at Holloman,” Colonel Moore said. “We have been anxious to talk about what we’re doing. We’re happy to finally have the opportunity to discuss the movie publicly.”

Had it not been for several factors, such as the look of the base and surrounding terrain, the tax-credit New Mexico offers movie-makers and the base’s proximity to the White Sands Missile Range, the announcement never would have taken place.

“The production sent location scouts to seven Air Force bases and several Army installations,” said 1st Lt. Christian Hodge, chief of industry relations for the Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs entertainment liaison. “There have been several challenges, but Team Holloman has come through in a big way.”

The professionalism of Airmen at Holloman also came into play, Lieutenant Hodge said, not to mention one special item: the only operational F-117 wing. The proximity of the CV-22 Osprey at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque was also a plus because the film will feature both aircraft.

“The F-117s will be pictured prominently in the movie, both as static background and taxiing aircraft,” said Lieutenant Hodge, who has been a fan of Transformers since he was a child. “The CV-22 Osprey is scheduled to make its feature film debut in this movie, along with the F-22 Raptor.”

Also featured in the film will be the A-10 Thunderbolt II, AC-130 and C-130 Hercules, C-17 Globemaster III, MH-53 Pave Low, HH-60 Pave Hawk, MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle and Air Force One. The filming of the F-22, C-17, Predator and Air Force One will be done at another location.

Although the rumor mill was working overtime since a casting call seeking extras was issued in March, mum has been the official word. Representatives close to the film have been in the area for several months coordinating the efforts to get more than 300 crew members here and several sets built. Until May 19 the specifics of the project had only been rumor.

“We have had the pleasure of working with DreamWorks Productions beginning mid-January as we met (for) discussions concerning the logistical details for the project,” said Kathleen Curtis, Otero County Economic Development Council.

The movie, which is using the working title “Transformers,” has been a long time coming even before Holloman became involved. Originally a Hasbro toy, Transformers products made a place in retail history by selling more than $3 billion in items since the metamorphosing toys hit the market in 1984.

The original film was an animated version released in 1986, but fans worldwide have called for a live-action version. According to Lieutenant Hodge, the Air Force, Army and Department of Defense provided notes and suggestions on draft scripts before the final version was approved.

Numerous actors names have been thrown around in association with this feature film, but it appears Josh Duhamel, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tyrese Gibson, Bernie Mac, John Turturro and Jon Voight will make appearances.

This project is the largest movie since “Black Hawk Down” to receive DOD approval. Each year the Pentagon receives numerous requests to film the armed forces in action, however, selection is based on how accurately the forces will be portrayed. Military image is important, according to Army Lt. Col. Paul Sinor, lead public affairs representative for DOD.

Despite the fact this film will have a “science fiction” flair, the project is a realistic portrayal of actual Air Force and Army servicemembers, Colonel Sinor said. The relationship between the director and DOD also was considered during the approval process.

“We’ve worked with Michael Bay before," Colonel Sinor said. "We like the way he operates. He understands how the military operates. We have a very good relationship."

Mr. Bay is noted for directing several big-budget, special effects-driven movies like “Armageddon,” “The Rock,” “Bad Boys” and DOD-approved, “Pearl Harbor.”

Lieutenant Hodge said Mr. Bay has been on base since May 19.

“Mr. Bay is fully engaged in making this movie. He doesn’t sleep much and is very, very busy,” he said. “He is much like a general in a deployed environment in that he has a lot of people under his command and is under extreme pressure to successfully accomplish his mission.”

Colonel Moore said there are similarities between a major motion picture set and an Air Force facility such as Holloman. He said to establish a movie set requires housing, dining, storage, office space and logistics, all of which servicemembers require when they deploy.

“There were many commonalities that we were unaware of," the colonel said.

"We have discovered that they, like us, go to great lengths to organize and prepare to set up their shots to film, considering the camera angles, considering the light, considering when everything is ready and making sure it’s prepared," Colonel Moore said. "There are enormous similarities between that and a military operation.” "

To read the original article got Air Force Link.

Ronnie Sperling Joins the Movie Cast

Transformers News: Ronnie Sperling Joins the Movie Cast
Date: Monday, June 5th 2006 2:49pm CDT
Category: Movie Related News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): and The Hollywood Reporter

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Views: 10,853 has reported, a report by The Hollywood Reporter, that a new person has joined the cast of the upcoming Transformers movie. Comedian, Ronnie Sperling is latest person to join the cast for the Transformers movie. Here is what the article said:

"Comedian Ronnie Sperling has joined the cast of DreamWorks-Paramount's "Transformers: The Movie." Appearing alongside Bernie Mac, Josh Duhamel and Jon Voight, Sperling will play a lead scientist in the movie based on the 1980s Hasbro toy line. He can be seen in the Nickelodeon movie "Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up." Sperling is repped by Stage 9 Talent and K.S.A."

Click here to read's original article.

New Article About Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

Transformers News: New Article About Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci
Date: Friday, June 2nd 2006 9:22pm CDT
Categories: Movie Related News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Nelson of and

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Views: 19,694 has posted an article about Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Both Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are the screenwriters for the upcoming live action Transformers Movie. In the article Kurtzman and Orci address their work on the movie:

"Kurtzman and Orci agree that writing the script for Michael Bay’s Transformers film is by far the most challenging project they’ve worked on to date “It’s a new paradigm,” Orci points out. “It’s a live action and super special effects heavy, but the robots have to be characters, and they have to interact believably with humans. It takes out of the box thinking.” Kurtzman adds, “A lot of the requirements of film storytelling are very different from the requirements of comic book storytelling. If you look at movies like X-Men, they find an amazing way to balance and vary the two worlds. That’s totally what we’re going for.”"

Go to to read the entire article.

Movie Script Writer Roberto Orci posts again!

Transformers News: Movie Script Writer Roberto Orci posts again!
Date: Thursday, June 1st 2006 5:36pm CDT
Categories: Movie Related News, People News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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After saying his goodbye last month on the Don Murphy Board last month, script writer of the Transformers movie now being shot, could not stay away for long and has decided to post here again. With his return he made several comments. Following are some excerpts from his posts on the forum.

"I can tell you this: If you saw Optimus Prime in a police line-up among other Transformers of every sort, YOU WOULD KNOW WHICH ONE WAS OPTIMUS"

"without confirming or denying anything about a teaser trailer, I can say that it will rock! If there is one"

"i think a lot of fan questions (I include myself in that) about tone and personality, and human to tf ratio, etc, will start t to be answered as we se the movie being cut together.

The script is a plan, but the movie is the execution. The better we get as writers (assuming we're getting better), the more we feel that what we are writing on the page will translate appropriately to the screen. But you never know till you see it.

It's also why script leaks can be misleading. Alex and I are still learning how to read scripts in terms of imagining them on the screen. It's a skill that has to be learned.

anyway... like that.

But I'm optimistic."

"I may have said it before, but as far as script changes go, the script is not done for me and Alex until the movie is locked, which is months and months after shooting has wrapped. And I guess we're luck y that way. Once a script is written, writers are often thanked and dismissed and the machine takes it completely over. But that has not been our experience with Dreamworks or Paramount and I think/hope the movie will be better for it".

"I guess all I can say is that IF you see Soundwave, he will be the closer to the one you know and love than any of the rumors would lead you to believe"

"Michael was indeed telling you the truth when he said that the names aren't decided yet"

Ain't It Cool News Movie Update

Transformers News: Ain't It Cool News Movie Update
Date: Wednesday, May 31st 2006 11:57pm CDT
Category: Movie Related News
Posted by: Darth Bombshell | Credit(s): AICN, Master Fwiffo

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Ain't It Cool News has updated with even more spoilers about the upcoming Transformers movie. Included in this update are pictures of Bonecrusher, Devastator and Bumblebee. In additon, they've also posted a summary of info regarding several important plot points of the movie, including Megatron's (rumored) alternate form and the mysterious object sought after by the Transformers.

Click the link provided to see the pics and the summary, provided by Master Fwiffo, on the original news posting on AICN.

Pictures of Vehicles to be Used in the Transformers Movie?

Transformers News: Pictures of Vehicles to be Used in the Transformers Movie?
Date: Wednesday, May 31st 2006 2:33pm CDT
Categories: Movie Related News, Rumors
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Endboss, Sallokin of Neogaf, and DerLange_313 of

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Views: 25,621

The movie rumors are really starting to be cranked out. Yesterday we reported a story here about rumors reported by Sallokin of Neogaf, and later posted an update with a photo of a tank and a Mustang police car. Now Sallokin has added more pictures of the tank and Mustang police car, and has added new new images which include pictures of a 1975 Camaro and a 2008 Camaro. You can view the pictures here.

That is not all of the new pictures that are surfacing. Our own Endboss has found some more photos. DerLange_313 of has posted a ton of pictures that are suppose to be from the movie. They include pictures of the same vehicles Sallokin posted plus many more. Check them out here.

Sony Launches Website for New Transformers: The Movie DVD

Transformers News: Sony Launches Website for New Transformers: The Movie DVD
Date: Wednesday, May 31st 2006 11:42am CDT
Category: Movie Related News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s):

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It looks like Sony is really taking their 20th Anniversary Special Edition release of Transformer: The Movie very seriously. Sony has launched a website dedicated to the 20th Anniversary Special Edition of Transformers: The Movie. The new website,, does not have much to offer right now. The front page of the website has the same image as one of the one's released yesterday. The website also offers fans the chance to sign up to receive updates about the movie. Check it out here.

Recent Movie Rumors Confirmed as False

Transformers News: Recent Movie Rumors Confirmed as False
Date: Wednesday, May 31st 2006 11:01am CDT
Category: Movie Related News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Nelson of

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Yesterday we reported here, a rumor about details on civilian vehicles to be used in the movie. It seems the information reported is false. Nelson, an administrator at reports that Michael Bay says the rumor is fake. Click here to see Nelson's post.

Transformers: The Movie to Air in the UK!

Transformers News: Transformers: The Movie to Air in the UK!
Date: Wednesday, May 31st 2006 10:46am CDT
Category: Movie Related News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Kern and Frobman

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Good news for our friends in the United Kingdom. Our own Kern and Frobman have reported that Transformers: The Movie will be airing in the United Kingdom. On Saturday June 3, 2006 NickToons will play Transformers: The Movie at 3:00 pm.

More Movie Rumors About Autobots and More

Transformers News: More Movie Rumors About Autobots and More
Date: Tuesday, May 30th 2006 7:00pm CDT
Categories: Movie Related News, Rumors
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Sallokin of Neogaf

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And the Movie Rumors continue to fly! It seems like every day more and more information and rumors, about the upcoming live action Transformers Movie, are leaked out. Today is no different. Earlier today we posted this story about possible civilian vehicles to be used in the movie. Now Sallokin of Neogaf, who states that he works at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, reports some new rumors. Here is what Sallokin reported:

"Hey, I work out here at Holloman AFB, in New Mexico. The Transformers movie started filming here last week. Some slight spoilers Bumblebee is going to start out as a 1970's Camaro, get really f-ed up, then be rebuilt as a 2008 Camero. Starscream is going to be an F-22 Raptor, and the according to some of the gaffers, Optimus Prime is going to be a fire truck. I've also seen a call shee that had something regarding Vortex on them. They're basing part of the story on the war in the middle east with terrorists etc. They've done some filming with actual Autobot frames that stand roughly 15 feet high. They've done a shot where they buried an autobot (I don't know which one) in sand and had the fans blow the sand off of it as its eyes flickered to life. They're filming out in restricted areas, so cameras, cell phones, etc are prohibited. This info isn't 100% as it's come from different people associated with the production (extras, assistants, gaffers, caterers) but you can expect most of this in the film."


"Apparently this is Bay's decision, but it could change as they haven't done any filming with Prime yet. The production is moving to Albuquerque in about a week, then out to the Hoover Dam, then to Salt Lake, and back to L.A. I actually just got in from driving around the crew at a party they were having here on base. Apparently the region they were filming in out in the desert here is supposed to be Quatar"


"Like I said, I'm not 100% sure about the fire truck thing, as scenes with prime haven't been done here at Holloman, or at all as I've been told. But some of the Military fire trucks look very different from the civilian types we tend to think about when we hear the word fire truck. I believe the reasoning behind the fire truck thing has to do with them not really knowing what to do with Prime's trailer had he been a semi. Again most of this info is second hand anyway, so take it with a grain of salt."

To read original post click here. Please remember these are only rumors.


UPDATED @ 7:54 PM Central!!!

These props were parked outside of my office today, the tank is going to get blown up tonight, and that Mustang police car is apparently one of the cars that helps destroy 1975 Camero Bumblebee. It's getting blown up tonight as well from what I hear. The big rumor is that the 2008 Camero, and two 2009 GTO's are going to be delivered to the Auto Shop near my office sometime this week. I'll try to sneak a photo or two if the manager will let me near the building.

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