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BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm
Date: Friday, February 16th 2007 4:11am CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): gutter bunny, Joel of

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Joel of has sent out another exciting update fileld with new preorders and arrivals. A little something for everyone here.

Hi - Here is a big update from about a ton
of new Toy Fair Preorders and another wave of new arrivals. There are
almost 130 new Preorders so be sure to view the entire list - tons of
great new items. We'll be listing many many more new items as we work
through all the new offerings announced at Toy Fair 2007 so check back


LEGENDARY HEROES - NEW SERIES: After selling off the Marvel toy license
to Hasbro, Toy Biz has renamed itself Marvel Toys and they are producing a
new line of figures called Legendary Heroes - which is very similar to
their past Marvel Legends series. The new Legendary Heroes line will
focus on independent non-Marvel comic book properties. The Build-A-Figure
concept returns so there will be more oversized figures to pack your
shelves. Series 1 includes the Pitt Build-A-Figure and Savage Dragon,
Super Patriot, Judge Dredd, Rip Claw, Madman, and Witchblade. Series 2
includes Star, Striker, Ann O'Brien, Marv, Judge Death, Darkness, and the
Monkey Man Build-A-Figure. There are also a few Two-Packs up for order -
Conan and Wraarl, and characters from Body Bags. We have single figures,
sets, variants, and cases up for preorder here:

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM 6": Hasbro has just sent us info about the upcoming
Sunstorm and War Within Ultra Magnus Titanium figures. These are listed
at $17.99 each and the Starscream preorder has been reopened as well.

MEDICOM REAL ACTION HEROES - MARVEL: A great new batch of 12" RAH figures
has just been listed. From the Marvel universe we have Blade, Magneto,
Punisher, and the Venom as Punisher figures. Pricing has gone down
significantly on these so preorders are listed at only $97.99 instead of
the normal $130 to $150!

WORLD OF WARCRAFT: DC Direct has created a new branch of their company
called DC Unlimited, so now they can spread their action figure and statue
expertise to lines outside of the DC universe! The first new line from DC
Unlimited is from the granddaddy of all MMRPG's - WoW. The first series
is up for preorder at $49.99 ($14 below MSRP) and we also have single
figures listed at $14.99 each. Characters include a Blood Elf Rogue, Orc
Shaman, Dwarf Warrior, and Undead Warlock.

YAMATO 1/60 MACROSS - FOLDBOOSTER: Yamato has just announced a nifty new
accessory pack so your valk can now enjoy faster than light travel. The
Foldbooster & Fastpack accessory set is up for preorder at $59.99 (This
set will only fit the 1/60 YF-19 as far as we know) and they also have
created a giftset of the 1/60 YF-19 along with the Foldbooster for $229.99


--PREMIUM FORMAT DARTH MAUL: Another excellent large scale release from
Sideshow, this one is priced at $264.99 and should rival Boba Fett in

--MCQUARRIE CONCEPT LUKE VS VADER KIT: Another awesome release from
Kotobukiya, this hefty set features twin statues that fit together to form
McQuarrie's take on the classic duel.

--HOLOCHESS 12" FIGURE ACCESSORY: Now your 12" figures can risk
dismemberment-by-wookie with their own 1/6 scale Holochess replica from
Sideshow. This cool set is up for preorder at $47.99

--OBI-WAN vs ANAKIN DIORAMA: Another new format of collectibles from
Sideshow, this cool Diorama will be around 13" tall and features Obi-Wan
battling Anakin shortly before Anakin ended up spending some quality time
with the medical droids. Up for preorder at $249.99

--IMPERIAL ROYAL GUARD VCD: Medicom continues its line of cute 8" figures
with the troop-buildable Royal Guard. Preorder Price is $57.99

DESIGNER TOYS: A batch of new original artists' creations are available:

--CARL JONES HOODIEZ - limited to 1500 pieces each

--THE CACTUS FRIENDS - fun and inexpensive vinyl figures

--UGLYDOLLS - A variety of plush, vinyl, and clip-on figures

--QEES - A variety of single figures and case assortments

--MORE DESIGNER TOYS: Do a quick search for: Trexi, Edward the Gator,
Dekoboko Boys, Hellhoud, and Invisible Plan. More Designer Toys will be
added to our selection soon.

LEGEND - LORD OF DARKNESS PREMIUM FORMAT: Sideshow has unleashed another
beautiful large scale figure. The figure stands about 23" tall and
features a variety of real fabrics and other authentic gear.

CTHULHU - VINYL FIGURE: The 'My Lil' Cthulhu figure comes with mini
victims that pull apart to show tasty red innards - $29.99


--WONDER WOMAN JLA COVER TO COVER STATUE: This is probably one of the
best small scale statues we've seen in a long time - check it out here:

--BATMAN & SON SET OF 5: Another new cool set of figures - $51.99 for the
set of 6" to 7" figures.

--BATMAN DARK CRUSADER STATUE: Another excellent new statue based on the
work of Alex Ross - we have this statue listed $35 below MSRP at $159.99

--SUPERMAN VS DOOMSDAY: A new set of 4" Animated figures has just been
announced as well as the Superman vs Doomsday 6" figure set with matching
graphic novel.

--JUSTICE BOXED SET: This set combines 4 popular Justice Sculpts and is
priced at $35.99

AFRO SAMURAI: Another new property from DC Unlimited, this animated
series starring Samuel L Jackson now has a 4 figure set - up for preorder
at $49.99

ROCKY: We've listed new case assortmenst for Rocky IV, Rocky V & VI, Best
of Rocky 1 and 2. Rocky III figures should be arriving within a month or
less so be sure to get preorders in on those great figures.

RED SONJA STATUE: Inspired by the cover art of issue #13, this is another
beautiful statue of the dangerous Red Sonja


--LEGENDARY SCALE SAURON BUST - This bust measures in at 24" tall, it
features the fearful helm as well as both spiked shoulder pieces.
Preorder price is set $15 below MSRP at $364.99

--THE CRACK OF DOOM - FRODO VS GOLLUM - Sideshow brings us a much more
affordable yet still nicely designed piece. This 6" statue is priced at
only $79.99 and it features Frodo & Gollum struggling in Mount Doom.

METAL GEAR SOLID 4 - REAL ACTION HEROES: Medicom continues to create cool
figures based on the best licenses, the MGS4 figures include Raiden and
Solid Snake - each priced at $139.99

SAW - 48" LIFE SIZED SAW PUPPET: Medicom has entered a second production
run of this full sized and super-creepy puppet from the brilliant Saw
series. The 2nd edition is $100 less than the first, this is because they
removed the sound chip feature.

ELVIS PRESLEY PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE: Sideshow has created a 1/4 scale
version of Elvis as he appeared in 1953, this figure is priced at $279.99,
will be produced in limited quantities and is sure to be hard to find in
the future.

X-MEN VS SENTINEL STATUE: The second in a series of statues from
Sideshow, this one features Beast and the White Queen perched on the huge
headless torso of Sentinel - priced $15 below MSRP at $284.99

HOT TOYS ALIEN MOVIE MASTERPIECE: The new 16" Alien Warrior and Ripley's
Power Loader are now up for preorder at $124.99 and $139.99 respectively

EVEN MORE SIDESHOW - Check out this list for more cool new items:

--1/4 DOG ALIEN MAQUETTE: Huge & Spendy - $829.99

--TERMINATOR 1/2 ENDOSKELETON ARM: A shrunken version of the 1:1 arm from
a few years ago, this one carries only 1/4 the price!



--SPIDER-MAN 3: Busts, Statues, Medicom RAH & VCD figures

--FRANKENSTEIN 1:1 BUST - Classic Universal Monsters - $484.99

--SPIDER-MAN SYMBIOTE 1:1 BUST - Huge 21" bust - $384.99

THE MUNSTERS - EDDIE & MARILYN STATUE SET - By Electrik Tiki - $144.99

GREEN HORNET & KATO STATUE SET - This set is around 14" tall with two
separate statues - $264.99 for the pair, made by Electric Tiki.

DISNEY STATUES: A variety of new items including the "Donald gets
Drafted" set with Donald and Sargeant Pete, and three Cinderella themed

FANTASY CUTLERY: Four inexpensive and realistic looking weapons including
a sword, dagger, 3-headed battle mace and more.

MOVIE POSTERS AND WALL SCROLLS: Do a quick search of these movies to see
new poster or scroll listings - most of the posters are high quality
limited edtion double-sided theater style posters: Shaun of the Dead,
Dawn of the Dead, Bleach, Seven, Predator, Tomb Raider, Transformers and
Spider-Man 3

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN LIGHTAN: These figures are now available domestically as
single figures for just $34.99 each!


MCFARLANE'S DRAGONS SERIES 5: This series continues to get better and
better, and the new storyline starting with Series 6 should be fantastic
as well. Sets of 5 figures are now in stock for $59.99, single Berserker
and Water Dragons are $11.99 and the huge Fire Dragon Boxed Set is just

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-35 WALKER GALLIA: A cool set of transforming mechs
from the Xabungle anime. Walker Gallia can be separated into two parts,
with its upper body transformable into Gallee-Hover, and the lower body
into Gallee-Will.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 - WAVE 3: NECA's latest round of figures
features another version of Jack Sparrow plus Norrinton, Barbossa, and
Clanker. The set of 4 is in stock for $49.99

300 PROP REPLICAS: The first round of items from NECA have just arrived,
check out all the life sized props here:

GI JOE SIGMA 6: The new Soldier wave 6 figures have just arrived and we
also have some Commando waves 6 and 7 left in stock.

REVOLTECH GIANT ROBO: Only $19.99 for this highly articulated figure from
Kaiyodo. We have a variety of other Revoltechs up for preorder also

TRANSFORMER CLASSIC MINI-CONS - WAVE 2: $23.99 will get you all 9 of the
latest Mini-con figures including Dirt Digger Team, Clear Skies Team, and
Predator Attack Team - they are also available singly.

MARVEL TITANIUM FIGURES: Hasbro's latest Magneto and Hulk Titanium
figures are now in stock for $17.49 each.

SAW HEADKNOCKER: This cool 8" figure features the Saw Puppet on its
tricycle - in stock now for just $14.99

PREMIUM FORMAT KISS: The Spaceman figure is now in stock for $229.99 -
$20 below MSRP. The rest should be arriving fairly soon so start your
collection out right with The Spaceman.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items listed above. We'll be listing a ton more
new items in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more exciting news.


Joel & The BBTS Crew now shipping Reissue Soundwave.

Transformers News: now shipping Reissue Soundwave.
Date: Thursday, February 15th 2007 3:28pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): saintsfan1983

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Views: 11,730 is now filling and shipping their orders for the Reissue Soundwave. This figure is a Toys "R" Us exclusive but our friends at BBTS were able to get some shipments to sell, the figure had originally been pushed back a few months and little information was heard from TRU about the pushback. But earlier this month TRU started to fill their orders, and Soundwave even started to show up in stores. But for those of us who placed a order with BBTS, you should be getting your Soundwave soon so start expecting a package soon! Update February 9th 2007

Transformers News: Update February 9th 2007
Date: Friday, February 9th 2007 7:45pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has provided another update for February 9th 2007. CHeck out all the new preorders and new arrivals!

Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another round of new arrivals and more cool new preorders!


STAR WARS TITANIUM: Hasbro has just announced 6 new 3" Titanium figures
including: V-Wing, ARC 170 Green Starfighter, Orange B-Wing, Clone Turbo
Tank - Snow Version, Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter and Plo Koon's Jedi
Starfighter with Ring. All these new figures are available for preorder
at $5.99 each, or also listed as a case of 12 with a few other previously
released figures for $64.99. A variety of other Titanium figures are also
in stock or available to preorder.

TRANSFORMERS MUSIC LABEL HEADPHONES: Takara will be releasing a set of
functional headphone speakers to coincide with the Soundwave digital music
player release this July. The headphones will presumably be transforming
versions of Frenzy and Rumble that somehow work a functioning speaker into
their design. We don't have any images of this item yet, but preorders
have been listed at $34.99 for the set.

TOY FAIR 2007: Keep an eye on the BBTS website in the coming days and
weeks for a wide variety of new products that are being announced at Toy
Fair! We'll do our best to carry all the cool new items and feel free to
email us with any recommendations or suggestions about new items you'd
like to see in our selection.

MEDICOM REAL ACTION HERO STAR WARS: We'll be receiving a restock of the
RAH Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and Ep III Darth Vader figures later this
month, if you missed out on these the first time here is another chance,
but stock will be limited.

TRANSFORMER KEYCHAINS: The G1 Minicar keychains released several years
ago are going back into production! Get your set of Brawn, Bumblebee,
Cliffjumper and Windcharger for just $19.99.

TRANSFORMER MOVIE TOYS: The complete selection will be available to order
and preorder on June 2nd - Hasbro's street date for the line. Items to be
listed then will include what should be one of the most complex and
expensive Hasbro Transformers since Fort Max - the Ultimate Bumblebee
Camaro Concept figure has an MSRP of $89.99 and will feature robotic
animatronix. Other figures include a full selection of Deluxe, Voyager,
and Leader class figures, the very cool Optimus Prime full sized Voice
Changer wearable Helmet, Mr. Potatohead OptiMash Prime, Transformer themed
puzzles and games, and other figures aimed at the younger crowd. We can't
wait to see all the cool new movie toys and gear.

ARRIVING SOON: E-HOBBY THS-02B BLACK CONVOY: This cool black repaint of
the ever popular THS-02 Convoy should be arriving in roughly 2 weeks!
Preorders are available for $84.99. E-Hobby releases are always fairly
limited so be sure not to miss this one. The Kiss Players Pre-Position
Cassettes are also scheduled to ship fairly soon, we expect them in early


TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM: The new 6" Die-Cast Cheetor and R.I.D. version of
Optimus Prime are now in stock for $17.99 and $16.99 repectively. The new
Fallen figure pre-soldout, but we do have a variety of other Titanium Tf's
in stock here:

MACROSS 1/5000 SDF-1 TRANSFORMING FIGURE: This awesome new fully
transformable figure from Wave has sold out in Japan and only about 10% of
our shipment is remaining. Get your Super Dimension Fortress now at
$149.99 here:

MOVIE MASTERPIECE - HOT TOYS ROCK & CLUBBER: Excellent new versions of
Stallone as Rocky and Mr T as Clubber Lang are now in stock from Hot Toys
at $149.99 each. We don't have images of the packaging online yet, but
they did a fantastic job with it - real movie photos and a high quality
wondow box with velcro closing cover.

DISNEY'S CARS: The 1:55 scale mini Cars figure cases of 18 are back in
stock for $69.99. We've also received a shipment of the Mack Truck
Playset - in stock now for $16.99

DC DIRECT - 13" DELUXE SUPERMAN RETURNS: This long sold-out item is now
back in stock after a small warehouse find. This figure is priced at
$54.99 and it comes packaged in an attractive Superman Returns logo box.

TRANSFORMERS HOT ROD REPAINTS: Thanks to a warehouse find in Japan, the
long gone Black and Clear versions of the G1 Hot Rod reissue are back in
stock for $79.99 and $89.99 respectivly.

YAMATO 1/350 MASSIVE MODEL KIT: This is the largest model kit we've ever
carried. This complex kit comes with a variety of electronics, moving
parts, sounds, and a remote to control everything. Expect an enjoyably
long build time on this 30"+ kit - in stock now for $499.99

GENERAL MILLS KUBRICKS: Get your sugar buzz fix on these 6 new Kubricks
from Medicom. Count Chocula, Boo Berry, and Frankenberry are available in
a set of 3, or also as a set of 6 with normal and glow in the dark
versions. Check out the kings of Saturday morning commercials here:

SIDESHOW'S 12" T2 TERMINATOR FIGURES: Both the T-800 and T-1000 have just
arrived from Sideshow. These nicely detailed figures come equipped in
their main outfits from the movie, the T-1000 even has a few silver
gun-blast splatters that can be added or removed as desired. Both figures
are priced at $46.99 each.

GI JOE SIGMA 6: We've received more Wave 6 sets and the new Wave 7 sets
have also just arrived. Check out the full selection of Sigma 6 here:

KABUKI AUTOGRAPHED SCARAB FIGURE: David Mack himself has signed the card
backer (behind the bubble) of this limited edition batch of Scarab
figures. We have them in stock now at $21.99

DEATH STAR BRIEFING ROOM: This Previews Exclusive is nearly sold out from
Diamond Comics, so we've stocked up and they are now back in stock for
$35.99. A great looking piece with a huge table built into the foreground
of the packaging.

ALEX ROSS JUSTICE LEAGUE WAVE 5: This set includes 6 total figures with
the addition of the Translucent Martian Manhunter figure. We are nearly
sold out, but have a bunch more arriving very soon so backorders won't
take long to fill. Get your set now $18 under MSRP at $71.99

STARGATE SERIES 2: Full sets of 4 figures are now back in stock at $59.99
- the set includes Thor, Samantha Carter, Tealc, and the one-per-case
Black Ops Tealc. Single figures and unpainted variants are also in stock

STAR TREK DATA & LAFORGE WAVE: A portion of our shipment has just arrived
and the rest will be here soon. Laforge is currently in stock and short
term preorders are open for Data, the Barclay variant, and the Lore

KAMEN RIDER ART WORKS MONSTERS: The new Caucasus Pietru Undead and
Tarantula Undead figures are now in stock for $39.99 each.

VIFAM: The new Round Vernian Neofam figure from CMS Corp in Japan has
just arrived. This cool mecha is priced at $59.99

RAMBO LEGENDARY SCALE BUST: This 1/3rd Scale bust is very nicely sculpted
and executed by Sideshow, doing a nice job of capturing Sly in another of
his iconic roles. This bust is priced at $169.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new arrivals and new preorders listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew Update: 25% off sale and much more!

Transformers News: Update: 25% off sale and much more!
Date: Friday, February 2nd 2007 7:37pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has provided another huge update, but this time they are having a 25% off sale from now to 2:00PM (central time) on Monday. So check out all of the sweet preorders and new arrivals.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
great new sale we are running and a few preorders and new arrivals.

25% OFF SUPER-SALE: Our warehouse is getting quite full and we were
hoping you could help us out... From now until 2:00 PM Central on Monday
February 5th, Save 25% on everything except 'new' and 'preorder /
backorder' items! Thousands of items including vintage department
listings are included. We've removed the 'new' tag from a few dozen more
items as well so be sure to take a look around for a big discount off our
already reasonable pricing.


STAR WARS GALACTIC HEROES: Four very nice new 2-packs have just been
announced including: Leia Boushh & Han Solo, Jedi Luke & Unmasked Vader,
Royal Guard & Imperial Gunner, Ponda Boba & Snaggletooth. These are all
available to preorder at $7.99 each, or you can get two of each set plus
four other previously released sets in our new 2007 Wave 3 case listing
for just $69.99 (Only $5.83 per 2-pack!)

MARVEL TITANIUM ACTION FIGURES: Hasbro has announced 6 new 3.75" figures
including the very nice Silver Surfer & Thing, and four others we don't
have images for yet - Doctor Doom, Sandman, Venom, Spider-Man. These are
all priced at $17.49 each.

MARVEL MICRO 3" TITANIUM FIGURES: Smaller figures with smaller price
points have just been announced. The first 7 Marvel Titanium figures are
each priced at $5.99 and include: Doctor Doom, Johnny Storm, Ghost Rider,
Ghost Rider on Cycle, Grace Cycle, Johnny Blaze Stunt Bike, and Thing.


13" DELUXE FLASH: DC's latest release in the very cool 13" series is
priced at just $52.99. His red body suit is form fitting and he's
packaged in a nice velcro-closing window box with front cover.

SIDESHOW'S 12" LEGOLAS: Sideshow has done an amazing job with the
packaging of the 12" LotR figures, not to mention the figures. We have a
limited number of Legolas in stock for $52.99

DARTH MAUL'S SITH PROBE DROID SET: Only $24.99 for this set of 3 Probe
Droids that will fit not only Darth Maul, but many other 12" figures.
This set comes with a desert sand display stand and three wire supports to
keep your probes under control

STARGATE SG1 WAVE 2: Another shipment has just arrived so we now have
full sets of 4 as well as single figures and unpainted variants in stock.

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW - 3D POSTER: McFarlane's latest 3D poster is
now in stock for $19.99. The iconic red lips stand out on this excellent
movie poster reproduction.

PREMIUM FORMAT 1/4 HULK: This is one of the largest items we've ever seen
from Sideshow, weighing in at over 50 pounds this truly is a hulking
piece. We have just a few left, Sideshow has sold out, and they produced
only 1000 pieces.

STAR WARS EXCLUSIVES: We've just received a small restock of the
Astromech Droids, Bounty Hunters Giftset, and Republic Gunship exclusives.
More of the Death Star Briefing Room sets will also be arriving within a
week and we have the Republic Commando Set in stock for $29.99

MORE NEW ARRIVALS - Do a quick search to see these other new arrivals:
Emotes pvc figures, Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts wave 2, Psylocke Bust
and Psylocke Statue, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2007 figures, Bumblebee
Palisades Mini Statue, Iron Maiden Live after Death action figure.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take
advantage of the 25% off sale - there are a ton of great deals to be had
and it will be great to free up some space in the warehouse.


Joel & The BBTS Crew update January 30th 2007

Transformers News: update January 30th 2007
Date: Wednesday, January 31st 2007 9:18am CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel @

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Views: 32,831

Joel of has provided another update.

Hi - Here is another big update from about a
big batch of new arrivals and more than 100 new preorder listings from a
wide variety of product lines.


STAR WARS SAGA WAVE 9: We have sets of 6 in stock as well as single
figures available for most of wave 9 and also many of the popular wave 8
figures including a variety of troop builder type figures.

pieces of this 1/4 scale high end statue. It features Yoda being carried
comfortably in Luke's backpack in the swamps of Dagobah.

STAR WARS 30TH VEHICLES: The first wave of 30th Anniversary vehicles have
just arrived, we have limited stock remaining of the White TIE fighter,
Saesee Tiin's Starfighter, and the Hailfire Droid.

TRANSFORMER CYBERTRON VOYAGER: We've just restocked the very popular
Quickmix and Soundwave figures along with more Galaxy Force Vector Prime
and Dark Crumplezone figures.

STARGATE SG-1 SERIES 2: Single figures of Thor, Samantha Carter, and
Teal'c are now in stock for $11.99. More sets will be arriving soon and
we also have the unpainted variante figures in stock for $14.99

CHOGOKIN VOLTES V DOCKING BAY: Give your favorite Chogokin a nice new
docking bay so he can be displayed properly - in stock now for $159.99

BRAVE SERIES GAIGO: The Transforming Brave Gokin Gaigo figure is now in
stock for $129.99. This figure is made by CMS Corp in Japan

GI JOE SIGMA 6: Commando Wave 6 sets and singles are back in stock, we
also have a wide variety of recent 2.5" releases in stock.

STAR WARS SALACIOUS CRUMB CREATUR PACK: An excellent set of figures just
in from Sideshow, this set is priced at only $32.99 and will look great
next to the upcoming Jabba figure from Sideshow.

NBX - LOCK SHOCK & BARREL: This set features the three characters
mentioned, bathtub, and a variety of accessories for $34.99

MARVEL MICRO HEROES: Miniature sized figures with oversized heads, this
new line of figures has just arrived and boxes of 15 are in stock for

STAR WARS YODA VCD DOLL: A very realistic looking VCD doll from Medicom,
Yoda is priced at $57.99 and stands roughly 7" tall with a high level of

ANGEL - LORNE EXCLUSIVE: Lorne The Host with his yellow suit, green skin
and red devil horns is now in stock for $43.99 - Previously a Sideshow
Only Exclusive

GI JOE SWORDS: The Swords of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are back in
stock at $174.99 - $20 under MSRP. The manufacturer is running low on
these so don't miss out.

JAWS 3D MOVIE POSTER: Jaws items never last too long so we were lucky to
get a restock of this very cool 3D movie poster from McFarlane - in stock
for $19.99

ARRIVING SOON: These items should all be here in 10 days or less

MACROSS 1/5000 SUPER DIMENSIONAL FORTRESS: An awesome fully transformable
figure imported from Japan and made by Wave

BANDAI'S 1/350 SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: This huge and complex model kit
will measure around 30" long when complete and it has a ton of electronics
and moving parts - We don't have too many left so reserve yours now at

TRANSFORMERS 6" TITANIUM: The new Cheetor and The Fallen 6" figures are
in transit and should be here in about a week!


HASBRO'S MARVEL ICONS WAVE 2: Doctor Doom and the Punisher 12" Icons have
just been listed at $44.99 for the set or $23.99 individually. Hasbro has
done a nice job with this series, can't wait to see who is next

MARVEL MAGAZINE & LEAD MINI FIGURE: We had quite a few of these figure
and magazine sets listed previously, but we've just discovered the master
list and now have nearly 60 total listings including the character sets
#01 through #55 and new Special Edition sets for Colossus and Juggernaut.
The magazines appear to have a nice amount of content and the figures look
very good - especailly for the combined price point of $11.99

ROADBOTS SUMMER RELEASES: Happywell will be introducing three more 1:32
scale Roadbots including an H3 Hummer, Orange Lamborghini Murcielago, and
Toyota Supra. These are priced at only $9.99 each and we currently have
all the Roadbots released so far in stock from $9.99 to $34.99

NECA'S PEE-WEE HERMAN: Get the whole Playhouse gang for just $44.99, this
new series contains Pee-Wee, Ms. Yvonne, Cowboy Curtis, and two other
figure packs featuring more of Pee-Wee's friends.

STAR WARS REAL ACTION DOLL DARTH VADER: This 10" figure is made by Tomy
Japan and features a variety of die-cast parts. We have only preliminary
images, but it looks to be a cool high-end figure priced at $134.99

STAR TREK - WRATH OF KHAN ENTERPRISE: Diamond Select will be releasing
another version of the Enterprise to go along with their Wrath of Khan
license. Preorder now $5 under MSRP at $39.99

FULL METAL ALCHEMIST: The Real Action Hero versions of Alphonse and
Edward Elric will be arriving in around a week! These are priced at
$114.99 and $104.99 respectively.

STIKFAS, MBEARS, CUBOYDS: A big batch of new items from Stikfas including
the Stikers Band featuring repainted Alpha Male Rock Star and Beta Female
Pop Star figures. They also will be selling preassembled Stikfas in case
you'd like to build an army without all the work. New Mbear and Cuboyd
listings are now available for $4.99 and $3.99 respectively. Check out
all the Stikfas and other items here:

TOYNAMI'S BLEACH 7" FIGURES: From the hit Adult Swim show, Toynami brings
us Ichigo Kurosaki & Rukiya Kuchiki - coming in May for $23.99

DARTH VADER EPISODE IV FX LIGHTSABER: Master Replicas is releasing the
Vader FX Saber under an Episode IV - preorders are available for $109.99

ROCKY MINIMATES BOX SET: Diamond brings us 4 cool minimates including
Rocky, Adrian, Mickey, and Rocky in workout gear with a minimates side of
beef! This set is only $13.99

MEZCO'S UNDERDOG ACTION FIGURES: Underdog will be making his way to the
big screen this summer and Mezco has just announced a new set of figures.
Grabe the 4 figure set for just $44.99 here:


--PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: The third wave of Dead Man's Chest is now up
for preorder at $49.99 - check out all the POTC items here:

--MUHAMMAD ALI 7" FIGURES: Two different versions of the great one are
available for $13.99 each or $24.99 for the set. Speaking of boxers, I
saw George Foreman at the Sbarro's Pizza place in the Charlotte, NC
airport last month - true story!

--INSANE CLOWN POSSE: New 10" figures of Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J have
been listed at $36.99

--SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - 18" HANNIBAL LECTER: This oversized talking
figure will feature a variety of phrases from the movie - $39.99 each.

--7" FREDDY MERCURY: Get your own Freddy for just $13.99

STAR WARS DEFORMED MINI FIGURES: Another release from Tomy, these
minifigures come blind-box packaged - a display box of 12 is up for
preorder at $64.99. The figures are nicely done with Japanese style.

BLUE BOX 1/18 SCALE VEHICLES: A few new versions of existing molds have
just been announced including the "Daisy June' Corsair and Little Bird
Night Stalker Helicopter at $54.99 and $29.99 respectively.

STAR WARS ATTACKTIX LUKE & WAMPA: This new Battle Masters set is now up
for preorder at just $11.99 each.

SOUTH PARK - DELUXE TALKING TOWELIE: Complete with bloodshot eyes and 12
different phrases from the show, Towelie is up for preorder $4 under MSRP
at $19.99

KINNIKUMAN PVC FIGURES: These cool new imports from Romando are nicely
detailed and priced from $54.99 to $64.99 for Wars Man, Ramen Man, and

GUITAR HEROES STATUES: New listings include Malcolm Young, George Lynch,
Zakk Wylde, and a Marshall Amp Statue, others include Hendrix, Dimebag &

STAR TREK 40TH - LANDING PARTY MCCOY: This piece accompanies the Landing
Party Kirk statue recently announced. Both are priced at $109.99 and
capture the two characters in their youth.

MARVEL STATUES AND BUSTS: Over a dozen new releases including these from
Bowen: Apocalypse Statue, Classic Thor Statue, Captain Britain Bust,
Ka-Zur & Zabu Bust, Daredevil Original & Classic Busts, Classic Spider-Man
Bust, Spider-Man Black Symbiote Bust. From Diamond Select we have Civil
War Iron Man Bust, Icons Magneto Bust, Avengers Captain America Statue,
and the awesome new Milestones Ultimate Iron Man Statue:

ROBOCOP 3D POSTER: McFarlane has just released images of this movie
poster and it looks great! Only $19.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new arrivals and new preorders.


Joel & The BBTS Crew Update January 25th 2007

Transformers News: Update January 25th 2007
Date: Thursday, January 25th 2007 3:51pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has provided another large update!

Hi - Here is a big update from about a slew
of exciting new preorders and some great new arrivals!


TAKARA MUSIC LABEL TRANSFORMERS: Takara has gone to a new level of
creativity with their new 'Music Label' and 'Sports Label' brand
Transformers, and its great to see a new spark of innovation for the
spring product lineup. Lets start with the Music Label items - The
Convoy iPod Docking Bay is the same size as a G1 convoy and it features an
all white color scheme in honor of the original iPod. Convoy himself
features a new head mold, and is pretty normal other than the white paint,
where it gets interesting is the trailer. The trailer transforms into a
fully functional iPod docking bay with speakers and an AC power cord so
the energon doesn't run low. This item is fully licensed by Apple and
preorders have been listed at $144.99. Staying with the music theme, the
next product bumps Soundwave's technology forward a few decades by
integrating a fully functional MP3 Player into Soundwave's Chest. On top
of this great feature, Soundwave gets an all new mold! In cassette player
mode his edges look rounded and it appears to be smaller than the G1
version so it can be a functional sized MP3 player. The MP3 player is
powered by a mini-SD memory card and batteries, neither of which are
included. Takara is releasing both a traditional blue version, and a
white version in honor of the iPod. The set of two figures is available
for $174.99, single white players are $79.99. Check out all the Music
Label items here:

TAKARA SPORTS LABEL TRANSFORMERS: Transform Your Shoes! Takara and Nike
have teamed up to bring us 1/2 scale transforming tennis shoes, yes tennis
shoes, and they look darn good! Convoy & Megatron are each available
individually for $29.99 or $58.99 for the set. In robot mode they each
are actually wearing the same pair of Nike shoes that they represent in
shoe mode. Words won't do these figures justice so head on over to the
site to get a look at them:

MARVEL LEGENDS WAVE 2: Hasbro rolls out 8 new figures for their second
release of long lived Marvel Legends. This set includes the
Build-A-Figure parts needed to form The Blob as well as these 8 great
characters: Yellow Jacket, She Hulk, Thor, Ultimate Wolverine,
Quicksilver, X3 Juggernaut, Jean Grey, and Xorn. The set is priced at
$89.99 and will be arriving in April.

STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE WAVE 2: The next set of 2-packs with comics
includes one each of: Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise & R2-D2,
Quinlan Vos & Vilmarh Grahrk, Obi-Wan Kenobi & ARC Trooper. These come
in a case with a few older figures, but we'll sell those separately so you
can pick up only the three new sets you need for $39.99.

JAPANESE BEAST WARS 10TH ANNIVERSARY: Takara will be reissuing a variety
of popular characters from their Beast Wars lineup this spring! We
previously reported these would be all-new figures, but despite
triple-checking this with our suppliers it turns out they are reissues
instead of new figures. The good news is that you can now get some of
the long gone and hard to find characters for just $27.99. Each will also
include a bonus DVD and come in all-new packaging. Figures available are
Optimus Primal & Megatron (Originally from Robotmasters), and JBW
Tigatron, Cheetor, Blackarachnia, Archadis, Corhada, Rhinox, Wolfang,
Dinobot, Waspinator and more!

MASTERPIECE MEGATRON MP-05 IMAGES: Color images of the new MP-05 have
just been revealed and Megatron looks completely fantastic! The color
scheme stays completely true to the G1 toys and how Megatron should look.
The figure has tons of detail and great engineering - can't wait to see it
in person.

FUTURAMA SERIES 1: With Futurama returning in 2008 with all new episodes,
its about time for some figures. Toynami has just unveiled the new Fry
and Zoidberg figures and they look great. The set of two is available for
$23.99 and they arrive in May!

TRANSFORMERS GRIMLOCK BUST: Diamond Select is producing just 1000 pieces
of a very well done G1 Grimlock bust. We have it listed $10 under MSRP at

NEW REVOLTECH: The new Dangaioh & Patlabor: Zerosiki Revoltech figures
have just been listed at $19.99 each. Great articulation, extra fists,
and cool weapons - check them out here:

MAZINKAISER & SHIN GETTER 8" FIGURES: Great looking new figures from a
company called Zacca P.A.P. has just been listed for the Mazinkaiser and
Shin Getter 1. They are priced at $84.99 and $79.99 respectively.

ARMORED CORE MODEL KITS: Another new kit and the weapon sets #10 - #12
have just been listed. The kit itself is a great value at $26.99, it
looks fairly complex.

ANIME GIRLS: The highlight of this round of figures is Bome Volume 20 -
Otaku No Video - Misty May figure for $27.99. We've also just listed
preorders for Da Capo - Otome Asakura, Utawarerumono Eruruu and Aruruu, My
Hime - Mai Tokiha, My Otome - Arika Yumemiya, Tales of the Abyss Tear
Grants & Natalia LK Lanvaldear. Do a quick search on the site for any of
the items above to bring them up.

XTREME BEACH VOLLEYBALL: The second beach bound beauty from Koto is a
very attractive Kasumi sculpture from Dead or Alive. Preorder price is
$37.99 and its definitely worth viewing:

STAR WARS BUBO CREATURE PACK: Another new set of critters from Sideshow,
this set featurs Buboicullaar, Spiny Rock Wart, and Womp Rat - all for
just $38.99

DC DIRECT - STARDUST: A variety of busts and a statue featuring Star,
Lord Primus, Tristan, and The Witch have just been listed.

GUITAR HEROES: 9" Statues of Angus Young, Dimebag Darell, and Jimi
Hendrix will be arriving soon. These statues are priced at $124.99 each
and look great, more will be added soon!


TRANSFORMING ROADBOTS & CYBERBOT: Our container of Roadbots just rolled
in today and we now have stock available for ALL Roadbots as well as the
Macross style Variable Cyberbot. The Roadbots are all very well
constructed with fairly complex transformations, cool licensed vehicle
modes and great price points. We are in the process of checking them in
so they will still be listed as preorders for a few hours, but they have
arrived and will ship normally soon. Check them all out here:

REVOLTECH OPTIMUS PRIME & ULTRA MAGNUS: These exciting new figures have
just arrived and are priced at $24.99 each. Ultra Magnus is basically
sold out in Japan and our stock is fairly limited so don't miss out on
that one. Optimus comes with The Matrix, his blaster, and some extra
fists. Both figures have tons of articulation and nice styling. Megatron
is up next and we can't wait to see who they make after that.

MARVEL LEGENDS 12" ICONS: 12" Thor comes with Mjolnir and features 30
points of articulation. In stock now for $21.99

NECA'S PLAYER SELECT: A great looking new line that features Lara Croft,
Agent 47 from Hitman, and Kain. Sets of 3 are available for $36.99 and
single figures are also in stock.

SERENITY ORNAMENT: This wildly popular item is finally back in stock for
$18.99. Don't forget to preorder the limited edition Serenity in Disguise
Ornament as well.

TRANSFORMER CLASSIC LEGENDS: The second wave of Legends has just arrive
and we have some left in stock for $17.99. This set includes Bumblebee,
Jetfire, Whirl, and Menasor.

CTHULHU PLUSH 12": Another new arrival from Toy Vault - the 12" Plush is
in stock now for $18.99 and a variety of others are also here.

ROBOCOP MODEL KITS: We've restocked the cool little Robocop mini model
kits including ED-209 and more - $8.99 each.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the cool new items mentioned above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Classics Devastator Preorder up on

Transformers News: Classics Devastator Preorder up on
Date: Tuesday, January 23rd 2007 5:01am CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Optimus_Dex

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Views: 10,479 has a listing for Classics Devastator. As it has been reported on before, Classics Devastator is going to be a Wal-Mart exclusive. is helping out those who do not have Wal-Marts in their area or country by offering it for $59.99. So if you don't have a Wal-Mart in your area this is a good opportunity to pick up this great set!

You can preorder Classic Devastator from here.

New MP3 Players featuring G1 Soundwave and Convoy

Transformers News: New MP3 Players featuring G1 Soundwave and Convoy
Date: Monday, January 22nd 2007 4:14pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News, Digital Media News, Store News
Posted by: Bed Bugs | Credit(s):

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Views: 42,837 has some new interesting listings on their website. Apparently, there are going to be several MP3 related devices that will soon be released featuring G1 Convoy (Optimus Prime) and G1 Soundwave! The best part of all: they're transformable!


Convoy iPod Docking Bay with Speakers

Two iconic products have merged to create the new Convoy iPod Docking Bay! Convoy is presented in an entirely white iPod color scheme and fully functional iPod Docking Bay with Speakers. This product is fully licensed by Apple. The trailer holds two speakers and all standard size iPods will mount in the center of the trailer to play your favorite tunes (iPod not included of course). Please note that the iPod Shuffle will not work with this product. An AC adapter cord is also included. Convoy himself will be the same size as the G1 mold and a brand new Convoy head mold has been used.

Product Number: TAK10694
Shipping Weight: 4.20 pounds

Convoy iPod Docking Bay with Speakers


Soundwave MP3 Player - White & Blue

An inventive combination of exciting products, the new Soundwave MP3 player features an all new character mold and fully functional integrated digital music player! Soundwave is available in two colors, the traditional blue color scheme and also an all white color scheme in honor of the iPod. Soundwave's cassette door opens to reveal a Mini SD card reader (Mini SD card is not included). Batteries are requierd, but not included, we are currently not sure what size batteries are required. More information about this cool new MP3 player will be posted as we receive it. Takara requires us to buy equal amounts of each color, so be sure to grab your favorite or save $15 and get both together. The MP3 player will function in both cassette mode and robot mode. We expect this figure to be slightly smaller than the G1 Soundwave so it can fit comfortably in your pocket.

Product Number: TAK10697
Shipping Weight: 2.80 pounds

Soundwave MP3 Player - White & Blue Update: Revoltech Megatron Pic and more!

Transformers News: Update: Revoltech Megatron Pic and more!
Date: Thursday, January 18th 2007 10:58pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has another huge update for us. One of the highlights is the preorder for Revoltech Megatron which has a prototype image.

Hi - Here is another big update from about a
bunch of new arrivals and more excellent new preorders!


MORE JAPANESE BEAST WARS 2007: We've just received word from Japan that
after the limited edition 'early release' set, Takara will be releasing
all the figures plus some additional ones as single figure releases.
Preorders for all 8 figures have been listed at $27.99 each and we've also
listed Rhinox, Drancron, and Howlinger. We should have images of most
figures early next week.


--JABBA'S THRONE ROOM BAND - This awesome new statue features Max Rebo, Sy
Snoodles, and Droopy McCool. We have it listed at $30 below MSRP!

--JABBA THE HUTT STATUE - This is going to be a large and heavy piece with

a $295 MSRP. Jabba sits on his throne with a tiny Jawa fanning him. We
have this one listed nearly $50 under MSRP at $249.99

--ANIMATED YODA ON KYBUCK - The extremely popular animated series
continues with this fun new statue featuring Yoda perched on his trusty
Kybuck steed. Preorder now at $79.99 - MSRP is $89.99

--LORD OF THE RINGS - ELROND & SARUMAN: The fifth and sixth busts in
their new series look great - preorders are listed at $44.99 each.

--HARRY POTTER BUST-UPS: A great looking new set of 5 bust-ups for $26.99

4 Clone Trooper bust-ups as well as Saesee for just $22.99

TRANSFORMERS - REVOLTECH MEGATRON: Megatron will get the Revoltech
treatment this April! Preorders are available at $24.99, we can't wait to
see what figure they make next. Optimus and Ultra Magnus Revoltech
figures are in transit and will be here next week!

STAR WARS SAGA LEGENDS WAVE 1: Hasbro is bringing back a variety of
popular molds from past Saga and Episode III waves and is offering them in
all new Saga Legends packaging. We are offering the wave 1 set of 10
figures at $74.99, and wave 1 cases of 12 at $89.99. Figures include:
Vader, Maul, Grievous, C-3PO, Yoda, Battle Droids, Shock Trooper, Ep2
Clone Trooper, Ep3 Clone Trooper, and R2-D2

ROBOCOP BATTLE DAMAGED ED-209: This awesome figure is now being
distributed domestically, we have preorders open at just $189.99 for this
huge figure. Check it out here:

STARGATE SG-1 - 10TH ANNIVERSARY WATCH: Master Replicas has put together
a nifty functioning watch replica. This watch is limited to 1000 pieces
and a Stargate themed bezel twists to reveal the watch’s crystal and
Stargate logo inside. Preorders available at $279.99

LUKE SKYWALKER BLASTER LE REPLICA: Master Replicas is producing only 1500
pieces of this high-end die-cast and machined metal blaster. We have it
listed $40 below MSRP at $459.99

MARVEL STATUES AND BUSTS: Another batch of new listings including New
Avengers Iron Man, Marvel Milestones Frank Miller Wolverine, Doc Ock, Ms
Marvel Bust, X-Men 3 Professor X Bust, Marvel Origins Captain America, and
Marvel Icons Daredevil Bust.

priced replica from Master Replicas. Only $9.99 for heart-shaped crab

STIKFAS EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM: We don't have an image yet, but this
mega sized kit will contain redeco versions of the Stikfas Nurse,
Firefighter, and Police with K9 unit.


HASBRO MARVEL LEGENDS WAVE 1: Hasbro's first round of Legends figures has
just arrived and sets of 6 are now in stock for $64.99. The set of 6
figures also includes all the parts needed to build Annihilus.

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM: Rodimus Prime and Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime
are now in stock for $19.99 and $16.99 respectively - we have limited
stock remaining on both figures.

GI JOE SIGMA 6: The new Commando Wave 6 set of 4 has just arrived and a
variety of 2.5" Sigma figures including vehicles and mission sets have
also arrived.

TRANSFORMER CLASSICS: Cliffjumper is now in stock for $12.99, Rodimus has
been restocked and Mirage is now priced at $9.99. Grimlock, Ramjet, and
Waves 2 & 3 sets were pre-sold-out but preorders are still available for
our next shipment of those.

STAR WARS DEATH STAR BRIEFING ROOM: A new exclusive from Diamond Comics,
this set features Lord Vader addressing all his underlings in the Death
Star. The set includes 7 total figures and the box is set up with a huge
table and chairs in the foreground. In stock now for $36.99

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA: DC Direct's latest figure set is now in stock
for $59.99. This one features Hourman, Mr. Terrific, Dr Mid-Nite, Golden
Age Atom 2-pack and Hawkgirl.

MP-03 MASTERPIECE STARSCREAM: A small shipment of MP-03 has just arrived,
we are nearing the end of our supply - $109.99 each for this beauty.

UNICRON.COM GOLDEN DISKS: Back in stock for $15.99 - a great add-on to
your Transmetal Megatron figure.

GX-13 DANCOUGA - S.O.C. - Back in stock for just $159.99 - the GX-13 is
one of the larger and more complex Chogokin figures out there.

SPECIAL OPS TROOPER HELMET: We've located a few pieces of this exclusive
limited edition Master Replicas Helmet - in stock now for $499.99

KURT COBAIN: The 'Unplugged' version of Kurt Cobain is now in stock for
$13.99 and we also have a variety of other Cobain collectibles in stock.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the great new preorders listed above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

New products in stock at!!!

Transformers News: New products in stock at!!!
Date: Thursday, January 18th 2007 6:17pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron

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I received the following email from our friends at about 1.5 hours ago. They just received the latest Transformers Titanium figures, Starscream and RID Optimus Prime, as well as the latest Transformers Classics (Ramject and Cliffjumper).

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Jan 18, 2007 4:47 PM
Subject: BigBadToyStore Order - preordered products now available


Thank you for ordering from!

Your preorder item(s) have arrived and we have processed your order. To view the status of your order please log-in to your BBTS Account.

Your order summary is listed below:

HAS12972 Starscream - Die-Cast 6" Figure 1 $16.99

HAS12971 Optimus Prime - R.I.D. Version - Die-Cast 6" Figure 1 $16.99

HAS12959 Classics: Cliffjumper 1 $12.99

HAS12960 Classics: Ramjet 1 $14.99


I also noticed that Titanium Rodimus Prime is finally in stock as well:

HAS12855 Rodimus Prime - Die-Cast 6" Figure 1 $16.99

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