Could This Be What Really Happened Between Dreamwave, Mick and Patyk?

Transformers News: Could This Be What Really Happened Between Dreamwave, Mick and Patyk?

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004 6:20AM CST

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This morning, recieved some information from a completely anonymous source, relating to the current situation between Dreamwave, James 'Brad Mick' McDonough and Adam Patyk.

Because this information came to us completely anonymously, we are obviously unable to verify it, hence it's addition to the Rumours section. That's not to say that what you are about to read is untrue - we just don't know one way or the other. Anyway, without further delay, here's what we received:

There have be several postings on this and other transformers sites about the reasons for the departure of James McDonough and Adam Patyk from the Canadian comic publisher Dreamwave.

Many of these postings have stated that Adam and James somehow tried to demand more money for their services from Dreamwave. This is not quite the whole story. Dreamwave management (read the Lee's), wanted adam and james to write their "side stories" (Micromasters, GI Joe/TF etc.) for free, stating that their current contracts (if you can call them that) stated that they were to write TF Gen 1 and also other “associated promotional material” all as part of the one pay package.

This agreement was originally meant to mean MTME profile entries and the occasional bio for Hasbro. To claim that a writer should have to write a whole new comic series as “associated promotional material” is crazy, and wholly wrong.

The Micromaster mini series alone represented over a hundred man hours of labor on the part of adam and james. Dreamwave honestly believe that this should have been provided free and gratis by the boys – to show that they are “team players”.

Those are the facts. Your readers can decide whether they think that adam and james’ demands for more money under those circumstances are unjustified.

Also various official and unofficial Dreamwave statements have given the impression that everyone associated with the organisation is somehow against adam and james, or harbors ill will to them. This is not the case. Adam and James remain two well respected figures within the industry and many at dreamwave wish them every success in the future.
Credit(s): Anonymous
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