Pre Movie CGI cartoon?

Transformers News: Pre Movie CGI cartoon?

Saturday, November 27th, 2004 6:25AM CST

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I have received an e-mail detailing the creation of a Pre Movie CGI cartoon. It was submitted through our own "Submit News" section and sender has no information as to where this knowledge came from. As such, I am treating it as a rumour until I can see about more concrete info.

Email is as following:

"Remember the CGI TF movie from Paramount Home Video that Don Murphy mentioned a few weeks ago? Following the trend of the Animatrix, last summer saw the Riddick & Van Helsing movies get an animated movie tie-in for DVD release during the theatrical run of the live action movie.

That's what the TF movie will be.

It will reportly be a prequel to the movie, telling the story of the
Great War's beginnings back on Cybertron. And it will feature quite a few more characters than will appear in the live action movie, as well as adding backstory for characters that will appear on the movie tie-in TV SERIES that will follow the feature film in 2006.

They are committed to sign all of the main movie's voice actors to this project as well. They will not comment on the main movie's actors yet, but rumors have leaked said Paramount is trying to load up the non-main movie roles with former actors from the original cartoon, reprising their 80s roles in most cases. One glaring exception so far...

Tony Todd's name has come up for the role of Grimlock.

The CGI company that handled GI Joe: Valor vs Venom will produce the picture."

More info as I can find it.
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