Metrodome Update on Transformers: Reconstructed and Headmasters DVD release!

Transformers News: Metrodome Update on Transformers: Reconstructed and Headmasters DVD release!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005 6:11PM CDT

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The news room of has been in contact with Metrodome, the UK based company that will release both the 1986 Transformers: The Movie as well as the Japanese HeadMasters Transformers series in Europe. We are able to give you an update on both these titles. The following are quotes from our contact with Metrodome.

"'Transformers The Movie - Reconstructed' will be released on 29th August 2005. We're going back to the original picture negative and doing a brand new telecine. It will be 16:9 Widesceen Anamorphic, but will have curtains as the viewable image is 1.33:1 and 1.78:1 and it changes scene by scene. We wanted to give the fans the maximum possible Transformer image. Everything the laminators drew will be visible and this will be the first time anyone, anywhere would have seen the whole movie in its original form. It should be quite something".

"There is no convenient way to refer to this non-standard format of film transfer. However the process we applied can be described thus:

35mm film has a native aspect ratio of 1.33:1.

This particular 35mm negative had been shot by several different animators using various size gates, therefore the framing is inconsistent.

In order to respect the full film frame and place it within the wide screen video format of 16:9, the telecine was set-up to create an anamorphic transfer which results in a side curtained 1.33 image within a 1.78 ratio.

Due to the inconsistent framing within the negative the image size changes from shot to shot.

The resulting master preserves the entire field of potential viewable negative."

"'Transformers Takara Headmasters' will be released in a 4 disc box set on 26th September. This will have brand new English subtitles and the original English dub so you can watch it in whatever way you want."

Metrodome has also informed us that both Takara Headmasters and Transformers: The Movie - Reconstructed will be Region 0 releases. This means there are NO region codes on them and you will be able to play them on any DVD-player!
Credit(s): Metrodome Group
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