Some speculation on the 'clear reissues'

Transformers News: Some speculation on the 'clear reissues'

Wednesday, December 18th, 2002 4:28PM CST

Category: Rumors
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In October we were all shocked to see an Ebay auction for an all clear Optimus Prime figure. Speculation ran wild. Was it a Lucky Draw figure? Was it a prototype? A test shot? We just didn´t know. As the weeks went on, we learned that there were at least THREE of these ´clear Optimus Prime´ figures. Not long after, pictures were put up on showing a ´clear smokey Starscream´ figure and what looked like an ´all chromed Starscream´ figure. Rumors that these were being made ´after hours´ at either Hasbro or Takara by workers seeking a quick buck began to gain momentum. Merely a few weeks ago, an all clear ´New Years Convoy´ appeared for sale from a private dealer. This included the New Years version of the rifle, an all clear Matrix of Leadership, and a trailer with clear parts within.

This brings us to December 18th. Today pictures were found of a clear Jazz and a clear Prowl.

What do all these figures have in common? They´re all fairly recent japanese reissues. They all include the japanese sticker sheets as well.

All signs point to these being made in Takara´s factory by an employee or employees seeking to rip off the fandom.

If the opportunity to purchase one of these figures presents itself, be warned. They´re most likely NOT official products and for all intents and purposes you´re paying a huge sum of money for a knock-off.

As always, there will be an update as soon as more information is made available.
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