Reports from Transformerscon including more Movie bits

Sunday, April 30th, 2006 9:10AM CDT

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Reports from this weekends Canadian convention of Transformerscon are starting to flow in. Kary and Fussion of the Energon Pub had the following to report in this thread.

"Just got back from the Convention here in Toronto... quite fun and well organized.

Just a few things that i remember from the Don Murphy panel.

Q: Is the whole Brawl, Devastator, Bonecrusher thing acurate?
A: Nothing is set in stone. They're still far off from the final script.

Q: What's happening with Soundwave in the movie?
A: Soundwave is still in the script but he might be put off until the next movie since currently having him as a CD and not mass-shifting could make it seem really strange for a lot of people.

Q: Any info on the soundtrack to the movie?
A: That will be probably done in the final cut of the nothing until then.

Q: Will Soundwave's voice be synthisized in the movie?
A: Yes."

The Michael McConnohie [G1 / RiD voice actor and RiD voice director] panel was terrific, several fans asked Michael on some
movie rumours.

One fan asked should Cullen and Welker reprise their roles as Megatron and
Optimus Prime?

Michael: "Absolutely, these voices are the heart of the character"

Later representative from Don came and asked Micheal:

Representative: "Should Optimus Prime have a "long front or flat front style
like the G1?"

(A loud "awe" sound came from the crowd in disappointment just on the question)

Michael: "Why change things....for the sake of change? Taco Bell had the little
dog as their marketing tool and sales soared, a new marketing manager came in
and got rid of the dog for the sake of change and since then sales dropped. I
my personal opinion NO don't change it just to have their fingerprint on Prime
leave it alone".

(The crowd came back with a loud around of applause)

Representative: "Should Bumblebee be a Volkswagon Bug or a Camaro?"

Micheal: "Bumblebee will always be a Volkswagon that's the character ,and Dan
Gilvezan (G1 voice actor) is Bumblebee.

(The crowd came back with a loud around of applause)

Representative: "What do you think of calling the "Autobot Matrix of

Micheal: "Energon and the Matrix are totally different thinkings don't try the
change it".

(The crowd came back with a loud around of applause)

The panel ended with applause

While waiting for the next panel to begin, I was hanging around the lobby and
noticed a crowd of 6 to 7 people coming closer to the event and I noticed Don
Murphy in the middle of the crowd.

I approached him and I introduced myself...

Me: Good afternoon Mr. Murphy, I'm Dave

Don: No it's Don.

Me: I know your name is Don but I'm Dave

Don: Mr. Murphy is my father...I'm Don (as he smiled)

(He really likes being addressed by his first name and not by Mr. Murphy. He
also takes interest on what is your name. If you don't tell him right away he
will ask you repeatedly)

I got a picture with him, and it was great being the first fan to meet with him
in person.

Shortly after Don's panel began.

Here is a few highlights that were revealed:

* They have a deal with "General Motors" , most of the vehicles will be GM and
possibly another (not for sure)

* They will the classic transforming sound in the movie

* They will have in one form or another the original theme song in the movie

* Soundwave will be mentioned in the movie but may not be in the first movie,
and wait till the second (not sure as of yet) He stated "I don't want to rush
and develop Soundwave's character wrong, Soundwave is too important to get him

* No filming will be done in Toronto

* Original voice actors will be auditioned for the roles of Prime and Megs

* There will be 5 Bots and 5 Cons

* A large battle scene between Prime and Megs with "Lot's of destruction"

* About 4 separate story lines will be running in the movie

* A separate Teaser Trailer will be filmed, since filming is at it's beginning
stages (2 months of film is not enough)

* There will be no mass shifting

Don also stated that he doesn't want to create a "Godzilla" movie and watch it

Don says:

"The budget is well over $120 million"

"If Bumblebee is a Camaro he won't watch it"

"I'm a big transformer fan, that is why I started my boards two years ago for
feedback from the fans"
Credit(s): kary, fussion
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