Action-HQ Announcement: May 1st, 2006

Action-HQ Announcement: May 1st, 2006

Thursday, May 4th, 2006 12:58pm CDT

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Posted by: Seibertron   Views: 16,856 - bringing the Best to you FIRST with the new Star Wars 2006 VOTC Figures & ROTS Greatest Hits, Gundam Fix Figuration, Pre-Order Transformers Masterpiece Starscream & Classics Voyager, Saint Seiya Orpheus, Garuda, Seigfried, Pandora & Many More!

Available Now!
- Star Wars Episode 3 "Greatest Hits" Wave 1 Set of 12 Figures!
- Star Wars 2006 VOTC Set of 5!
- Star Wars Lucas Family Collector's Set 4-pack!
- Star Wars Kotobukiya Series 3 Star Wars Magnets Set of 7!
- Star Wars Kotobukiya Series 3 Star Wars Magnets Set of 8 (secret included)!
- Saint Seiya Lionet Ban!
- Saint Seiya Wolf Nachi!
- Gundam FIX #0029 God & Noble Gundam!
- Macross Zero Yamato 1/60 VF-0S!
- Macross Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Super Valkyrie Stealth Version!
- Macross Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Stealth Valkyrie!

Pre-Order Now!

From PopBox Collectibles!
- Limited Edition 1/2 I, Robot NS-5 Sonny Light-Up Bust!
- Toynami Macross 12" Pilot Hikaru Ichijo Figure!
- Saiyudo Ultra Realistic Ultraman Type A Figure!

Star Wars!
- Star Wars Unleashed Battle Packs "Attack of Hoth" Set of 3!
- Set of 3 (EP3 M.Falcon, Luke Speederbike & Rep. Cruiser)!
- Star Wars Saga Collection Wave 5 Set of 8 Figures!
- Kotobukiya 1/7 Clone Commander Bly!
- Star Wars Kubrick Series 6 Set of 6!

- Masterpiece MP-03 Starscream!
- Masterpiece MP-01 + MP-03 Package!
- Classics Voyager Optimus Prime (New Sculpts)!
- Classics Voyager Megatron (New Sculpts)!
- Alternators Dodge Ram Pick-up Tranemesis Prime (Black Version)!
- Battle field Statue Optimus Prime Vs Megatron!

More Up-Coming Offers!

- Kotobukiya Room Gargoyle Robin Statue!
- Kotobukiya Joker & Harley Quin Cold Cast Statue!
- Takara Cool Girl Batman Begins Figure!

Best of Cool Girl!
- Best of Cool Girl G3 Jun Dark Version!
- Best of Cool Girl Catwoman!

- Kotobukiya One Coin Series Set of 6 Trading Figures!

- Medicom RAH 1/6 Asuka Langley!
- Medicom RAH 1/6 Rei Ayanami!
- Re-Issue Soul of Chogokin EVA-01 Test Type Die-Cast Figure!
- Re-Issue Soul of Chogokin EVA-00 Proto Tyep Die-Cast Figure!
- Microman Rei Ayanami in Plugsuit!
- Microman Asuka in Plugsuit!
- Sega Prize Rei & Asuka EX Mermaid Set of 2!

- Max Factory Guyver 1 BFC-MAX Image Head Plus!

- FIX Figuration #0030 Zeta Gundam!

- Yamato Macross 1/48 VF-1A Camouflage Valyrie Low-Viz Ver 2.0!
- Yamato Macross 1/48 Valkyrie Display Stand (Chrome Version)!
- Yamato Macross 1/48 Valkyrie Display Stand (Black Version)!
- Yamato Macross 1/48 GBP Armor Camouflage Version!

Revoltech Figures (Kaiyodo)!
- No.001 Getter Robo!
- No.002 Dougram!
- No.003 Dante (Devil May Cry)!

Real Action Heroes - RAH!
- RAH X-Men 3 Wolverine!
- RAH Rocketeer Ver.2.0!
- RAH Jack Sparrows (Pirates of the Caribbean)!
- RAH Superman Returns!

Robocop Hot Toys!
- 1/6 (12") Robocop Figure!
- 1/6 (14") ED209 Poseable Figure!

Saint Seiya!
- Asgard Dubhe eigfried!
- Silver Saint Lyra Orpheus!
- Aiakos Garuda!
- Mail Away Pandora!

Superman Microman!
- Microman Superman Movie Version!
- Microman Supergirl!
- Microman Superman Comic Version 1!
- Microman Superman Comic Version 2!

Get yours FIRST at!


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