Action-HQ Announcement: September 2nd, 2006

Action-HQ Announcement: September 2nd, 2006

Thursday, September 7th, 2006 3:13pm CDT

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Bringing the Best to you FIRST with the new Chogkin Airwolf,
Soul of Chogokins, Saint Seiyas, Microman Superman & Many More!

New Arrivals!
- Airwolf 1/48 Limited Weathering Ver.!
- EVA Ultimate Action Gashapon Set of 5!
- Evangelion Soul of Chogokin GX-22 EVA-04!
- Evangelion Soul of Chogokin GX-21 EVA-03!
- Evangelion Wanda-Chan & Reset!
- Gundam ADAPT Series 1 Set of 4!
- Macross 1/48 GBP Armor Wood Land Color!
- Saint Seiya Gold Saint Gemini!
- Saint Seiya Gold Saint Libra!
- Saint Seiya Gold Saint Aries!
- Saint Seiya Gold Saint Sagittarius!
- Saint Seiya Wooden Box!
- Saint Seiya Figure Stand!
- Saint Seiya Final Ver. Andromeda!
- Star Wars VCD TIE Fighter Pilot!
- SOC GX-32 Gold Lightan!
- SOC GX-33 Spiderman & Leopaldon!
- SOC GX-09 Minerva!
- Superman Returns Kubrick + Bearbrick!
- Superman Comic Version Microman!
- Superman Movie Version Microman!
- Transformers Universe Aerialbots!

Hot Pre-Orders!
Star Wars!
- RAH Clone Trooper!
- 400% Darth Vader Exclusive Kubrick!
- Kubrick Series 7 Set of 6!
- Kotobukiya 1/7 C-3PO & R2-D2!

- KISS Rodimus + Xiao Xiao!
- Masterpiece MP-03 Starscream!
- Masterpiece MP-04 Optimus + Trailer!
- Classics Deluxe Hot Rod!
- Classics Deluxe Starscream!
- Classics Deluxe Astrotrain!
- Classics Deluxe Bumblebee!
- Wars Within 6" Die-Cast Optimus Primal!
- Wars Within 6" Die-Cast Scourge!
- Wars Within 6" Die-Cast Thundercracker!
- Wars Within 6" Die-Cast Jetfire!
- Classics Voyager Optimus Prime!
- Classics Voyager Megatron!

From PopBox Collectibles!
- Ltd Ed 1/2 I, Robot NS-5 Sonny Light-Up Bust!

- Revoltech EVA-00 (Blue)!
- RAH Rei Ayanami School Uniform!
- RAH Asuka Langley School Uniform!

Hot Toys Movie Masterpieces!
- 1/6 (14") ED209 Poseable Figure!
- 1/6 (14") Chopper Predator!
- 1/6 (14") Elder Predator!
- 1/6 Alien Warrior!

- Jack Sparrows Kubrick + Bearbrick!

Knight Rider!
- 1/18 Die-Cast KITT with Voice!

- Yamato 1/60 VF-0A Valkyrie!
- Yamato 1/48 Stealth Fast Packs!
- Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Kakizaki Type!
- Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Angel Birds!
- Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Max Type!

Mario Brothers!
- Super Mario Bros.Trading Figures!

Real Action Heroes - RAH!
- RAH X-Men 3 Wolverine!
- RAH Clark Kent Superman Returns!

Saint Seiya!
- Asgard Dubhe Siegfried!
- Mail Away Pandora Boxset!

Soul of Chogokin/Popynica!
- Exclusive Gold Lightan Giftset!
- Chogokin GX-13 Dancougar!
- BPX-01 Space Battleship Yamato!

Superman Microman!
- Microman Superman Comic Version 2!

- Kotobukiya Shield Liger!

Get yours FIRST at the NEW!

Credit(s): John @

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