All Hail Megatron Creative Team Comic Signing in Perth, Australia

All Hail Megatron Creative Team Comic Signing in Perth, Australia

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 11:28pm CST

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Due to stock delays, the earlier reported planned signing of the first All Hail Megatron Trade Paperback have had to be postponed.

Trevor Hutchison, the man responsible for the alternative covers for the series has confirmed the postponement of the signing, as well as releasing the new date for the signing session that both he, and All Hail Megatron writer Shane McCarthy will attend.

Instead of taking place on Saturday the 7th of March 2009, the signing will now take place on Saturday the 14th of March 2009 from Midday at ComicZone Perth, Western Australia.

To check out the confirmation, head on over to Trevor's Blog, Shane's Blog or OTCA.

Credit(s): Trevor Hutchison

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Re: All Hail Megatron Creative Team Comic Signing in Perth, Australia (893832)
Posted by lowman_x on March 5th, 2009 @ 4:47am CST
Yeah, I agree, McCarthy has done a pretty good job of making a hack of a really good series and I also really hope that Simon gets his story back (sooner than later!!).

I think AHM should have been created as a stand-alone series with no ties to the established continuum.

Trev Hutchinson's covers are the true saving grace of the series. If I could get a poster book of those covers I'd be happy! Guido's art is pretty good as well but I find the lack of continuity a bit troublesome (Devastator, for example, keeps changing size).

I think Alex Milne's work is great! Yeah, I do agree to a certain extent that it got a little untidy in parts in Megatron: Origin but overall his stuff is dynamic and full of life. Also, I haven't seen any of the "rock star" attitude that has been mentioned either. He's always been pretty forthcoming with anything I've asked of him and I'm a random stranger form the other side of the world. :D

*Goes back to his dark corner and waits for Furman and EJ to get back to creating new Transformer stories...*
Re: All Hail Megatron Creative Team Comic Signing in Perth, Australia (893869)
Posted by Black Bumblebee on March 5th, 2009 @ 6:58am CST
You know what? Bugger ya'll.

I had my reservations about AHM when it was first announced, and yeah, the first issue had me a bit worried, but honestly, it's not bad. I LIKE the little nuances of character that we're getting. While I enjoy Simon, he often gets so "into" telling a story that you have to reread it to figure out what's going on, or tries to fit so many characters into a story, that you need to get out your profile book to figure out who's who. Take, for example, his take on Beast Wars, that had the Japanese and English versions of the same character in the same universe. :?:

(And before I have any detractors say that I'm just too sTuPid to follow Furman, I teach college English.)

All Hail Megatron has simplified things, yes, but I say that's not a bad thing. We're actually able to enjoy these characters. Starscream, for example, comes off as actually being intelligent enough to be Megatron's second in command, questioning his leader's direction. Cliffjumper feels like the trigger happy 'bot we've always wanted him to be. You have ornery old 'bots like Ironhide actually ACTING like ornery old guys, by taking matters into his own hands and beating the crap out of Mirage. And AHM gave a new edge to Bombshell, making him really feel "creepy."

Additionally, it does try to answer the question: what "would" the Decepticons do if they were to win. Would they just be thug like tyrants, would there be an attempt at set up some sort of government... what is Megatron's ultimate agenda? And what do you do with a huge group of very destructive soldiers after there's no one around to fight to keep them from fighting amongst themselves?

Just because it goes in a different direction does not mean that it is bad. Just because it is not Simon Furman writing it also does not mean that the writing is bad. Furman is writing Maximum Dinobots now, and will be writing more stories in the future. It's okay. He's not going anywhere.

Enjoy the story for what it is, not for what it isn't.

/Rant off.

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