BBTS News: 10% Off Sale, Sideshow, Bandai, Pre-Orders & More!

BBTS News: 10% Off Sale, Sideshow, Bandai, Pre-Orders & More!

Friday, January 14th, 2005 9:13pm CST

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about new arrivals, pre-orders, and a sale!

10% OFF SALE: Order over $50.00 of non-pre-order items and receive 10% Off your order! This sale will end Monday January 17th at 2:00 PM Central Time. The sale is valid on ALL in-stock items! Here is another chance for you to pick up items at very attractive sale pricing, we still have a bit too much inventory on hand so my error is your gain! Please read the full sales details page:

  • STIKFAS - Fairy, Red Dragon, Yellow Mechana, Blue Samurai
  • TRANSFORMERS: Black Robotmaster Victory Saber Exclusive - $54.99
  • STREET FIGHTER: Series 3 Sets of 6 up for pre-order - $64.99
  • CAPCOM VS SNK: A great looking set: Ryu, Ken, Iori, Kyo - $59.99
  • LITTLE APPLE DOLLS: Series 2 Sets of 4 - $119.99
  • GALAXY FORCE: GD-03 Starscream - $39.99 - Arriving early February
  • GI JOE: Valor vs Venom Wave 7 set of 6 - $46.99


    DC & MARVEL: The new Jim Lee Signature series Superman set has arrived - this set is limited to 750 pieces worldwide and includes the Hush Superman figure in two states of prototype and the final version, also includes a signed print. The new Marvel Saga Series 1 statues from Hong Kong have arrived - limited to only 500 pieces each - Spider-Man and Iron Man - priced at $74.99 each.

  • STAR TREK: 1/4 Scale Kirk and Spock - $199.99 - only 1000 pieces made!
  • PLANET OF THE APES: Gorilla Warrior - $34.99
  • WES CRAVEN: New Nightmare Freddy Krueger - $34.99
  • MONSTERS: The Hunchback of Notre Dame - $36.99

    TRANSFORMER STATUES & BUSTS: The exclusive Palisades Lazerbeak Statue has just arrived and is priced at $20.99. This statue comes with a base as a standalone item and also fits onto the 6" Soundwave Statue's arm! The 12" Palisades Optimus and Megatron Statues have been restocked and we have a new pre-order listed for the Palisades Sunstorm Statue. Our Hard Hero metallic Bumblebee statue exclusive will be arriving next week!

  • SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: More GX-26 Doublas M2 & Minerva X have arrived
  • GODZILLA: More GD-76 Gaigan in stock
  • PERFECT GRADE GUNDAM: PG Zeta and RX-178 MKII restocked
  • MACHINE ROBO RESCUE: Victory Leon back in stock

  • GALAXY FORCE: More GC-01 Optimus Prime have arrived
  • EMILY THE STRANGE: Two versions of Emily on the 'Various Menu' $8.99
  • BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Limited stock of Cylon and Cylon Raider
  • SPAWN: Spawn 26 - Spawn & Cy-Gor Boxed Set - $21.99
  • STAR WARS: Unleashed Wave of Vader, Mace Windu, Count Dooku
  • SPORTS PICKS: 12" Lebron James and Yao Ming
  • BLUE BOX: Elite Force US Army Ranger 'Renegade'
  • BUFFY: Pals Previews Exclusive Angel - $8.99


    Our next big shipment from Japan will be arriving around February 4th or 7th. This shipment includes these items:
  • MICROMAN: The 4 new Aqualady figures
  • GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES: Nearly 50 MSIA and FIX figures including FIX 0013
  • MACROSS: Konig Monster - Pre-Orders available on Macross Menu - $150

    Thanks so much for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items, new sale, and new pre-orders!


    Joel & The BBTS Crew


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