Beast Wars II English Fan Dub

Beast Wars II English Fan Dub

Monday, April 10th, 2006 9:08am CDT

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We have received word from the people of that they have released their latest project. will be working on a Beast Wars II fan dub. Beast Wars II was released in Japan but never the United States. So if you do not know or understand Japanese, now is your chance to enjoy this series. This is what the staff of had to say about the first release of this series, episode one "The Birth of a New Army":

And here we begin our third ongoing fan dub series, Beast Wars II! With a good, solid cast and some great work, we couldn't be prouder of the episode. Like they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression, right? This series is a great departure from the more action oriented Victory, and Beast Wars Neo (although there are similarities). I feel we were able to convey the original mood and atmosphere in this episode. Some people may not consider that to be a good thing, as this series is very goofy at times, but I think it's a fun series to watch.

The episode starts out with a run-of-the-mill mission with Apache and Convoy. However, things go wrong (as always) and the Maximals are left without Convoy. So without a leader, they have to investigate strange energy readings on the planet Gaia - where the Predacons have already set up shop. What will the Maximals choose for alternate forms? Will they be able to fend off the Predacons, led by the ruthless Galvatron and the psychotic Megastorm? Or will they get slaughtered without a leader, as Scuba predicts? It's an ongoing series, I think the outcome is a little obvious!

We have a lot of actors who although they might not all be new to amateur voice acting, they are new to our projects. That gives everyone a little variety from our other series. Of course, we have TFCog veterans like Frank Todaro, Brad Venable (playing a villain for a change!) and Scott M. As I've said before (multiple times), I think it's a good mixture. I hope most who watch it agree with me.

Now the good part. You can download it from our website,, or log on to the hub and search for "Beast Wars II FDP #1 - The Birth of a New Army.avi" It is a 120 MB download. I'll (NewBrandon) try to have it shared as much as possible, and others will have it aswell shortly. Please use that as a secondary option, as I only have so much bandwidth and the website will likely give you a faster download. The low - er, lesser - quality version will be up shortly.

Feedback is appreciated! Thank you to everyone who watches this, support us, and these people too!

Brad Venable as Megastorm
Brandon Williams as Scuba
Cassa A. Dellinger-Jean as NAVI
Cristina Vee as Artemis
Curt Page as BB
Chris Ho as Thrust
Destin Berthelot as Apache
Drake Lacy as Dirge
Frank Todaro as Galvatron
James Owings as Tasmanian Kid
Jon Bales as Convoy
Kenny McCoy as Narrator
Peter Tagtstrom as Bighorn
Rebecca McCarthy as Moon
Scott M. as Diver
Zach Dyer as Starscream

Produced by Brandon Williams and Peter Tagtstrom
Written by Brandon Williams and Kris Stemmer
Sound Effects by Peter Tagtstrom
Music by Peter Tagtstrom
Encoded by Peter Tagtstrom
Directed by Brandon Williams

Credit(s): _Taggenagger_

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