October 24th 2006 update. October 24th 2006 update.

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Posted by: Air Commander Starscream   Views: 47,735 owner Joel, has sent out his regular update e-mail. He has some new arrivals and several interesting pre-orders up.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
batch of new arrivals and another wide array of exciting new preorders.

ARRIVING SOON: All these items arrive either Wednesday or Thursday!

MCFARLANE MONSTERS - FEMMES FATALES SET: This exclusive set of three of
the best female sculpts from the Monsters series will be here Thursday
morning. The set of three includes Red Riding Hood, Elizabeth Bathory,
and Dorothy for $39.99

STAR WARS EXCLUSIVE KIR KANOS & CARNOR JAX: This cool set is priced at
$19.99 and comes with a Crimson Empire comic book as well as the two all
new sculpt figures - arriving Wednesday morning and ready to ship.

KOTOBUKIYA SUPERMAN VINYL STATUE: An awesome 1/6 scale vinyl masterpiece,
this statue is priced at $89.99 and is imported from Japan.

GUNDAM CHOGOKIN GD-53 HYAKUSHIKI: This high-end die-cast figure is about
the same size as a typical 4" to 5" MSIA figure, but is constructed as
though its a Chogokin item with lots of metal parts and high quality
$57.99 and it arrives Thursday.


MEDICOM REAL ACTION HEROES (RAH) - Medicom has added three new items to
the RAH lineup that will be coming out in March. The three very
different properties include Bruce Lee, Kerberos, and Phantom of the
Paradise. Extremely poseable and always popular, RAH figures rule.
= Bruce Lee
= Kerberos
= Phantom of the Paradise

not sure of the exact size of this kit, but given the price point its
bound to big and a lot of fun to assemble. This kit actually transforms
between ship and mecha, and is priced at $159.99 - great images are
available here:

listings for Tachikoma figures as well as a Motoko Kusanagi PVC.
Tachikoma figures include a pull back motorized version, for different
1/24 scale figures that also include a character PVC, and the 1/20 Perfect
Piece Tachikoma by Vice.

versions of the awesome Black Pearl - Captain Jack's trusty steed of the
seas. The 22" replica is priced $30 under MSRP at $119.99 and for those
who prefer their ships in a bottle, we have the mini version priced at
$19.99 - the entire piece including bottle and stand is around 9" tall.

STAR WARS METAL DIORAMA & FIGURES - 300 LBS!!: This is by far the
heaviest and largest item we've ever listed on our site. Attakus has just
approved the Millenium Falcon and Death Star Hall Diorama for sale in the
US. This item is made entirely of metal and weighs in with a shipping
weight over 300 pounds! (it ships in two separate boxes) This much metal
doesn't come cheaply, at more than $10 per pound its even more than the
good stuff at the deli. Only 400 pieces will be produced at the wallet
crushing price of $3199.99 per set. We also have a set of 8 metal
mini-figures listed at a mere $749.99

is now available for $54.99. Bumblebee stands about 4" tall and is
in-scale with the rest of the Palisades statue lineup.

CHILDS' PLAY 2 - LIFE SIZED CHUCKY DOLLS: For only $94.99 you can get
your very own 'Good Guys' doll, which were creepy enough before Chucky
appeared on the scene. These dolls should stand somewhere around 2.5
feet tall and should be here in time for the holidays.

NINTENDO SOUND DROP KEYCHAINS: We had these about a year ago and hundreds
of them flew out the door immediately. They are finally going to be
produced again in both the original Super Mario Brothers versions as well
as the new Nintendo DS 'New' Super Mario Brothers version (great game by
the way) These keychains are $2.99 each and mimic the game sounds

NARUTO - KAKASHI LIGHTNING BLADE STATUE: Toynami is only producing a
limited number of these statues and we have them listed $25 below the MSRP
at $104.99 - be sure to check out the other Naruto Statues as well.

MORTAL KOMBAT 3: Jazwares brings us a new wave of MK figures that
includes Kano, Reptile, Noob, and Johnny Cage - $34.99 for the full set.

GI JOE DESTRO STATUE: Diamond Select Toys has unveiled the first of their
new Joe statues, this one features Destro sitting on a crate, going over
some joe blueprints, and generally looking ready to shoot someone - very
nice item priced $20 below MSRP at $129.99

ICE AGE SCRAT STATUE: Part Squirrel, part Rat, and one of the best
characters of either of the Ice Age movies. Attakus brings us the 5.5"
Scrat Statue priced at $104.99. The acorn is also included

RAMBO LEGENDARY BUST: Sideshow cranks up the licensing machine again and
out comes an awesome 11" bust of John Rambo with a quiver of arrows on his
back - we have this priced at $169.99


--EVANGELION: A softer 'Summer Version' of Asuka - very cool

--QUEENS BLADE: The busty Hired Guard Ekidona and new Iron Princess
Cormil have been listed at $59.99 each.

--CAPCOM GIRLS: The 7" Ingrid PVC statue is available for $46.99

--SHAKUGAN NO SHANA: A 5.5" PVC figure priced at $37.99

--PIN-UP GIRLS: Angela on Horse statue by Attakus - $549.99 - limted to
only 399 pieces worldwide

MARVEL ATTACKTIX: Hasbro has big plans for the Attacktix series and we
can catch a glimpse of the upcoming items with the first announcements -
Spider-man Starter Set and Ghost Rider Battle Masters set.

EVEN MORE PREORDERS: Just do a quick search on our site to see these
items: America's Army military figures, Skelanimals Back Packs - cat and
rabbit versions, Gundam F91 Harrison Type, McFarlane Dragons wave 5 with
new images, Monty Python 10" Wooden Trojan Rabbit.


STAR WARS GALACTIC HEROES: The latest wave of figures has arrived and we
now have a variety of new and previous 2-packs in stock - most $4.99 to
$5.99 - don't forget to check out the upcoming G.H. cinema scenes as well.

ATTACK OF THE LIVING DEAD: We've had to restock this popular series
several times already, Mezco did a great job with them. Lots of gore and
cool sculpts. Sets and Cases are available.

BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The vintage dept has been hard at work listing
a variety of Transformers including G1, Binaltech, RID, G2, and more.
Check out their current handywork here:

BRAVE GOKIN DIMENSIONAL PLIERS: Your dad could probably have used a pair
of these at some point - in stock now at $49.99

REVOLTECH INGRAM: The key distributor of these items has already sold out
so this one may get harder to find. We have limited stock available for
just $19.99

STREET FIGHTER ROUND 4: Back in stock for only $39.99 per set of 5 - get
the latest round of figures well under MSRP - figures include: Akuma,
Birdie, Remy, Fei Long, and Ibuki

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new listings.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel from

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