BigBadToyStore Product Update

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004 9:21am CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some
exciting new pre-orders and arrivals.


RE-ISSUE TRANSFORMERS: Takara has announced the #17 & #18 re-issues -
they are Blitzwing and Soundblaster. The triplechanger Blitzwing will be
released in the original US color scheme and is available for $33.99.
Soundblaster is a black Soundwave repaint with a 'double deep' cassette
door that can hold two cassettes at once! We do not know yet how many
cassettes will come packaged with Soundblaster. The price has been set at
$51.99 for Soundblaster.

NEW BINALTECH: The BT-11 and BT-12 releases have been announced. The
BT-11 is Ravage, a black Corvette Convertible with the classic Ravage head
mold and an updated convertible body style. The BT-12 is Overdrive, a
Honda S2000. Each are available for pre-ordering for $54.99

GALAXY FORCE TRANSFORMERS: Takara has just announced the first figures in
their upcoming sequel to Energon called 'Galaxy Force.' These figures
truly are some of the best looking 'non-G1' toys I've seen in quite some
time. Both Optimus and Megatron are the largest figures in the line and
both look fantastic! Many of the other figures in this line are equally
as cool so be sure to check out each of the 11 figures we have pre-orders
listed for so far on the pre-order menu:

MARVEL LEGENDS 7: We've listed each of the eight new Marvel Legends 7
figures including both chase figures - Phasing Vision and Goliath.
Centurion Iron Man, Weapon X Wolverine, and Ghost Rider are each $8.99.
The remaining Vision, Apocolypse, Hawkeye and chase figures were packed
only 1 per case or less and we have minimal stock of each on hand.

TOY BIZ LORD OF THE RINGS: Two Towers Wave 3 and Return of the King Wave
3 have arrived. Figures include: Super Poseable Helms Deep Aragonr,
Super Poseable Frodo, Isengard Orc, Boromir - Captain of Gondor, Gimli,
Shelob, Cirith Ungol Uruk-Hai and more. Most are available singly and we
also have sets of 6 RotK Wave 3 sets with Arwen for $44.99.

ROBOTECH: The Masterpiece Alpha Scott Bernard figure has finally been
restocked. We also have Ben, Max, and Miriya in stock for the reduced
price of $39.99 each.

VINTAGE SALE: The vintage sale is continuing at 40% off ALL items on the
vintage menu, we have sold about a large chunk of our inventory, but
still have quite a bit to go. Take another look to see if you've missed
anything and get 40% off any of the vintage items ordered.

Thanks so much for your interest in and be sure to
check out the new pre-orders and items.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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