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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004 4:59PM CST

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
bunch of new arrivals and an exciting new pre-order!

PRE-ORDER MASTERPIECE ULTRA MAGNUS: Takara has just announced that Ultra
Magnus will get the Masterpiece treatment! Ultra Magnus will be a
recolored version of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime with the same super
quality and die-cast metal parts. Ultra Magnus is available for
pre-ordering for $114.99 and will be arriving in March or April!

ALTERNATORS & SUPERLINK: We've received Alternators Grimlock and Meister
(pre-orders - including Swindle will be processed later today) We have
limited stock of each left for regular store sales after the pre-order
allocation. More popular Superlink figures have been restocked including
SD-14 Laserwave (Shockblast), SD-19 Nightscream Reverse (G1 Starscream
paint job) and SD-20 Galvatron General.

GUNDAM: Two very nice arrivals from Bandai Japan. First is the latest
installment in the Perfect Grade Series. The Strike Gundam from Seed is
the most advanced Perfect Grade kit Bandai has produced yet with even
better articulation and joints throughout the torso and limbs. Also in
stock is the Master Grade 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Custom - the first Master
Grade kit made for this popular figure. They are priced at $169.99 and
$48.99 respectively.

SIDESHOW WETA LORD OF THE RINGS: The awesome Mines of Moria environment
has just arrived, this truly is an impressive piece with so much inner
detail I have no idea how they even made it. It features the staircase,
bridge, chasm, room full of columns and much more. An Amazing piece -
only 4000 were made - priced at $189.99 - I like this piece so much one
has made its way to the windowsill in my office :)

TAKARA ROBOTMASTERS: RM-15 Star Saber, RM-16 Leo Convoy, and the giftset
of the two - RM-17 Victory Saber are all now in stock! RM-15 and RM-16
are priced at $22.99 and RM-17 is $44.99. The Giftset figures have some
very slight differences from the normal releases - basically a few parts
have somewhat pearly/metallic white plastic, but it is not too noticeable.
Many other Robotmasters are also in stock.

MICROMAN: The Military Force set of 8 has just arrived. Each figure
comes with a variety of different weapons and all figures have a different
color scheme. Sets of 8 are available for $84.99. We also have
BioMachine sets of 4 for $49.99, Batman & Batgirl, Catwoman, and Devilman
Micromen in stock.

STAR WARS: The new Unleashed figures have just arrived - Darth Vader
(with helmet), Count Dooku, and Mace Windu are available as a set of 3 for
$49.99. (Pre-Orders will be processed later today on these) A wide
variety of OTC and Post OTC figures are also in stock.

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: GX-1R Mazinger Z, GX-25 Garada K7, and GX-12MA Venus A
are all now in stock from the Soul of Chogokin line. We have a variety of
other Chogokins in stock and others available on the pre-order menu as

GODZILLA: 5 new arrivals from Japan - 6" Alien X, 9" Monster X, DX Attack
and Sound Godzilla, the Godzilla Zukan 2" minifigure Giftset, and a very
cool set of Gamera 'trading figures' The Gamera figures are $49.99 for a
box of 10 random figures - I opened up a box for pictures and was very
impressed with the detail and in some cases number of limbs these figures
had - so take a look at the box of 10, its one of the cooler Godzilla
items we've received.

-- Planet of the Apes: Dr. Zaius 12" figure - $34.99
-- Buffy the Vampire Slawyer: Vampire Willow - $34.99

RE-ISSUE PREDAKING & BT-10 NOTE: Takara had a 2 day shipping delay, so
instead of our shipment leaving Japan today it will now ship on 12/8 and
arrive about 12/14 - we'll ship them out ASAP after they arrive.


MUPPETS 9: Fozzie, Swedish Chef, Pops, and Lips - Palisades Menu
GI JOE: 1/35 Scale - GI Joe's GI Joe - small enough for 12" Joes to hold!
TRANSFORMERS: New Year Prime, Re-Issue Dirge, C-307X Nucleon Quest Prime
JAPANESE BEAST WARS: C1 clear & red ape, C-16 Leo Convoy, D-16 Galvatron
MACROSS: 1/48 Scale Rick Fokker is back in stock!


BARBIE: Princess of Russia and Princess of Korean Court - $23.99
ALIEN: Import 1:1 Scale Soft Vinyl Face Hugger & Chestburster Model Kits!
LITTLE APPLE DOLLS: More creepy dolls with semi-formed faces
SOUTH PARK: Minifigure Giftset #2 with Satan, Kenny & More - $13.99
MONONOFU: 1/10 Scale real Metal weapons - for use with most smaller
action figures - There are 20 different weapons randomly packed in single
boxes. A very fun item with many more series of Mononofu on the way!

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items that just arrived!


Joel & The BBTS Crew
Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store
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