BigBadToyStore Product Update

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Thursday, December 9th, 2004 9:51pm CST

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some
great new arrivals and incoming items!

PREDAKING - ARRIVES 12/14! I overnighted a sample from Japan that just
came in this morning, our main shipments will arrive Tuesday 12/14 and
pre-orders will ship out from the 14th to 16th. After inspecting the
sample piece I'm happy to say its an awesome figure - die cast parts on
all five figures just like the original G1 figures, tight joints, perfect
stickers, complete - all things hard to achieve with a vintage Predaking!
It comes in the 'briefcase' style fold open box with a handle on top and
includes 5 sticker sheets, 6 tech-spec cards, instructions, and a cool
larger card that shows all the re-issues and Binaltechs Takara has
released in the past few years. Any orders placed now will ship along
with all the pre-orders on the 14th to 16th. Don't miss out on this one!

DC DIRECT - BATMAN HUSH 2: We have limited stock of these remaining after
allocating stock to those who pre-ordered (pre-orders will be processed
soon) This set features Superman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Nightwing and
The Joker. Overall its a very impressive set with nice detail and
sculpting - available now for $59.99. We also have a variety of other DC
Direct figures in stock including JLA 1 & 2, First Appearances 1 & 2 and

JAPANESE BEAST WARS: Its been a while since we've had any news regarding
JBW, but the wait is over! We were able to acquire a nice mix of figures
and offer them at attractive prices. Restocked figures include: C-3
Cheetor - $17.99, D-35 Magmatron - $34.99!!, Metals C-40 Optimus and D-40
Megatron - $22.99 each, C-31 Stampy, C-30 Corhada, D-16 Galvatron, D-24
Cyber Wolfang, S-3 Heinlad have all been restocked in quantity and 15
other various figures have been restocked in limited numbers. The D-35
Magmatron is a great value at $34.99!

STIKFAS: New Stikfas Lite Cowboys & Indians figures have just arrived!
(pre-orders will be processed soon) The Cowboy and Indian figures are each
available separately for $7.99 each. Also in stock is the Classic Alpha
Male Royal Blue and Tan figures - $4.49 each. Stikfas has also just
shipped the Legionnaire and Spaceman figures - they will be arriving next

SIDESHOW-WETA LOTR: Sideshow has just shipped the very cool Shelob Statue
to us, we have a limited amount of pre-orders available on the pre-order
menu for $174.99 each. The Grima Wormtongue Statue is back in stock for
$99.99 as well. Mines of Moria, Haradhrim Soldier and other statues are
also in stock.


--HENSHIN CYBORG - Classic releases from Takara - these 12" figures are
$42.99 each and come in 4 varietyes - Henshin Cyborg 1st - Gold or Silver,
and King Walder 1st - Green or Red

--AMDRIVER - Konami's latest Amdriver figures have arrived - #12 Dark
Kalhole, #13 Scene Pierce and #14 Taft Klemar. Each figure is $21.99 and
we also have the #09 through #11 in stock.

--MACHINE ROBO RESCUE MUGENBINE: Two new Mugenbine arrivals - the #12
Kaiser Condor and a larger set - DX Victory Leon - which is one of the
better looking figures from the line and also transforms from Robo Mode to
Animal Mode to Machine & Base Mode.

--SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: A few more GX-25 Garada K7 have arrived and the new
GX-11MA Diana A is available for $59.99. We restocked a few other figures
in very limited quantities including GX-18, Combattler V, and some
Evangelion figures.

GUNDAM HCM PRO: Two new High Complete action figures have arrived. The
#07 MS-06S Zaku II and #08 set of RX-78-3 and RX-78/CA. The #08 set
features a cool double sided window box that also folds open to show more
info on the figures. A variety of other HCM Pro figures, FIX figures and
other Gundams are in stock.

STAR TREK VOYAGER MODEL KIT: These have just shipped to us from Japan and
will be here next week - This 1/850 scale kit is available for
pre-ordering for $81.99

TX 1:1 HEAD: The Terminator 3 Endoskull is back in stock. A life sized
chromed robot head for $400+ is sure to be on everyone's wish list!

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new listings.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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