BigBadToyStore Product Update

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Saturday, January 1st, 2005 10:54am CST

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Hi - Happy New Years Everyone - here is a quick update from about some great new arrivals.

GALAXY FORCE TRANSFORMERS: The first releases of the 2005 lineup from
Takara have just arrived! This is a great looking series with nice
packaging, the figures and packaging are very large!
Some of the better looking figures are: GC-01 Galaxy Convoy, GC-03 Vector
Prime, GC-04 Dreadrock and GD-01 Master Megatron. We'll be processing
pre-orders throughout the weekend on these and they will all ship out
Monday/Tuesday. 11 total figures are in stock and be sure to consider
this line - it looks very promising for future releases as well. We do
not have much excess stock on any of these figures, but I'm working on a
second shipment.

HALO: We've received a limited supply of a few older Halo items. Back in
stock are the Wave 5 Set of 4 for $54.99, The Campaign and Slayer
minifigure sets, Black Master Chief, Orange Grunt from Series 4 and Red
Covenant Elite from Series 4.

ROBOTMASTERS: The limited edition Black Robotmasters exclusive figures
have just arrived along with the RM-18 through RM-21. The Black figures
all come packaged in a windowless box that is actually fairly attractive.
The figures are available for $59.99 each or $219.99 for the set of 4.
The RM-18 Road Rocket and RM-19 Double Face are each motorcycles and
priced at $14.99. RM-20 Delta Seeker & X-Gunner are cyberjet repaints
priced at $19.99 for the set of 2, and a nice surprise on the RM-21 set
with DVD. Instead of a normal Beast Convoy - they made the red 'Burning'
Beast Convoy version - a cool looking figure!

GI JOE: Valor vs. Venom wave 6 has just arrived and sets of 6 two-packs
are available for $49.99 each. This set comes with more troop builder
sets, Ninjas, and the very cool Electric Eel figure. Also in stock is the
Dreams & Visions Unknown Soldier figure for $43.99.

ENERGON POWERLINX BATTLES: A new Deluxe wave has just arrived - this wave
includes more of the popular A5 Stormjet and C5 Steamhammer figures. Also
included are the brand new Energon Kicker & High Wire, and D5 Barricade -
the main combiner for that set of figures. We also have more Sharkticon,
Slugslinger, Energon Hot Shot, Downshift, and Tow-Line

BATMAN HUSH: We were previously sold out of Batman Hush series 1 and 2
sets of 5, but both are now back in stock for $59.99. Many other DC
Direct and Marvel Select items are also in stock.


STAR WARS: Previews Exclusive Sandcrawler - back in stock for $58.99
TRIGUN: Vash & Nicholas Wolfwood - both back in stock (Various Item Menu)
SUPERLINK: SD-20 Galvatron General is back in stock.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new items! We'll be listing dozens more new items in the next 1 -
3 days as well, I just did't have time to get them all listed tonight :)

Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve!

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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