BigBadToyStore Product Update

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005 5:26pm CST

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Hi - Here is an update from about many new
arrivals and pre-orders - including the domestic release of Galaxy
Force Transformers called 'Transformers Cybertron'!

STAR WARS EPISODE III: We've just opened pre-orders for the only items
Hasbro and Lucas are allowing to be pre-sold for now. The Sneak Preview
Set of 4 figures includes General Grievous, Wookie Warrior, Tion Medon,
and R4-G9 - the set is available for pre-ordering for $32.99. Also up for
pre-order is the very funny Mr. Potato Head 'Darth Tater' figure for
$9.99. The first vehicle of the Ep III lineup is Anakin's Jedi
Starfighter for $24.99 and the Super Soaker branded Wookie Water Blaster
for $19.99. We've put our orders in with Hasbro for nearly 100 different
Episode III figures and collectibles! BBTS will carry the full lineup of
EPIII products and they will all be availale for ordering on the April 2nd
- the first day Hasbro & Lucas allow sales and pre-sales of these items.
One other new arrival - the ArtFX Sandtrooper 1/7 Scale Model Kit -

HASBRO TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON: Hasbro will be bringing the Takara Galaxy
Force Transformers line to the US market starting in May! We have
pre-orders up on the main pre-order menu for figure sets and single
figures from all 5 size categories: Scout, Deluxe, Voyager, Ultra, and
Leader figures. The first three sizes are available for pre-ordering in
sets, and the larger figures: Jetfire, Scourge (Dragon), Optimus Prime,
and Megatron are all available individually. Hasbro will continue on with
Energon until May and then make the switch to the all new Cybertron lineup

BANDAI JAPAN GUNDAM: 35 different Gundams have just arrived! We've
restocked a variety of FIX Gundams including #0023 Hyaku-Shiki, #0019
Super Gundam, #0012 Gundam MKII, #0009 Nu Gundam, and #0008 Gundam GP-02A.
Nearly 30 new Mobile Suit In Action (MSIA) Gundams have arrived. Some of
the figures are re-issues of past classics and there are some all new
figures as well. The majority are priced at $17.99 to $19.99. Bandai
America has basically halted the release of gundam figures to the domestic
market so we decided to bring this shipment in from Japan. Here is a
partial list of new MSIA figures available: Miguel's Ginn, MSN-04
Sazabi, Gundam G05, MS-09R Rick Dom, Altron Gundam,RGM-79 GM & Launch,
Strike Rouge & Launcher, MSIA: MS-07B Gouf, Freedom Gundam, Hyaku-Shiki &
Mega Bazooka, Slash Zaku Phantom, Blaze Zaku Phantom & many more!

TAKARA TRANSFORMERS: The brand new #17 re-issue Blitzwing has just
arrived, another great re-issue with attractive box art. Blitzwing is
available for $35.99 - we've pre-sold nearly 2/3rds of our shipment so
these may not last long (pre-orders will be processed & ship Thursday and
Friday). More Robotmaster RM-12 Starscreams have arrived and the Scourge
model kit has been restocked for $11.99

TAKARA RE-ISSUE & BINALTECH NOTE: I'm happy to say that we've adjusted
order quantities on these items and from now on we will not be overstocked
on any upcoming Takara Binaltech or Re-Issue releases, so pre-order with
confidence and don't be surprised if we sell out shortly after the new
items arrive to us!

GALAXY FORCE TRANSFORMERS: The new GD-05 Gasket and GC-09 Guardshell
figures have arrived. We've also restocked the very popular GC-01 Galaxy
Convoy, GC-02 Exillion, GC-04 Dreadrock, and GD-03 Starscream. We
currently have 18 pre-orders listed for upcoming Galaxy Force figures -
many more great figures are on the way this spring.

NEW ENERGON & ALTERNATOR PRE-ORDERS: We've listed pre-orders for Energon
Mega Wingsaber, Mega Overcast and new Alternators Wheeljack and
Decepticharge. The Alternator Shockwave pre-order has also been re-opened
for the 2nd wave of figures that will arrive in March/April.

SIDESHOW-WETA LOTR STATUES: The awesome Gandalf the White on Shadowfax
Statue has arrived, we have limited stock of this statue left and Sideshow
has sold out on the retail and wholesale level. We have limited stock
remaining of the Mines of Moria, Haradhrim Soldier, Shelob, and Balrog -
Flame of Udin Statues.

MACROSS & ROBOTECH: The new Yamato 1/60 Konig Monster has arrived. This
is an all new figure with a 3-mode transformation and it comes packaged in
a box similar in size to the 1/48 scale valkyries. We still have some
stock left of the Alpha Masterpiece #3 Lancer and #2 Rook Bartley.

MICROMAN: The new AcroyearX-2 figures have arrived, we have very limited
stock available of the Al-21, AL-22, AX-21 and AX-22 figures - each is
available for $16.99 and more will be arriving in around 2 weeks.
(pre-orders will be processed/shipped soon)

BARBIE: Barbie has teamed up with DC to create three very fun new
figures. Barbie in Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl outfits. Each is
priced at only $18.99 and is listed on the 'Various Figures' menu. The
2004 Holiday Barbie is also in stock for $47.99

STIKFAS: Classic Alpha Males - both black and white version have just
arrived - $4.99 each. More of the 14" Black Alpha Males have also
arrived. Pre-Orders for the new Yellow Delta Boy Extreme, and set of 3
Beta Female - Pastel Color Stikfas have just been listed!

RESTOCKED MARVEL & ALTERNATORS: We've completed inventory counts on a
variety of Marvel Legends figures and Alternators while re-organizing our
warehouse. Marvel Legends from as early as series 2 up through series 8
are back in stock in limited quantities. A variety of chase figures are
also in stock!. We have limited stock available of nearly all the
Alternators figures after finding a stash in the warehouse.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new items and pre-orders.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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