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Saturday, April 23rd, 2005 11:34AM CDT

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Hi - Here is a big update from about a wide
variety of new items and some new pre-orders. There are a ton of new
products listed below from many product lines so be sure to check out what
interests you. Pre-Orders for all the items listed below will be processed
today and Saturday and will ship on Monday.


CLEARANCE SALE: Thanks to all who helped make our clearance sale a huge
success! Many items sold heavily and will either sell out or be removed
from the clearance menu next week, so be sure to take advantage of the
special pricing on the items that remain!


--BEAST WARS RETURNS: We were able to find a supplier in Japan for the
Toys R Us Japan exclusive Beast Wars Returns figures. Now listed are Tank
Drone, Motorcycle Drone, and Silverbolt recolored figures. Deluxe sized
Blackarachnia is also in stock.

--TRANSFORMER BOOKS: Two very cool Transformers books are now in stock -
The new Binaltech & Transformer Collection book features a ton of pictures
of each of the BT releases and all of the re-issues put out to date
including e-hobby and convention exclusives. The book also features
blueprints and schematic drawings. Back in stock is the G1 First Complete
Book, this book features pictures of all the G1 toys and provides a
variety of other info. Each book is over 100 pages, full color and is
entirely in Japanese other than the character names.

--TAKARA TRANSFORMERS: The following items are back in stock - #18
Soundblaster with Ravage and Buzzsaw, MP-02 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus,
Robotmaster RM-02 Beast Megatron, Mega PVC Starscream, Mega PVC Megatron,
JBW Lio Convoy, Re-Issue Rodimus Prime, JBW D-23 Hellscream, MD-10, BT-08
Meister - Red & White Versions. The BT-13 Shockwave Binaltech has shipped
to us from Japan and will be arriving next week along with Galaxy Force
restocks and new arrivals! We also expect to receive new product
announcements from Takara later this month - no info about what they will
announce yet, but I'd wager at least 1 or 2 new re-issues will be
announced - we'll list pre-orders as soon as they are known.

--UNICRON STAND: The innovative Unicron Stands have just been restocked
after being sold out for nearly 3 months! This stand is great for
displaying Unicron in planet mode and it also works to hold many other
Transformers in a 'flying' pose. More Energy Cubes are also back in stock
- thse are great for creating dioramas and fun scenes.

CONAN 2 - THE HOUR OF THE DRAGON: McFarlane's second release from the
Conan series does not disappoint. The boxed set features King Conan
sitting in a large throne as the King of Aqualonia. We have full sets of
5 figures available for $52.99 - the set features Conan the Warrior and
the awesome Man Eating Haunter of The Pits. These figures can be posed
together in a battle scene. The three other figures included are
Pallantides of the Black Dragons, Xaltotun the Undead and the fetching
Zenobia - who is chained to a dungeon wall.

STIKFAS: Another batch of cool new Stikfas has arrived - We've restocked
the Pirate, Legionnaire and Spaceman and listed the following new figures:
Basic Beta Female Tan, Blue, and Pink, Yellow Mechana Segmented Robot
with Teddy Bear, Blue K-9 Unit with Brown Dog, and Red Omega Knight with
Stallion. Most of the normal sized figures are now priced at $8.99 each!
The 14" Skeleton Alpha Male has just arrived - only 150 pieces were
produced for North America - priced at $74.99 each.

CAPCOM VS SNK - MILLIONAIRE FIGHTING - This is another nice looking set of
figures based on classic fighter games. The set of 4 is available for
$59.99 and includes one each of Ken, Ryu, Kyo, and Iori. The figures are
about 6" tall each and are individually packaged in a nice display box.
We'll be listing the series 2 pre-order shortly.

DC DIRECT & MARVEL: We'll be filling the Batman Hush 3 figure set
pre-orders on Monday and are still accepting new pre-orders for the rest
of our shipment which should arrive in around 10 days. The Alex Ross
Justice League 1 Set of 5 is now in stock - $59.99 per set. These items
have been restocked: Batman Hush 1, Return of Superman set of 4, Marvel
Select Fiery Phoenix & Human Phoenix set of 2.

STAR WARS MODEL KITS: These are some of the first 'glue & paint' model
kits we've carried and they have done very well! These model kits are
back in stock: TIE Interceptor, Speeder Bike, Death Star, X-Wing,
Snowspeeder, AT-ST, Star Destroyer, and Darth Vader TIE

LORD OF THE RINGS STATUES: The Seige Troll and Catapult Troll Maquettes
have just arrived and are each available for $64.99. More Gandalf and
Shadowfax have arrived - $289.99 each, and the Rohirrim Helm of Merry is
available. A variety of other statues, busts, helms, and plaques are in

PALISADES: The new Transformers Wheeljack statue has arrived and is
available for $59.99, also in stock from Palisades is the Alien 3 - Alien
Queen Chestburster Plush for $26.99 and the Predator Defeated Micro Bust
for $26.99. A variety of Alien, Palz, Muppets and other Palisades items
are available here:

YAMATO IMPORTS & ANIME: The high end Votoms 1:12 Scale Scopedog action
figure has just arrived and is priced at $119.99 - this figure is about a
foot tall and is highly detailed and articulated. From .hack//sign - we
have received the Subaru and Black Rose action figures. Berserk Mini
Figures volume 4 have arrived, we have cases of 12 figures available for
$74.99 each.

figure has just arrived and is available for $79.99. We have limited
stock remaining of the DX Magi King. Kamen Rider Disk Animal #04 Yellow
Crab and #05 Black Cobra are now in stock for $21.99 each. The DX Boxed
Mecha Godzilla 2002 figure is in stock for $69.99

NINJA GAIDEN: The Ayane vinly figure sold out very quickly and
we've just recieved the Ryu figure. Ryu is available for $36.99 and we
have a lot more Ayane and Ryu on backorder waiting for the next shipment.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The 12" Cylon and Captain Apollo figures from
Majestic Studios have just arrived. This set is available for $74.99 and
I was quite impressed with the quality and detail - this is the first item
from Majestic Studios we have carried.

PREDATOR VINLY MODEL KIT: This kit is designed exactly like the 1/7 Scale
Star Wars model kits. Highly detailed pre-painted pieces with a simple
assembly that form a very cool figure. The Predator 2 figure is available
for $69.99 -

NEW PRE-ORDERS: Master of the Universe Mini-Statues from NECA are now up
for pre-order. The set of Hordak, Clawful and Snout Spout are $57.99. We
have also listed the NECA Devil's Rejects set of 4 for $46.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the clearance menu for great deals on a variety of older and
overstocked items!


Joel & The BBTS Crew
Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store
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