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Monday, April 25th, 2005 3:04PM CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of exciting new pre-orders we've just listed in the last few

ALL items listed below can be found on the pre-order menu: - or by using the search
function on our site.


--REISSUES: Takara has just announced that the #20 reissue will be a
two-pack featuring Kup and Wheelie. They will be packaged in the
Dreamwave art collector box as past figures have and this set is availalbe
at the attractive price of $39.99 each.

--BINALTECH: A brand new mold! The BT-15 Prowl is an Acura Integra with
full police paint scheme, lights and lettering - a fantastic new Binaltech
that does the G1 version justice. The BT-16 Wild Laser is an updated
version of the Honda S2000 mold with convertible top and spoiler. Each
new Binaltech is priced at $53.99 and they arrive this summer

--GALAXY FORCE & ROBOTMASTERS: The Robotmaster RM-25 set will be repaints
of the RM-12 Starscream. Thundercracker and Skywarp will be packaged
together in the RM-25 two-pack for the low price of $38.99. Some great
looking Galaxy Force items are now listed - there is a heavy military
theme for the new Cybertron releases!

GX-02 Soundwave - a futuristic jet/shuttle with retro head/face
GC-22 Sonicbomber - Warthog type Bomber that seems to merge with Prime
GC-21 Fastgunner - 8 wheeled rocket launcher truck
GC-20 Packguild - missile launcher battery tank
GC-19 Exikaiser - 4 wheeled armored gunner truck
GD-14 Master Galavatron - a repaint of the GD-01 Master Megatron
GD-13 Ranbulu - very cool looking 4 legged pod robot
GD-12 Roadstorm - a Harley type road bike
GD-11 Cromia - small boat with rocket launcher

MICROMAN: Takara has announced two new small series of figures, the first
is GaoGaiGar - there are three figures in this set: Sissiou, Swan White,
and Utsuki - the set is priced at $44.99. Also now up for pre-order is
the Acroyear AEX series. The Set of AEX-01 through 04 is available for
pre-order for $69.99. We don't have any pictures approved for release
yet, but from the prototype pictures I viewed these seem to have an
underwater theme. The figures looked to be an Octopus, Crab or
crustacean, winged insect or manta ray, and a wheeled racing sled or cart.
We will post pictures once Takara forwards final approved versions.

GENTLE GIANT: BBTS now plans to carry the full Gentle Giant lineup - they
produce some great looking Star Wars busts and statues as well as items
from other properties. From Star Wars, we now have these pre-orders
listed: Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike Statue, Darth Vader Statue, Clone
Wars Animated General Greivous Maquette, Sandtrooper Bust Set of 2, Han
Solo Bust, Leia as Boushh Bust. From Harry Potter we have the Harry
Potter Bust and Sirius Black Busts. All item are priced below the MSRP!

STIKFAS: We've listed pre-orders for the new Omega Supervillian (green &
purple) and Omega Superhero (blue & white) regular sized stikfas. These
along with the recently announced Stikfas Beta Female Nurse are priced at
$8.99 each!

HIGH DREAM - CAPCOM VS SNK: The first set of 4 figures has just arrived
and proving to be quite popular. We've just listed the upcoming series 2
and series 3 sets for $54.99 each. Series 2 features Chun-Li, Mai, Gouki,
and Terry. Series 3 features Nakoruru, Haomaru, Guile, and Sakura.

PALISADES: A wide variety of new items from Palisades:

--DIE HARD - This classic action movie has received the PALZ treatment.
there are a total 14 PALZ figures including variants. They are packaged
in 'blind box' style packaging so you don't know what figure you are
receiving. We are selling them by the inner case of 16 pieces - order two
boxes of 16 and we'll send a master case of 32 - which should get you the
entire set.

--ALIEN & PREDATOR: The new Dog Alien Chestburster Plush, and AVP Celtic
Predator Mini-Bust are now up for pre-order, $26.99 and $44.99

--INVADER ZIM: Series 2 set of 5 is now available for $69.99

--ADULT SWIM: Set of 3 two-packs for $44.99 and we also have some of the
two-packs listed separately for pre-order.


--ALIEN: Here's a big ticket item - the 18" mini-bust Alien Head is
limited to only 500 pieces - and each piece will be hand signed by H.R.
Giger himself. These retail for $999.99 and we have an very small amount

--LORD OF THE RINGS ENVIRONMENTS: The Bucklebury Ferry and Weathertop
Environments are now up for pre-order - both great looking pieces from
important parts of the movie

MEDICOM: We had previously listed Medicom's 'Real Action Hero' Darth
Vader piece for $239.99. The latest figure is up for pre-order - Episode
6 Luke Skywalker - Jedi is available for $199.99. He comes with the black
cloak and green saber and looks to be quite poseable.

MARVEL LEGENDS 9: We expect a huge shipment of Marvel Legends 9 within
the next 1 - 2 weeks! Sets are available to pre-order for $79.99 each -
our last shipment sold out almost immediately!

GUNDAM: The FIX 0026 is now up for pre-order - this is the RX-78 Version
ka figure for $44.99. Some bad news from Bandai USA - they have
officially canceled the domestic release of Gundam, so from now on the
only figures available will be the imported versions. We'll continue to
import Japanese gundams as long as there is demand for them!

MASTER REPLICAS: The new EpIII Obi-Wan Kenobi LE Lightsaber has just
arrived, we have very limited stock left after filling pre-orders - they
are available for $351.99 each.

Thanks for your interest in - be sure to check out
some of the great new pre-orders above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew
Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store
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