BigBadToyStore Product Update

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Thursday, October 6th, 2005 10:20pm CDT

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Hi - Here is a big update from - we've received an immense amount of new items in the past few days, so many that nearly every graphic on our home page was updated! Please take a look through the impressive list of new arrivals.

TAKARA Transformers: Reissue C-372 Star Convoy with Micro Hot Rod, Binaltech BTA-01 Alert Police Impreza and BTA-02 Sunstreaker Viper Racing Coupe have all just arrived. Star Convoy features battery operated tank treads on the back of the trailer and comes with a micromaster version of Hot Rod, they are available now for $92.99. Takara's new Binaltech Asterisk line starts the numbering system over with #01 and #02, they also now package the figures in robot mode instead of car mode and each box includes a small pvc style companion figure - each is available for $57.99

GALAXY FORCE & CYBERTRON: The new GC-23 Megalo Convoy is now in stock for $64.99, this awesome figure comes with an exclusive bonus item - a metallic version of the EZ Collection (Legends of Cybertron) Optimus Prime. More GD-03 Starscream are finally in stock as well as more GC-22 Sonic Bombers. Legends of Cybetron Wave 2 sets of 4 have been restocked as well. From Kabaya we have the 'Block Armor' minifigures - which can be assembled in either robot mode or vehicle mode, sets of five are priced at $19.99. Also just listed is the EZ collection wave one set of 3 for $18.99.

MARVEL & DC ITEMS: Just in from Japan is Medicom's Real Action Heroes Cyclops, this is a highy poseable and well done figure priced at $199.99. We plan to also carry most of the rest of the Real Action Heroes Line. The Alex Ross JLA Series 2 set is available for $59.99, Hard Hero's 15" Thor Statue is $199.99 and for $39.99 we have the latest figure in the Batman Black & White Statue series by Brian Bolland.


--SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: The brand new GX-28 Blue Gale Xabungle and GD-99 Aquarion figures have just been listed at $89.99 and $234.99 respectively. As always they feature tons of detail, many extra parts and some die cast metal pieces. Please note that new orders placed for the Aquarion figure will ship on 10/12 when the remainder of our shipment arrives.

--GUNDAM MODEL KITS: The huge 1/144 Meteor Unit kit has been restocked at $99.99. The Endless Waltz High Grade kits have all come back into stock and are in the $25 to $30 range. A few new smaller high grade kits - Queen Mansa and 1/1700 EX Musai have also arrived.

--BRAVE REVIVAL LEGENDS: The first two figures from the Brave series have just arrived. Mightgaine and Mightkizer are each priced at $89.99 and feature transforming and combining features as well as a variety of accessories.

--GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES: A few more figures have just arrived, the Zeonography #3008 Gouf Custom is another cool looking and highly detailed figure - priced at $42.99. Also in stock is the extended MSIA MS-06F Zaku II for $21.99 and the Seed MSIA Strike Dagger for $17.99.

--EVANGELION MODEL KITS: Bandai finally did a new production run of these kits after a 4 year hiatus. The Perfect Grade Eva is back in stock for $119.99 and all the high grade kits are also back in stock priced in the $35 to $40 range.

YAMATO MACROSS: Three arrivals from Yamato's 1/48 lineup - the 1/48 VF-1S Roy is back in stock for $169.99 as well as the Super Parts Pack for $67.99. The new VF-1A Production Model has just been listed as well at $169.99 - this figure will ship on 10/12 when the rest of our order arrives.

STAR WARS: The new Rebels vs. Empire Battle Packs have just arrived, this cool set features Luke battling Darth plus a Stormtrooper, Han Solo and Chewy - $25.99. We've restocked six of the higher numbered basic figures including #48 - R2-D2 with sound, #49 - Commander Bacara, #50 - Anakin - Battle Damaged, #54 - AT-RT Driver, #55 - Obi-Wan Kenobi and #56 - Mustafar Sentry. Series 2 Attacktix Booster Packs are also in stock for $6.99

SCARFACE: The 10" Talking Scarface figures from Mezco have just arrived and are priced at $19.99 each in both the black and white suit versions.

We've also received Sideshow's 12" Talking Scarface. All three figures are well done and the sound chips differ between the Mezco and Sideshow versions with some overlap. None of the clips were censored so that makes them even more enjoyable.

STIKFAS: We've restocked 20 previously sold out Stikfas figures, back in stock for $8.99 are the Superhero, Supervillian, Nurse, Windsurfer, Rock Star, Pop Star, Monk, Safari, Fairy, Phantom, Pirate & many more! We also have all the November releases up for pre-order.

TAKARA MICROMAN: The latest set of figures called Acroyear EXO is now in stock for $69.99. This set of 4 figures has a cool underwater theme and all the figures come with their expected range of parts and pieces. The Batman Begins figure is back in stock for $16.99 and more Biomachine sets are available at $48.99 each.


ALIEN & AVP: Palisades awesome 19" Signature Series Alien Queen and the AvP Celtic Predator Bust are available at $249.99 and $64.99

FAMILY GUY: Griffins Family Boxed Set - the entire family & accessories

VOTOMS / SCOPEDOG: Two cool accessory packs for your 1/12 Scopedog

ROBOCOP: McFarlane's new 12" Battle Damaged Robocop - very well done

LORD OF THE RINGS: A few more Saurons and the War Mask of the Morgul Lord

SPORTS PICKS: NFL 12" Tom Brady - $29.99

SIDESHOW MARVEL: The Wolverine vs Sabertooth Diorama is back in stock for $239.99 - Sideshow won't be able to get anymore of these for us so this is the last of our stock.

UNICRON.COM: More Energy Cubes are in stock and Unicron Stands will be arriving soon.

MASTER REPLICAS: Darth Vader LE Lightsaber has arrived - $351.99. Anakin FX and AT-AT Signature Series are also in stock.

ANIME/MANGA: Capcom: Nishimura Kinu Set of 6 - $49.99 Range Murata PSE Solid Collection Set of 6 - $42.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new listings above!


Joel & The BBTS Crew


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