BigBadToyStore Update - August 12th, 2006

BigBadToyStore Update - August 12th, 2006

Saturday, August 12th, 2006 2:27pm CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a nice new group of new arrivals as well as more new preorders.


MASTERPIECE VOLTRON: One of the most popular Toynami items of all time, the Masterpiece Voltron set includes all 5 lions and comes packaged in the the 'Forever Mint-In-Box' book-style packaging. This figure is in stock now in limited quantities for $149.99

MARVEL LEGENDS GIANT MAN CASE: Not too many of this exclusive wave of figures are left, we opened one case to inspect them and found that all the figures needed to complete the Giant Man 'Build-a-figure' were
included. Lots of cool characters in this wave, be sure to keep your
collection up to date before Hasbro takes over and brings us even more new figures to keep track of.

MACROSS TRANSFORMABLE 1/100 FIGURES: A new series from Toynami, these figures transform to all three modes and you get Roy, Hikaru, and Max for $15 under MSRP at $59.99 - this has been a very popular line.

PIRATES 2 ACTION FIGURES: A new batch of figures from Zizzle has just arrived including the very cool 12" Jack, Davy Jones, and Will for $54.99. The 3.75" Deluxe figures as well as the giant Ultimate Black Pearl Playset are also in stock.

DC DIRECT ACTION FIGURES: A wide variety of cool new items, including:

--GREEN LANTERN SERIES 2 SET OF 5: The huge Shark figure joins Manhunter, Guy Gardner, Sinestro, and Salakk in this cool set for $59.99

--LOONEY TUNES SERIES 2: This set includes Bugs, Gas-House Gorilla, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. These figures form two separate dioramas and the set of 4 is priced at $57.99

--SUPERMAN THROUGH THE AGES SET: A nicely done 4-pack boxed set that includes various versions of superman from the early years to modern storylines. Only $34.99 for this set

--BATMAN BLACK & WHITE: This statue series continues with the next installment based on the work of Steve Rude - only $49.99

ATTACK OF THE LIVING DEAD ZOMBIES: Mezco has just released a fairly grotesque new set of Zombie figures. There are a total of 12 different variations of the 3 figures - we offer them in sets of 3 or a full case of 12. Check them out here:

FINAL FANTASY X: Tidus and Auron are now in stock, more Yuna will be arriving soon. Each figure is priced below MSRP at $20.99

CHASING AMY SET OF 5: From the mind of Kevin Smith comes the latest set of 'inaction' figures. Chasing Amy set of 5 contains Holden, Alyssa, Banky, Hooper, and Tracer - in stock for $42.37. Don't miss Clerks 2 by the way - funny!!! Maybe we'll see a Donkey inaction figure eventually.

TRANSFORMERS ORION PAX & BLACK VICTORY SABER: A final shipment of Orion Pax has just arrived as well as more of the E-Hobby Robotmasters repaint.
These are priced at $54.99 and $44.99 respectively.
= Orion Pax
= Victory Saber

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE STATUES: Waves 1 and 2 have been restocked - figures include Clamp Champ, Stinkor, Grizzlor, Snout Spout, Hordak, and Clawful. Preorders for the next 3 series are available so you can get the entire series under control - These are all Four Horsemen Masterpieces


SOTA'S LEGEND: DARKNESS ON HIS THRONE STATUE: This immense statue measures 18" x 12" x 12" and is limited to only 750 pieces worldwide.
We've worked out a great discount for all who preorder, a full $50 off the MSRP - $199.99 instead of $249.99. Check out the detail on his throne, this item was sculpted by the founder of SOTA himself.

STAR WARS & BATTLESTAR TITANIUM: Hasbro has just announced 8 new Titanium 3" ships - all are repaints of previous ships, but many of the originals have been sold out for quite a while. Up for preorder at $4.99 are TIE Fighter - Dirty Version, Y-Wing Vintage Paint, Droid Tri-Fighter with new weapons, Swamp Speeder Muddy Version with AT-RT Pilots, Snow Speeder Vintage Paint, Republic Gunship Command Version, Naboo Fighter - Blue
Version, and TIE Bomber - Dirty Version. We've also reopened preorders
on all three of the wave 2 Battlestar Galactica Titanium figures as well as preorders on some other sold out SW ships.

STAR WARS GALACTIC HEROES CINEMA SCENES: Hasbro has just released images of these awesome new 10-pack giftsets. Each set is $23.99 or we also
offer all 4 sets for $89.99. Each set comes with an all-new Galactic
Heroes figure that won't be available anywhere else. The packaging is top notch on these so they are great to display as is or to open and enjoy

ANIME GIRLS: Another new round svelte ladies to choose from:

--GUNDAM SEED RAH DX 1/8: These ladies are priced at $44.99 and you can choose from: Fllay Allster, Lacus Clyne, or Cagalli - by Mega House

--INTRON DEPOT: POLICE S.W.A.T. PVC Statue - there would definitely be more crime if you could meet officers like this in the process:

--TSUKASA BULLET: Mazuki & Mariko each sport small outfits - $54.99

--PIA CARROT: Miko Saimyouzi PVC Statue - only $25.99

--KING OF FIGHTERS: Mai Shiranui Vinyl Figure, it may be video game based instead of Anime, but she fits right in.

FRONT MISSION TRADING ARTS FIGURE SET: Here is a cool set of 6 mini-figures based on the hit video game - $49.99 for the set.

MOSES PLUSH: This large plush is only $1.28 per inch! Get your 14" Moses for $17.99 - he comes with a plush set of The 10 Commandments and arrives in November.

STAR WARS UNLEASHED: New images are now available of the next round of Unleashed Battle Packs - check out all the troop builders, Sith, and Jedi

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many new arrivals and preorders listed above.

Have a great weekend!

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel @

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