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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 9:25pm CST

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals, new preorders, incoming items, and a new sale!

20% OFF SALE! Save 20% on thousands of instock products. Everything is
included except 'new' and 'preorder / backorder' items. Be sure to check
out the vintage department listings as well. This sale will end Friday
January 12th at 2:00 PM Central Time.

35% OFF CYBERTRON SALE! Take advantage of this significant discount on
nearly every Transformers Cybertron figure we have in stock. From
Mini-Cons to Leader Class, its all on sale.

ARRIVING SOON: The following items should arrive in 10 days or less!

TRANSFORMERS 6" TITANIUM: Rodimus Prime, RID Optimus Prime and Starscream
are all in transit - some preorders remain

HASBRO MARVEL LEGENDS: The wait is over! Get your set of 6 for $64.99
and build the bonus Annihilus figure

TRANSFORMER CLASSICS WAVE 3: The next round of deluxe figures is in
transit - Cliffjumper & Ramjet along with more Grimlock and Mirage

STARGATE SERIES 2: The next wave of figures is on the way - limited
preorders are still available for the set of figures.

The vintage department has 15 different AFA Graded vintage Star Wars
figures that will be auctioned off on ebay. There are a good number of
AFA-80 and AFA-85 graded figures, some of them quite hard to find in such
nice condition. The auctions will be starting between 6:45 and 10:15 PM
Central time tonight. Below is a link to our list of items for sale -
please note that the list won't be fully populated until after 10:15.


MASTER REPLICAS - YODA FX SABER: For a limited time, we are offering you
a reduced price of $99.99 on this awesome new saber! MSRP is $119.99 and
the $99.99 pricing is temporary so get your preorders locked in now. This
saber is slightly smaller than the previous FX releases, but it packs the
same technological punch - check it out here:

STAR WARS TITANIUM 3" SHIPS: Hasbro has unveiled a brand new round of
Titanium figures including Luke's Snowspeeder, Firespray Interceptor,
Jabba's Sail Barge, and Imperial Attack Cruiser - all priced at just $4.99

BATTLESTAR TITANIUM 3" SHIPS: Hasbro brings us the awesome new Pegasus
and Classic Cylon Raider ships as well as more of the Classic 78 Viper.

unique Utapau Clone Trooper orange markings and is limited to a mere 1000
pieces worldwide. We have a very limited number up for preorder at

JACK SPARROW PIRATE BEADS: For just $9.99 you can pick up a 3" string of
pirate beads modeled after what Jack wore in the latest movie. These are
produced by Master Replicas and the price is definitely right. Backorders
for other Pirates Jewelry have also just been opened.

HOT TOYS MOVIE MASTERPIECE AVP: These two items are limited to 500 pieces
or less in Japan, we have a limited number up for preorder at $189.99 -
figures include the Grid Alien and Ancient Predator with Alien head on his
spear - very cool figures.

ZELDA & METROID STATUES: First 4 Figures is working on a variety of
properties with their new statue lineup. We now have three different
Zelda Statues and a Metroid Prime Samus Statue.

DUKES OF HAZZARD: A 1:18 replica of the Hazzard County Police cruisers
that usually ended up in a ditch or upside down are now up for preorder at
$29.99 - relive the great memories of this show here:

CHILD'S PLAY 2 - CHUCKY: Dream Rush brings us a set of bobbing head banks
of Chucky and a Good Guys figure - 8.5" tall - $56.99 per set.

PUBLIC ENEMY: This exclusive repaint from Mezco features Chuck D and
Flava Flav in cool silver & black outfits - $49.99 for the set.

ANIME GIRLS! Another new round of PVC beauties

--WITCHBLADE - MASANE AMAHA - this time in street clothes - very nice


--CHAOS GATE - KAZEKO - yes folks, it looks like a full moon out tonight

--NOIR ET BLANC - Cool White Angel and Black Angle statues

--MANY MORE! Just do a quick search on these figures to discover the new
listings - new preorders include: Fate / Hollow Rider in Bikini; Black
Cat - Eve; Fate / Hollow - Saber Full Armor Version; Please Teacher -
Miina & Karen 1/4 scale soft figures; Natsuiro Drops - Sumomo Akihimi;
Boy Meets Girl - Mao Shinjo; Magical Pokan - Pakira;


GENTLE GIANT - ROYAL GUARD STATUE: A beautifully sculpted 13" statue of
the red Royal Guard - in stock now for $149.99

poetry of Mr. Poe with this imaginative set from Mezco. In stock now for
$39.99 - a LDD Raven is also included!

NHL LEGENDS WAVE 4: All the regular figures are in stock for $10.99 and a
variant of Gilbert Perrault is available for $24.99

SOUNDWAVE WALL STATUE: This cool statue just came in and is priced at
$84.99 - Soundwave comes with a trio of cassette buddies and is worth a

REISSUE TRANSFORMERS: We've received a small restock of the #00 Optimus
Prime, #03 Skids, and #07 Sideswipe

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3D POSTER: McFarlane continues its popular and
well done series of 3D movie posters with the original Nightmare movie
poster with Nancy in bed and Freddy's bladed glove hovering over her

GENTLE GIANT CHEWBACCA BUST: Back in stock is the new Chewbacca Bust -
priced at just $44.99. A few more Animated Boba Fett Maquettes are also
back in stock.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: A variety of new figures from Playmates are
now in stock! Check out the mix of new items here:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take
advantage of our 20% off sale.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel @

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