BigBadToyStore Update - July 12th, 2006

BigBadToyStore Update - July 12th, 2006

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006 3:15pm CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a ton of new arrivals from a wide variety of product lines!

TRANSFORMERS ALTERNATORS - ARRIVING SOON: The new case wave with Camshaft, Mirage, Optimus and Meister is on its way to us from Hasbro and should be here in under a week! Preorders for single figures as well as the full case are available, but some are running low so be sure to reserve them now.


THS-02 CONVOY: This is one of the best Convoy figures ever created and we now finally have open stock available! Great articulation, die-cast parts, a fully opening trailer/repair bay that includes roller - a great value at $49.99

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: The GX-30 Voltes V and GX-05R Gaiking are now in stock at $159.99 and $119.99 respectively. The Voltes V has been pretty hard to
find and we have only about 10% of our original stock left. The Gaiking
repaint figure has been quite popular since its release a few years ago, it comes with a large variety of weapons and accessories.

STAR WARS UNLEASHED: The two new deluxe boxed Hoth sets have just arrived
- Snowspeeder and Echo Base Evacuation sets are each in stock for $22.99.
A variety of figure 4-packs are also available

LEGENDS OF CYBERTRON - WAVES 3 & 4: We have a case of 8 that includes one full set of wave 3 and wave 4 available for $29.99, and also single sets of wave 3 and 4 in stock - limited stock remaining.

SOTA TOYS - NOW PLAYING MOVIE BUSTS: Four new busts have just arrived including the awesome Spider Head Bust from The Thing, Legend Bust, Darkman Bust, and American Werewolf Bust. These range from $34.99 to $37.99 and the Spider Head Bust is a must-see.

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM 3": Hasbro's first 6 figures from the Titanium line have just arrived - each is in stock for $4.99 or $5.49. Figures include: Unicron, Sideswipe, Starscream, Jazz, Megatron, and Optimus Prime.
Preorders for future 3" releases are available and the 6" Titanium line is going to be one of the best this year.

STAR WARS TRANSFORMERS - MILLENIUM FALCON: This sizeable SW-TF figure joins Chewy and Han together to form the beloved Millenium Falcon.
Packaged in a large collector window box, this is the centerpiece of the SW-TF line to date - in stock now for $38.99

NECA'S 18" JACK & FREDDY: New Nightmare Freddy and Dead Man's Chest Jack have just arrived - each 18" figure comes with a sound chip and is priced at $39.99

MAZINKAISER - AOSHIMA: Fresh new high-end imports of Mazinkaiser are now available in both black and purple versions - each is $139.99

CARS MOVIE FIGURES: The 1:24 Scale Mater and Lightning McQueen figures have been restocked, a variety of other figures and playsets are in stock and the 1/55 scale case of 30 figure preorder has been reopened.

SPIDER-MAN SERIES 17: Sets of 6 and single figures are now available.
There are some better than average Spider-Man figures as well as cool villains available in this series.


--SHUFFLE - PRIMULA: 1/8 scale figure with tall stockings, short skirt

--FATE / HOLLOW - SAKURA MATOU: beautiful 1/6 scale figure with swimwear

--FULL METAL PANIC - TESSA TESTOROSSA: great looking 1/6 figure

--DA CAPO - AISIA: 1/8 figure wearing standard issue anime gear

IMPORTED GUNDAM FIGURES: A variety of new arrivals from Bandai including: Fix 0030, Cosmic Region #0005, MSIA BuCUE, MSIA Justice Gundam, HCM Pro Jago Doga, MSIA Gouf Ignited. Preorders for future Bandai releases are also listed here:

VAMPIRE ANGEL PLUSH PUPPET: The plush puppet figures have always been pretty hard to find, but we do now have a supply of the Vampire Angel figure at $41.99 - this puppet is pretty large at 21" tall

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS 2: DC Direct brings us the new and improved production run of this cool set of figures that includes: Superman, Robot Braniac, Lex Luthor, Barry Allen Flash, and Anti-Monitor - $59.99

STAR WARS 1/4 SCALE GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Sideshow is all out of this beastly figure - we now have just a few pieces left at $439.99, its definitely worth taking a look at - 4 arms and 4 sabers swinging wildly

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many new arrivals listed above!

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel @

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