BigBadToyStore Update: July 26th 2007

BigBadToyStore Update: July 26th 2007

Friday, July 27th, 2007 6:42am CDT

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Joel of has provided another update.

Hi - Here is another quick update from about
more exciting new preorders and another big round of new arrivals.


TRANSFORMERS MUSIC LABEL: The exciting new Soundwave MP3 players are now
in stock! Get the set of Spark Blue and Sonic White for $174.99. We also
have individual Sonic White versions available at $94.99. Also in stock
is the very cool Frenzy & Rumble earphones set - these fully functional
earphones come with a retractable cord and all items feature nice display
boxes. Our Soundwave supply is over 80% sold, and all our suppliers have
already sold out, so be sure not to wait too long on these.

STAR WARS SAGA LEGENDS 2007 WAVE 2: The latest assortment has just
arrived and we have full sets of 12 in stock now for $89.99. This wave
features a nice mix of the more popular figures from the past few years,
and each one also includes a collector coin that will be needed to fill up
the coin book included with the 30th Anniversary #01 Darth Vader.

GI JOE 25TH ANNIVERSARY: A huge batch of these came in and nearly all
preorders were filled for sets and cases. We now have extra Storm Shadow,
Snake Eyes, and the Snake Eyes with variant Black Timber in stock. More
of the single figures and 5-packs will be arriving fairly soon so preorder
with confidence.

STAR WARS TITANIUM: A new case containing more Battlestar figures figures
(2007 Wave 4 Case) has just arrived and is now in stock. We also have
single figures available for all the Star Wars figures from the case
including: Tantive IV Rebel Blockade, A-Wing, Orange B-Wing, and AT-AP.

GI JOE COMMANDO WAVE 9: This set made its way from the Sigma Six branded
packaging to the new red-topped GI Joe Commando packaging. We have the
full set of 5 new figures in stock now for $79.99 - check it out here:

BEST OF ROCKY - SERIES 1 CASE: Get 12 figures for just $109.99 with this
new assortment from Jakks Pacific. There are a variety of Rocky, Apollo,
Ivan, and other figures included:

SUPERHERO SQUAD MEGA FIGURES: The first wave of much larger Squad figures
has just arrived. Galactus and Sentinel tower over the much smaller Human
Torch & Wolverine included in their boxes. Only $11.99 for each set of
figures - very cool! The new Spider-Man 3 Superhero 'Bank Heist' set has
also just arrived, this set is HUGE

HOT TOYS ENDOSKELETON: This awesome 1/6 figure is finally back in stock
and available for $174.99 - Hot Toys has been doing some great sculpting
for the past few years and this figure looks great.

GENTLE GIANT - YODA ON KYBUCK: Although this is a fun animated line, Yoda
looks pretty PO'd sitting atop his fierce Kybuck steed. This cool statue
is in stock now at $10 under MSRP - $79.99

TRANSFORMER CLASSICS SOUNDWAVE: We were able to get a few more of the
highly popular Soundwave reissue. This one comes with both Ravage and
Laserbeak, and features the double-deep cassette door. In stock for

NECA - NEW ARRIVALS: Neca delivered a variety of stuff to us this week
including: 10" Talking Hagrid from Harry Potter, He-Man Statue, God of
War Kratos 7" Figures, 300 - Spartan Sword and a variety of other 300
merchandise, Pirates OTC - 22" Black Pearl, and Black Pearl in a bottle,
Resident Evil 10th figures, and tons of other Neca items are listed here:

WWE - DELUXE AGGRESSION 9: Cases of 8 figures are now in stock for
$89.99, this case comes with the full set of 6, plus duplicates of two
popular characters.

STIKFAS: We've just received all the freshly released new Stikfas as well
as restocked a variety of older ones - check out the full list here:

LEIA BOUSHH: Sideshow comes through with another premium piece for a
reasonable price. Only $57.99 for this nicely done Leia in disguise.


SDCC COMIC-CON: I'm off to the San Diego Comic-Con along with my brother
Dan, (BBTS V.P.) to view all the new items. We'll be at the show Friday
and Saturday collecting information on all the freshly announced items.
We should have a lot of exciting new items listed on the site over the
next week or so, so be sure to stop by from time to time to check out all
the cool new stuff from a slew of different manufacturers.

NEW SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: Early images and info have just surfaced for the
GX-39 Machine Robo Baikanfu, and GX-40 Raideen figures. We'll be ordering
these from domestic suppliers so we can offer them at the lowest price
possible. Raideen is priced at $79.99 and Baikanfu is $164.99. Both sets
look very cool - check them out here at the bottom of the page:

GWEN STEFANI - SERIES 2: Gwen follows up her popular first wave of action
figures with a brand new set of 5. Including 4 versions of herself in
various states of fashion superiority, and one Harajuku girl. The set of
5 is $114.99 and individual Gwens are available for just $22.99.

REVOLTECH MACROSS VF-1J: This cool item will be imported from Japan and
is now available to preorder at $22.99. The VF-1J features ultra
articulation as all the Revoltech figures do, on top of that it comes with
armor, boosters, extra hands, and a variety of weapons. We can't wait to
see what other Macross figures will make the cut.

STAR WARS DARTH MAUL RAH: Medicom continues to impress with the new 12"
Maul figure. He comes with a full hooded cape and looks ready to whoop
lesser figures from your shelf - preorder price is set at $149.99

COMBINING GUNDAM FIX 0036 & 0037: This is an exciting new feature for the
fix line. The two new gundams will combine with each other to form a much
larger super robot - get the set of two for only $99.99

TRANSFORMER & COLLECTOR BOOKS: We've just listed about 15 various books
aimed at collectors from Transformers, GI Joe, and Star Wars. Check out
the big selection of interesting new reads here:

REVOLTECH - BLACK GETTER: 34 points of articulation and a bucketload of
extra weapons and parts - another great figure from kaiyodo.

MCFARLANE DRAGONS 8: We dont' have any images of this series yet, but the
next wave of Dragons is now up for preorder at $47.99 for the set of 4.
Get new versions of all your favorite clan figures.

BANDAI'S DRAGONAR: We've just listed the Dragonar with Cavalier Zero and
Opening Silhouette Version figures at $69.99 each - these look to be very
nicely done import figures.

ANIME - DRAGON DESTINY KANU UNCHOU - In revealing uniform gear - $99.99

ALY & AJ: Huckleberry Toys, the creators of the Gwen Stefani line bring
us 5 different versions each of Aly and AJ. We don't have any images yet,
but these should be great figures for the fans.

STAR WARS FINE MOLDS Y-WING: The highly awaited new model kit is now in
stock for $36.99 - it looks like an enjoyably complex kit for the money.

GUNDAM MSIA FIGURES: Four new MSIA preorders have just gone up between
$22.99 and $33.99 including: Gundam Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, and Virtue.

STAR WARS GOLD SQUADRON Y-WING: This cool exclusive set featurs a pilot
and droid along with a new paint scheme for the Y-Wing. Preorders have
been listed at $52.99 each.

MASTER REPLICAS SPIDER-MAN MASKS: The new 1:1 scale mask and new 1:2
scaled Venom Mask Replicas have just been listed - check them all out here

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new listings above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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Posted by CyberTooth on July 27th, 2007 @ 2:07pm CDT
Well, by this time next week, I should have my Music Label Soundwave. Can't wait to stand him next to Classics Megatron and Alt Galvatron.