BigBadToyStore Update - June 16th, 2006

BigBadToyStore Update - June 16th, 2006

Friday, June 16th, 2006 7:10am CDT

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Hi - Here is another big update from about a great new round of preorders and many more new arrivals!


TITANIUM TRANSFORMERS: The amazing new Jetfire and Skywarp Titanium 6" figures that fully transform will be joined by Optimal Optimus and Scourge 6" figures. Don't forget Optimus and Megatron - all priced at $16.99
each. Hasbro has also just announced a new wave of 3" Titanium figures
including Grimlock, Scorponok, and Predaking - $5.49 each

NEW ALTERNATORS: The next wave of Alternators will include Camshaft - a silver Acura RSX! This figure is up for preorder at $29.99, and it is also part of a fantastic case that also includes Mirage, Optimus Prime and Meister for $89.99 - check it them out here:

TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON: Another new round of figures are making their way into future cybertron assortments - the following figures are now available for preorder: --Scout Class - Brakedown GTS, Yellow Scrapmetal, Ransack GTS
--Deluxe Class - Unicron, Demolisher, Optimus Prime
--Voyager Class - Vector Prime Repainted Version, Quickmix --Ultra Class - Cryo Scourge, Menasor, Wing Saber --Leader Class - Galaxy Force Optimus Prime Don't forget about Primus and take a look at all the new items here:

STAR TREK STUDIO SCALE ENTERPRISE: Its time to break out the big bills! Master Replica's huge new 1/350 Scale (around 32") U.S.S Enterprise replica starts at $1189.99 for the standard limited edition version (limited to 1250 pieces) They also offer a Signature Edition signed by Nimoy & Shattner for $1479.99, and a Super Deluxe Signature Edition signed by Nimoy, Shattner, and the 3 other surviving crew members for $1969.99.
It also comes with an AC Adapter so you can leave the light-up warp-drive components on as long as you'd like - the ultimate collectible for any Star Trek fan who might want to skip a car payment or two :)

HALO 2 LIMITED EDITION: With the very limited production run of Series 7, Joyride has decided to release a new special edition set of figures. This set features Red Spartan with white trim, Red Spartan with yellow trim, Prophet of Mercy, and Jackal Major. All these figures are listed separately for $13.99 each, or $54.99 for the set. We also have the exclusive Brown Spartan for $14.99

ATTAKUS PIN-UP GIRLS: Four new statues from Attakus have just been listed including the brand new gunslinging Angela Statue - which is definitely worth taking a look at, check out Angela and the rest here:

SOUTHERN ISLAND TOYS: We've just listed preorders for the balance of their 2006 production schedule. We don't have images yet, but new listings include figures & statues from: Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist, Case Closed, and Blue Gender

STAR WARS SALACIOUS CRUMB STATUE: The next wave of Salacious statues will be arriving this summer, preorders available now for $174.99

FENDER 1/6 MINI GUITARS: These cool little guitars are great as stand-alone items, or they will work perfectly for any of your 12" figures
that want to rock out. Four models to choose from for just $16.99 each.

WWE WRESTLING: We've just uploaded new images for all the wrestling figures scheduled to come out over the next 3 months. Check out WWE Classic Superstars 11 and all the current wrestlers here:


NINJA GAIDEN RACHEL PVC STATUE: This beauty of a statue from Kotobukiya is now in stock for just $37.99. Rachel is 1/6 scale and stands around a
foot tall with a giant axe nearly her height. Ryu and Ayane are
available for preorder so you can complete the set here:

FINAL FANTASY VII & VIII: The ever popular Cloud Strife and Fenrir Motorcycle set is back in stock for $59.99, from FFVIII the new Squall Lionheart, Selphie Timmett, and Rinoa Heartilly are each in stock for $19.99. These won't last long so be sure to grab them before the go

DC DIRECT - SUPERMAN/BATMAN & SILVER AGE SUPERMAN: Two cool new sets of figures are now in stock for $59.99. The Superman Batman 2: Return of Supergirl set features Batman, a huge Darkseid figure, Superman and two versions of Supergirl. The Silver Age Set has a vintage feel to it and even comes with a monkey. Check them out here:
= Supergirl
= Silver Age


--BOBA FETT STATUE: This cool statue is already nearly sold out - we have a few pieces remaining at $169.99

--HUNGARIAN HORNTAIL DRAGON STATUE: An awesome dragon statue for Potter fans as well as anyone who enjoys dragons - in stock for $174.99

--STAR WARS BUST-UPS WAVE 6: The cantina wave is now available for $32.99

CAPCOM GIRLS - HEAVY GAUGE: A more realistic take on your favorite ladies from Capcom. In stock now are Morrigan and Cammy - both standard and special edition paint versions priced from $31.99 to $32.99.

CYBERTRON METROPLEX: Just in and priced at $49.99, the fourth Leader class figure is very well done with nice robot and vehicle modes, check out this one here:

BOME VOLUME 10: Monsieur Bome's latest figure - Magical Canan Carmine is now in stock for $18.99 - another typically gorgeous Bome figure.

SUPERMAN RETURNS MOVIE BUSTS: Three busts have just arrived and are in stock for $41.99 - Superman, Lex Luthor and Clark Kent Busts

CAPCOM VS SNK: A nifty set of 3 mini-figures is now in stock for $17.99.
We've also just restocked the 6" wave 1 figures and have a backorder up for wave 2 - all much lower than our initial pricing.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the cool new Transformer preorders as well as some of the many new arrivals.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel @

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