BigBadToyStore Update - June 22nd, 2006

BigBadToyStore Update - June 22nd, 2006

Friday, June 23rd, 2006 3:10pm CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a variety of new arrivals and more cool new preorders:


REVOLTECH EVANGELION: The two latest Revoltech releases have just arrived and are priced $5 under MSRP at $19.99 each. You can choose from the Eva-00 Yellow or Eva-01 Purple. Also in stock are the other three currently released Revoltech figures - Dante, Shin Getter 1, and Dougram.

TRANSFORMERS STATUES: The Ghost of Starscream and Ravage statues have just arrived, these are limited to 300 and 750 pieces respectively, so not too many to go around. We have limited stock left available at $114.99 and $28.99
= Starscream
= Ravage

STAR WARS COMMANDER BLY MODEL KIT: Fresh from Kotobukiya, this new 1/7 snap together prepainted kit features your standard clone trooper base model with yellow trim and all the officer goodies he's earned. In stock now for $89.99

STAR WARS UNLEASHED: The new Hoth battle packs have just arrived - now in stock are Imperial Snowtroopers, Rebel Alliance Troopers and Imperial Encounter - each is priced at just $10.99

18" TALKING SCARFACE: Another oversized figure from NECA, this version of Scarface comes with the blue suit and machine gun. It speaks several phrases from the movie and is priced at $39.99

CAPCOM VS SNK: New lower pricing on waves 1 and 2 of Capcom vs SNK. The Mai & Chun-Li boxed set is also back in stock

VOTOMS 1/35 SCALE: Just released by Max Factory, the new Scopedog and Standing Tortoise figures are in stock at $59.99. Both cool little figures stand around 6" tall and have great poseability and nice detail.

STAR WARS REVENGE OF THE SITH MOVIE POSTER: A brand new release from Code 3, this beefy 3D poster features all the main characters of episode three with Vader's mask overlooking it all. In stock now $10 below MSRP

--The 13" Deluxe Collector Figure
= 13"
--Superman Returns Maquette by DC Direct
--Arrival in Smallville Statue

ENERGY CUBES - FOR TRANSFORMERS: A new style of energy cubes has just arrived, these are roughly 3/4" cubes with a nice translucent pinkish color to them. Packs of 8 are $12.99 and the super-pack of 64 is $84.99

BOUKENGER: The new Go Go Gattai 05 Jet is now available for $42.99

SKELANIMALS: The first variety of Skelanimals from Toynami is now in stock - get 5 different glow in the dark 6" Plush figures for just $59.99

KING OF FIGHTERS - MINI GIRLS: Get 3 beautiful miniature ladies for $17.99 with this new set of figures imported from Japan


HASBRO TRANSFORMERS - ARRIVING EARLY JULY: Hasbro has just allocated a huge batch of Beast Wars 10th Optimus and Megatron & Legends of Cybertron Wave 4 figures to us. Preorders are available on both figures and we'll have them in very soon!


HOT TOYS MOVIE MASTERPIECE AVP: Hot Toys has just announced three new 14" figures from AvP. Up for preorder at $129.99 are the new Elder Predator, Chopper Predator, and their first Alien figure - Alien Warrior. These figures are extremely high quality with tons of detail - we have clear images uploaded here:

MONSIEUR BOME VOLUMES 14 & 15: This time Bome brings us two versions of
Kasumi from the hit game Dead or Alive. Each fetching version comes with
a different outfit and a different pose - not just another repaint! This should be one of the best selling Bome figures to date - priced at $23.99

DC DIRECT: Another great new round of DC items with cool sets and 13"

--13" DELUXE COLLECTOR SHAZAM! - priced $10 under the MSRP at $59.99

--ALEX ROSS JUSTICE LEAGUE SERIES 5 - The most popular series continues

--SUPERMAN/BATMAN - PUBLIC ENEMIES 2: Steel, Hawkman, Nightwing & More!


MEGATRON HEAD BUST: Diamond Select continues with its line of TF based statues and collectibles with this 5" Bust of old Megatron - priced at $41.99 this bust captures his G1 likeness very well

STAR WARS CLONE TROOPER BUST-UPS 4-PACK: A new set of Bust-Ups with clone troopers of all ranks with the standard white as well as yellow, blue and red. Get this cool set for only $17.99

COBRA COMMANDER BUST: Another new undertaking by Diamond Select, they offer us a nifty new hooded version bust priced at just $39.99

NINTENDO DOTS: Taito rolls out even more Mario themed dots kits - this time its from the NES classic - Super Mario Brothers 3, each kit is $15.99

CHE GUEVARA - REVOLUTIONARY HERO: Often seen on T-shirts at Rage Against the Machine concerts - How2Works in Hong Kong brings us the 12" Figure Mind version of the Argentinian Marxist & revolutionary who was killed by the Bolivian Army. Get your own tribute figure to Che for $164.99

FIGURE MIND 12" SCARFACE: Two more releases from How2Works in Hong Kong, we have the white suit and black suit versions of Tony Montana up for preorder at $199.99

MICROMAN KINNIKUMAN: Known in the US as M.U.S.C.L.E. - the Kinnikuman Microman series features Kinnikuman himself, Ramen Man, and Wars Man - each Microman figure is priced at $13.99 and great for wrestling poses

ANIME GIRLS: Last, but not least - we have 9 more beauties for your shelf
- even if you are not familiar with some of these characters, the toys are good enough to buy just for the sculpting.

--ZOIDS GENESIS: KOTONA ELEGANCE: Awesome new figure in beach attire

--FATE TESTAROSSA 1/8 FIGURE: With a HUGE sword - very cool

--EPISODE OF THE CLOVERS - EMA: Both a black version and purple version

--SHINING TEARS: ELWING - based on the hit game by Sega - great figure

--SHUFFLE: ASA SHIGURE 1/8 Figure - with French Maid style outfit!

--KARA NO KYOUKAI: RYOGI SHIKI 1/6 Figure by Good Smile Company

--MAJI KYUDO: Two new figures - Maji-Chan and Tama-Chan

GI JOE SIGMA 6: We have just received brand new images of all the Sigma 6 items announced so far by Hasbro - pictures of the HISS, Firebat, Devastator, Rhino Copter, and Razor's Edge are now online

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many new items listd above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel @

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