BigBadToyStore Update - June 7th, 2006

BigBadToyStore Update - June 7th, 2006

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 3:09pm CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a variety of new arrivals and more new preorders.

CLEARANCE SALE CONTINUES: Be sure to check out current sale with 20 individual clearance items as well as 20 clearance menus - all with great
discounts up to 60% off! Items will begin to be removed from these menus
soon, so take advantage of the savings now.

CINEMAQUETTES & $250 BBTS GIFT CARD! Buy either the TX Terminatrix or
T-850 Arnold Cinemaquette and receive a $250 BBTS Store Credit after your
order is paid in full and shipped! We plan to sell only a few pieces of
each item before ending this promotion. The $250 store credit is good on any future order or preorder


JAKKS PACIFIC WWE WRESTLING: We've just received 6 new waves of wrestling figures including the very popular WWE Classics Wave 10 - which includes a
variety of superstars from the past. Other arrivals include Deluxe
Aggression Wave 2, Survivor Series, Ruthless Aggression 19, Adrenaline 18, and Ring Giants 5. All items are available as full sets of figures for reasonable pricing.

SPORTS PICKS MLB 15: All 6 regular figures are now in stock for just $9.99 each! Choose from Andruw Jones, Carlos Delgado, Chad Cordero, Derrek Lee, Johan Santana, or Miguel Cabrera. The Andruw Jones variant is in stock for $15.99 as well. We have preorders up for many other sports picks figures.

REVOLTECH: The first 3 figures from Kaiyodo's new highly poseable line have just arrived. Getter 1, Dougram, and Dante are each priced at $19.99 and come packaged in a very nice matte finished box. A variety of upcoming Revoltech figures are also available to preorder

BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT - TRANSFORMERS: The vintage department has just processed a shipment of hard to find Japanese Beast Wars, Japanese G1, American G1, and a variety of E-hobby and other recent exclusives and repaints. Check out the most recent listings here, or browse through your favorite menus for previous listings.

TO HEART 2 - MANAKA KOMAKI: A cool little PVC statue packed in not just a window box, but a 4-window box for your viewing pleasure.

SIN CITY MARV - COMIC VERSION: A limited edition figure from Dark Horse that comes in a collectable tin. In stock now for $44.99

GALAXY FORCE: The GC-22 Sonic Bomber is back in stock for $39.99 and more GC-16 Ligerjack have arrived for $31.99

KRYPT KIDDIES: A new series of very creepy baby style dolls - $26.99


MACROSS 1/48 LOW VISIBILITY VERISON 2: More new Valks - arrives Monday!

GI JOE SWORDS: Arriving by the end of June - Storm Shadow & Snake Eyes

STREET FIGHTER 4: Special Reduced Pricing - $44.99 per set of 5

CYBERTRON METROPLEX: Finally another big-guy - arriving soon for $44.99

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: Combattler V arrives next week and Voltes V will begin to show up during the next 2 - 4 weeks - preorders open for both!


STAR WARS R2-D2 & C-3PO KOTO MODEL KIT: The folks at Kotobukiya keep cranking out more excellent new 1/7 high quality, low difficulty model kits. The latest kit features R2 and C-3PO all shined up and ready to display on a nice base. The MSRP on this kit is $150, we thought that was a bit much so we lowered our price to $124.99

GUNDAM PREORDERS: The next 4 figures from the HCM Pro series have been
listed: #29 Sazabi, #30 Punitive Force Set, #31 Re-GZ, #32 Gelgoog.
These range from $22.99 to $36.99. Two new Master Grade 1/100 kits have also just been announced. The Gundam F91 is up for $42.99 and the awesome Gundam Astray Gold Frama Amatu is $49.99 - images available for all.
= Master Grade

TRANSFORMERS ENERGY CUBES: A new group has formed to create accessories for your favorite transformers. Their first release is new take on Energy Cubes. These cubes are about 3/4" and made of acrylic. We have sets of 8
cubes up for preorder at $12.99, and a big box of 64 up for $84.99. The
cool version of Energy Cubers are also in stock now.

HOT TOYS 4" ALIEN VS USCM SNAP KITS: We've had a ton of requests for this new set of Snap Kits and now have them on the site. A box of 12 kits will most likely contain all 10 different figures plus a few duplicates, and they are coming out in July for $119.99 per box of 12.

STIKFAS DELUXE DOME WALKER KIT: A brand new kit has just been announced by Stikfas - this kit comes with a G2 Alpha Male and a large walking dome-headed pod that the figure sits in. There will be all sorts of fun variations you can make with this kit - preorders are available at $16.99

VOTOMS / SCOPEDOG - 1:12 STRONG BRACCHUS: Another cool looking mech from Yamato, this one features a dark blue color scheme and is priced quite a bit under the MSRP at $169.99

JOHN WAYNE GREEN BERET 12": Sideshow's newest figure features John Wayne as an iconic Green Beret with rifle and highly realistic uniform - up for preorder at $47.99

FRANK FRAZETTA - SNOW GIANTS STATUE: This statue does an amazing job at capturing the look and feel of Frazetta's Snow Giants artwork. We have 3 images of the statue as well as a photo of the artwork itself for your comparison. This statue is $50 under the MSRP at $299.99


-- POWER RANGERS - BOUKENGER: The Go Go Gattai DX Siren Builder and DX Super Dai Bouken are up for preorder at $79.99 and $149.99 respectively - no images yet, but we'll upload them as soon as they surface.

--MACHINE ROBO MUGENBINE: Five new preorders for the summer releases have just gone up, including a couple somewhat larger sets and 3 regular sized sets.

--GODZILLA: Bandai will be releasing a limited edition Clear Godzilla and Angurus set - up for preorder now at $34.99

MEZCO'S DELUXE TALKING MR. HANKEY: Now Mr. Hankey can talk with you at home, who doesn't need a 9" talking poo? He speaks 12 phrases

MEZCO'S DELUXE TALKING QUAGMIRE: This new 9" figure speaks 10 phrases

ANIME ITEMS: A variety of new and repainted items for your enjoyment:

--CAPCOM COMPANION CHARACTERS - A box of 12 beautiful fighting ladies.

--PSE SOLID COLLECTION - RANGE MURATE - box of 10 for $64.99

--TANDEM TWIN ANIMAL GIRLS - Lynx - a fresh repaint of a very hot seller

--SORAYAMA STATUE - SILVER BOBBED REPLICANT - 1/6 scale with bullwhip!

--BUNNY GIRL RIDIA - Special Edition repaint - $33.99

--HEAVY GAUGE CAPCOM GIRLS - Three new repainted special editions

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new items listed above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew


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