BigBadToyStore Update March 17th 2007

BigBadToyStore Update March 17th 2007

Saturday, March 17th, 2007 7:07pm CDT

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Another update from Joel og BigBadToyStore.

Hi - Here is another big update from about
hundreds of new arrivals and many more new preorders! There are literally
tons of new items so be sure to glance through the entire list.


MATTEL'S JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED: Three of the first five case
assortments for Spring have just arrived. We now have a variety of hard
to find 3-packs in stock including: Green Arrow, Hawk, Volcano; Aquaman,
Stargirl, Parasite; and many more. Also be sure to pick up some extra
Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman sets in the new purple & black 2007
packaging for the clearance price of just $4.99!

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM: Hasbro's latest wave just arrived friday
afternoon. This case includes the brand new War Within Megatron, G1 Ultra
Magnus, and previously sold out War Within Fallen. Each is priced at only
$17.99 and many other Titaniums are also in stock.

STAR WARS 3" TITANIUM: Several different case packs have just arrived and
we now have stock available for: AT-TE, Firespray Interceptor, Luke's
Snowspeeder, Jabba's Sail Barge, Paploo's Speeder Bike, Royal Guard TIE,
Darth Maul's Sith Speeder, Dewback and many more:

BLUE BOX PERFECT BODY 12" FIGURES: After a multi-year absence of these
popular figures, Blue Box has finally released an updated version. We
have Caucasian and Hispanic versions in stock for just $15.99 each. These
are great for customizing or for building a vast horde of beautiful
admirers for the more popular characters in your 1/6 colletion.

SPORTS PICKS - COOPERSTOWN SERIES 4: McFarlane's latest series contains
Joe DiMaggio, Johnny Bench, Ozzie Smith, Roger Maris, Steve Carlton, and
Ted Williams. The figures are $10.99 to $11.99 with a few variants priced
at $24.99 - check out the full series here:

LEGEND - LORD OF DARKNESS STATUE: Just in from Sota toys is the new
Darkness on Throne 18" Statue. This piece is limited to only 750 pieces
worldwide and is very well done - check it out here:

DC SUPERHEROES: Our first batch of the new purple & black carded 2007
figures has just arrived. We now have Superman, Supergirl, Superman
Variant, Parasite, Steel, and Doomsday in stock as singles as well as in a
case with one each for $59.99

GENTLE GIANT C-3PO & PLO KOON: More new arrivals from Gentle Giant. The
Animated C-3PO maquette is in stock now for $71.99 and Plo Koon is listed
at $44.99. We have a full selection of other Gentle Giant items as well.

SOUNDWAVE & MORE TRANSFORMERS: The TF Classics Soundwave is back in stock
and we've also received more of these: Commemorative Tracks & Rodimus,
BTA-01, Robotmasters Skywarp & Thundercracker, Purple Galvatron, E-Hobby
Overcharge, #18 Soundblaster, Classics Jetfire, Soundwave Wall Statue,
Optimus Prime vs Megatron Classics Boxed Set, Titanium Rodimus and more.
Head on over to the main Transformers to see these and more.

THE SIMPSONS - MCFARLANE: We have sets, singles, and boxed sets available
for the new series of figures from McFarlane. Figures include Marge &
Homer, Kamp Krusty, Why You...!!!, Simple Simpson, and the 'Spay Anything'
Boxed Set.

TANDEM TWIN: Yamato USA has just released two more Animal Girl figures.
Cloe and Schell. Both figures are nicely done and feature a minimal
amount of bothersome clothing. These are priced at $67.99

REVOLTECH: The brand new Patlabor Griffon J-9 and Giant Robo GR-2 figures
are now in stock for just $19.99. We have many other Revoltech:

MARVEL SUPERHERO SQUAD: Wave 2 of Hasbro's cute minifigures have just
arrived. This set of 8 is priced at $24.99 and includes Thor, Hulk,
Elektra, Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Punisher & More.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA MINIMATES: The first series of BSG Minimates are now
in stock. We have sets of 6 that contain Cylon, Six, Apollo, Starbuck,
Cain, and Dualla priced at just $19.99, and several sets are also
available singly at $6.99

DOCTOR WHO FIGURES: A variety of single carded figures are now in stock
for $9.99 including: Cyberman, Clockwork Man, Grey Krillitane, Jack
Harkness, and Werewolf. The 12" RC Bronze/Gold Dalek is also available.

NECA RESTOCKS: We've just restocked Resident Evil 10th Anniversary,
Resident Evil 4, Cult Classics Freddy & Leatherface, 18" Freddy, MOTU
Statues Wave 4, 300 Movie Props, Robocop 18", 12" Jack Sparrow and more.
Check out the full selection of NECA items here:

STAR WARS ATTACKTIX: The cool new Luke & Wampa Battlemasters set is now
in stock for just $11.99. This set is sure to add some new excitement to
the game - check it out here:

EVANGELION - BANDAGED REI AYANAMI: A new version of the RAH Rei figure is
now available for $109.99. Check out the battle damaged and bandaged Rei
figure here:

ANIME GIRLS: Another big batch of anime items - do a quick search for
yoru favorites from these new arrivals: Queens Blade Ekidona, Fate Stay
Night Rin, Saber in Bikini with Beach Ball, Nagi Death, Ilya, Maid Girl,
Enchanter, Hatano Konami, Rei Tachibana, Prism Ark, Emma, Amano Chiwa,
Yuzahara Konomi, Votoms, Haruhi Kamisaka, Asakura Nemu, Kodomo No Jikan,
Arin, and Tona Gura. We have countless other Anime items here as well:

BLUE BOX 1:18 MILITARY: The new "Daisy June" Corsair and Little Bird
Night Stalker are now in stock along with a few other 1:18 vehicles here:


GI JOE 25TH ANNIVERSARY FIGURES: The first two 5-packs from Hasbro's
amazing new commemorative series are now up for preorder at $27.99 each or
$54.99 for the set. These are the best new versions of classic characters
that have been released - both sets are fantastic and include the
cornerstone characters you'd expect. Check them out here:

OBI-WAN KENOBI - KOTO MODEL KIT: The latest 1/7 Model kit to come out of
Japan is now up for preorder $15 below MSRP at $84.99. Be sure to check
this one out along with the McQuarrie Concept Duel kit - found here:

CINEMAQUETTES INDY & SPARROW: Two amazing new high-end Cinemaquettes have
just been listed. Both capture the actors so well its hard to believe.
Jack Sparrow has been listed at $1749.99, and Indiana Jones is also up for
preorder, but the MSRP has not yet been disclosed.

ARMY OF DARKNESS - ASH 1/4 FIGURE: Sideshow brings us a Premium Format
version of Ash that stands around 20" tall. Get your preorders in on this
limited edition piece for $239.99

GHOST IN THE SHELL: Fewture brings us a very nice die-cast 2nd Gig
Tachikoma priced at $154.99. Check out a variety of other Tachikomas

STAR TREK LANDING PARTY: The third and final statue from this series is
Spock, we have each listed at $109.99

PEANUTS: The eigth classic statue from Dark Horse is Woodstock - check
them all out here:

ANIME GIRLS: Another huge batch of new items - do a quick search to find
the figure you are looking for:
Ikki Tousen - Ryomou Shimei 1/7 Statue
Shining Tears - Blanc Neige Statue
Demonbane - Aru & Raika 1/8 Statue
Lamento: Beyond the Void - Asato & Konoe PVC Statues
Megami Tensei - One Coin Figure Box
Tales of the Abyss - One Coing Figure Box
Idolmaster Xenoglossia - Haruka Amani
Daiki Kougyo - Tenshi San 2 Statue
Oh My Goddess - "Everyone Has Wings" Belldandy Statue
Zoids - Midori PVC Statue
Burst Angel - Jo (Red) PVC Statue

TOY VAULT PLUSH: Five new items from the imaginative minds at Toy Vault.
New preorders include: Cthulhu Plush Pillow, Screaming Cthulhu Plush with
sound, Farscape DRD Plush, Godzilla Super Deformed Rodan, Monty Python
Mini Black Beast of Arrrggghh, and Holy Hand Grenade Danglers

FUTURAMA: Funko brings us 4 new bobblehead figures including Fry, Leela,
Dr. Zoidberg, and Bender. Also up for preorder is the new 12" Bender Bank

DISNEY STATUES: New items include Buzz Lightyear Statue, Toy Story Alien
figures, Snow White Figurine, Pooh Rotating Musical Figure, Tigger
Splendiferous Celebration figure.

DESIGNER TOYS: Another big batch of items including the LeBron James
'King James' 4-piece vinyl figure set, many more Qees, and a wide variety
of other items - browse through them here:
and here:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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Re: BigBadToyStore Update March 17th 2007 (56555)
Posted by 1337W422102 on March 17th, 2007 @ 8:25pm CDT
Damn, that Ash doesn't look Bruce-Campbelly enough. At least, not in those pictures.
Re: BigBadToyStore Update March 17th 2007 (56598)
Posted by Liege Evilmus on March 17th, 2007 @ 9:09pm CDT
Eh, nothing retail can't handle
Re: BigBadToyStore Update March 17th 2007 (57060)
Posted by Wheeljack35 on March 18th, 2007 @ 2:29am CDT
I hope were getting closer to MP Megatron
Re: BigBadToyStore Update March 17th 2007 (57062)
Posted by Air Commander Starscream on March 18th, 2007 @ 2:49am CDT
Wheeljack35 wrote:I hope were getting closer to MP Megatron

I think we are... It's supsoe to be out in Japan on the 23rd of March, so BBTS and others should get theirs a bit after that.

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