BigBadToyStore Update - May 24th, 2006

BigBadToyStore Update - May 24th, 2006

Friday, May 26th, 2006 6:39am CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a variety of new preorders, new arrivals, and our 25% off sale has been extended!

25% OFF SALE EXTENDED: We've decided to run our 25% Off Memorial Day Sale all the way to Memorial Day - go figure. Your opportunity for great savings on all our older items will now end Monday May 29th at 12:00 Noon Central Time. Be sure to browse a variety of menus for goodies you may not have noticed before.


MP-03 STARSCREAM REVEALED: We now have a prototype image of the upcoming, and immensely popular Masterpiece Starscream F-15 Transformer. This prototype is unpainted, but it shows all kinds of nice details. This one is sure to make it to the top of the list of all-time bestsellers, so be sure to get your preorder in place.

MCFARLANE'S 'LOST': The hit TV show from JJ Abrams and ABC is now immortalized in plastic. McFarlane will be releasing a set of 6 figures as well as a boxed set this fall. Preorders have just been listed for the the set of Jack, Kate, Locke, Charlie, Hurley, and Shannon at $64.99. The boxed set is priced at $17.99 - boxed set details are unknown for now.

HOT TOYS RETURN OF SUPERMAN & BATMAN BEGINS: Two new high-end 12" figures of your favorite heroes are now available for $149.99 each. Nicely detailed outfits and great articulation on these figures.
= superman
= batman

RESIDENT EVIL 10TH ANNIVERSARY: NECA brings us a cool new set of figures from the game that started it all. Sets of 4 are priced at $49.99 and we have a preliminary image posted.

MADBALLS: If you missed out on these back in the 80's, here is a second chance! Art Asylum brings us 6 retro Madballs for just $24.99. Figures include RepVile, Skullface, Slobulus, Screamin Meemie, Horn Head, and Bash Brain.

BOWEN MARVEL STATUES & BUSTS: A new round of cool new sculptures from Bowen! Busts include Wonder Man, Terrax, The Destroyer, Elektra, and Iron Man Original. Statues include Red Skull, Scorpion, Rhino, and from the 'Powers' comic - Retro Girl Statue.

TRIGUN 7" ACTION FIGURES: A new set of figures from Trigun is now up for preorder at $49.99 - Vash and friends will arrive in September.

DIAMOND SELECT MARVEL STATUES & BUSTS: New items include the first of a new multi-statue diorama - Sandman from the Spider-Man and Sinister 6 statue set. Other items include Marvel Milestones Kraven, Alex Ross The Thing Head Bust, AoA Magneto Bust, and Marvel Icons Wolverine Bust.

BLUE BOX GOTHIC DARK 12" FIGURES: Blue Box has put its library of 12" figure bodies to double duty with their new Gothic Dark lineup. These figures are each priced at $39.99 and look to be well done for the price point with 3 attractive ladies and 2 strapping male figures.

ARMORED CORE MODEL KITS: Two awesome new snap-together kits from Kaiyodo have just been listed. The Crest and Mirage kits are only $23.99 each and look to be very nicely detailed. I assume they will be prepainted, but don't have final confirmation yet.

STAR TREK: A new phaser and 4 more figures from Diamond Select Toys for this month's offerings. The 40th Anniversary Standard Phaser with sound is up for preorder at $23.99 - this one is different from the other 40th Phaser with an all new paint job - found here:
The new Season 7 figures include Data, La Forge, Barclay, and the exclusive Lore figure.

STAR WARS BUST-UPS WAVE 6: We somehow missed this wave previously, but preorders have now been listed at $32.99 - this is the Cantina wave.

MARVEL SELECT: Diamond Select Toys has gone back and reproduced a variety of the more popular Marvel Select items - we now have preorders listed for Ultimate Hulk, Green Goblin, Thanos, and more.

DOCTOR WHO - RADIO CONTROLLED DALEKS: Four different versions of these 12" R/C Daleks are up for preorder at $99.99 each. They speak a variety of key phrases and are imported from England.

MONSIEUR BOME: Images for Volume 12 - Full Metal Panic! have now been listed and we've also just listed preorders for volumes 5 and 6 - which we did not carry before. Backorders for many other older figures are also open.

FINAL FANTASY TRADING ARTS 2: Get your set of 4 mini-figures for just $28.99, the first round of Trading Arts figures proved to be surprisingly popular, this round features more main characters in slighly smaller formats.

BURST ANGELS: The 1/8 Scale Amy PVC Statue is now up for preorder at $40.99. Be sure to check out our ever expanding Anime selection = Burst Angel = All Anime


IGNITE TIME SILHOUETTE FIGURES: New arrivals include Julius Caesar and two new Roman soldiers. These nicely detailed figures are all in the $59.99 to $64.99 range and come with die cast metal weapons.

VINTAGE DEPARTMENT JUNK LOTS: The Vintage Department has been cleaning house, gathering up all the items that didn't make the cut for individual grading and creating 'Junk Lots'. About 80 various lots have just been listed including G1 TF's, GI Joe, MOTU, TMNT, as well as a variety of other misc lots. Check them out here and keep in mind most of the listings have a number of individual lots listed under the main heading.


HASBRO ITEMS: We literally have a ton of items in transit from Hasbro (1007 KG to be exact) - This shipment should be arriving on Tuesday and includes the hottest new waves of: Star Wars Titanium 3", Cybertron Scout, Cybertron Deluxe, Cybertron Voyager, Legends of Cybertron 3, Cybertron Minicons 4, and a few Star Wars vehicles, basic figurs and more Vintage Saga figures. Get your preorders in and we'll ship early next week.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many new preorders! Also don't miss out on the 25% off sale, we have thousands of items in stock and there is sure to be a couple your shelves could use at only three-quarters price!

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Seibertron

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