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Saturday, October 27th, 2007 4:44AM CDT

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Joel of has posted another update to his site.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another big batch of new arrivals and more exciting new preorders:


MCFARLANE'S TWISTED X-MAS TALES: This awesome new set of figures won't be
available at most big-box stores due to Todd's graphic take on the holiday
traditions. After seeing Mrs Claus, its fair to say that she'll
definitely be the highlight of Santa's year. Enraged Reindeer,
murdersome elves and more are available now as a set of 6 for $69.99

WORLD OF WARCRAFT - SERIES 1: The full set of 4 figures is in stock now
at the low price of $49.99 - $14 under MSRP. The Blood Elf, Orc, Dwarf,
and Undead figures are also available for $14.99 each singly - check out
the beginning of this great series here:

GI JOE 25TH ANNIVERSARY: The Cobra Legions 5-pack is now in stock for
$29.99, more of the Joe 5-pack have also arrived - $27.99 each on those.
Hasbro is shipping the new figures out in waves and we now have extra
singles on hand for Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Hooded Cobra Commander, and
Cobra Officer.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA CYLON: A recent arrival from Majestic Studios, the
long awaited Cylon comes with several alternate hands, and is reasonably
articulated. These are listed at $64.99 and we most likely won't be able
to get anymore of them.

TRANSFORMERS GALVATRON MODEL KIT: Extremely limited and standing roughly
6" tall after completion. This model kit is made by a new company call
Arianhod and is in stock for $124.99. The model is unpainted, but with a
little fun work it will look great.

STAR WARS OBI-WAN VS ANAKIN STATUE: Another great statue from Sideshow,
this version captures their battle at Mustafar. It is 13" tall and 14"
side to side - take a look here:

SHUNYA YAMASHITA: The new Creator's Labo #12 statue and the beautiful new
Shion bust have both just arrived - check out the complete Yamashita
collection here - its some of the best done import product out there:

REVOLTECH MACROSS: The VF-1S Roy Focker comes with Strike gear and super
poseable joints. In stock now for $22.99 along with the VF-1J. The VF-1A
will be arriving soon.

NECA'S RESIDENT EVIL 10TH WAVE 2: This wave is all baddies with the
Crimson Head Zombie, Hunter, Licker, and Tyrant. These are available
individually as well as by the set.

DC MINIMATES WAVE 6: Just in and available for $29.99 for the set, the
minimates keep rolling and look as good as ever.

MOVIE MASTERPIECE RAMBO III: A great release from Hot Toys - tons of
detail including a nice rifle and his signature bow with exploding arrow
tips. This piece is listed at only $92.99 - a fairly good bargain for Hot
Toys imports.

GENTLE GIANT - SARUMAN BUST: Another nice sculpt from Gentle Giant, this
piece is limited to around 3500 pieces and in stock now at $44.99

GOD OF WAR KRATOS: We've just restocked both the 7" figures and also the
13" Kratos figure, don't forget to preorder the next release as well:

QUANTUM MECHANIX - SERENITY REPLICAS: A variety of the very cool Serenity
replicas from the imaginative people at Quantum Mechanix have just arrived
- check out the full selection here:

HARD HERO DAREDEVIL STATUE: Limited to only 1000 pieces, Hard Hero has
done a nice job with this piece. It stands over 17" tall and features
Daredevil balancing on one hand.


DISNEY CARS 2008: Mattel has just released information about the many
assortments that will be arriving early next year. They have 35 new
versions of the popular 1/55 scale die-cast figures, new Mini-Adventure
figure that are even smaller than the 1/55 scale figures, racing sets,
Movie Moments and more. We have a few images listed and a variety of new
Cars cases. Our sales rep told me the assortments are likely to contain a
few of the older items, but be heavily weighted to the all-new figures.
Get your preorders in now to reserve from our initial shipment:

TRANSFORMERS UNLEASHED: Hasbro continues the Unleashed Turnaround line
with two new figures, currently available through only a handful of
Hasbro's accounts, including BBTS. These sets feature Ratchet & Jazz,
and Blackout & Barricade - available as a set of $57.99, or $29.99 each.

NEW REVOLTECH: Kaiyodo brings us 3 more new Revoltech figures to bolster
this fast-growing line. From Patlabor we have the Helldiver and Brocken,
and from Yotsuba Kiowai we have Danboard. Check out all the new Revoltech

SIDESHOW STAR WARS - YODA VS DOOKU STATUE: Another entry into the nicely
done series of battle statues. This statue is around 10" tall and
features Yoda floating in mid-air battle against Dooku - priced $10 under
MSRP at $189.99

HALO 3 ACCESSORIES: A company called Changes will be producing a variety
of cool keychains, pins, and a belt buckle based on various weapons and
themes from Halo 3. Check out the Energy Sword, Shotgun Shell, Sniper
Rifle and other items here:

HOT TOYS MILITARY: Two more extremely detailed figures have just been
announced at $104.99. The Private Military Contractor and C.I.A. Commando
- Group of Operations in Iraq figurs are found here:

ANIME GIRLS & BOTS: A huge variety of new entries this week - take a look
at all these great offerings from Japan - first the Ladies:

--TSUKASA BULLET - Excellend Model 02 Hanako-San Figure in cow-skin bikini


--TANDEM TWIN - Leopard Girl Momo has just been listed at $62.99

--IKKI TOUSEN - Dragon Destiny Koumei & Ryuubi by Griffon - $91.99

--SATSURIKU NO JANGO - Franco Il Nero in a revealing pose - $76.99

--ROCKET GIRLS - Yukari Morita PVC - with mini rocket - $74.99

--DEAD OR ALIVE - Ayane Leifang - in bikini with inner-tube - $44.99

--TO HEART 2: Sasara Kusugawa Maid PVC Statue - highly requested $44.99

--DA CAPO II: Yume Asakura & Nanaka Shirakawa PVC - only $26.99

On to all the cool bots & mechas:

--YAMATO'S GROIZER X - MANGA VERSION: Only available from one distributor
in Japan, we'll be bringing some over at $164.99

--TOP COLLECTION MAZINGER: Fifth in this cool series from Happinet

--TOP COLLECTION GRENDIZER: Over 8" Tall - $79.99

--ARMORED CORE: CR-C98E2 Nine Ball Model Kit - $31.99

SAW 20" AND SAW BEARBRICK: We've just listed a 400% Billy the Saw Puppet
Bearbrick at $59.99, and NECA brings us a 20" plush version of Billy for
just $37.99 - check out all the Saw items here, and enjoy Saw IV.

DISNEY STATUES: About 15 more new statues have just been listed including
Lenox figurines, Pooh and Friends, Disney Traditions, and Classic
Collections - the menu now has 100+ items listed here:

MCFARLANE SPORTS PICKS HOCKEY GOALS: None of the future Goalie figures
will include nets, but McFarlane has addressed that situation by making
both a modern net and classic net available. These come with a generous
amount of ice and a variety of holes to peg your figures. The nets are
$7.99 each - take a look here:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items mentioned above. As usual, there were hundreds
of other items that arrived, so take a spin through the site.


Joel & The BBTS Crew
Credit(s): Joel of
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