BigBadToyStore Update - September 6th, 2006

BigBadToyStore Update - September 6th, 2006

Thursday, September 7th, 2006 3:11pm CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a variety of new arrivals, more cool new preorders and nice new sale!

20% OFF SALE! Save 20% off thousands of items in stock, including many vintage department items as well as tons of new retail items. Items marked 'New' or 'Preorder / Backorder' are not included, but every single other item is, just browse your favorite menu and start saving 20%


STAR WARS SAGA WAVE 9: Hasbro just announced this info hours ago and we now have seven new figures listed on the site. Images won't be released for a while unfortunately, but this sounds like another great wave. The set of 7 new figures from wave 9 include: Holographic Obi-Wan, Commander Appo, Elite Corps Clone Trooper, R4-K5 Vader's Astromech, Padme Amidala,
Combat Engineer, and Yarael Poof. Sets of 7 are listed at $59.99 and we
also have singles of all figures listed between $7.99 and $9.99

TRANSFORMERS CLASSICS - PRIME VS MEGATRON BOXED SET: This is a really cool new set of completely new molds in the 'deluxe' size for both Prime and Megatron. These are totally different from the voyager sized releases
and both draw very heavily on the G1 Prime and G2 Megatron versions. We
can't list images until after Botcon, but some fan sites may have early images available. Speaking of Botcon, its not too late to sign up and come visit us at the show - go to for more details - Lexington KY, Sept 28 to Oct 1

TRANSFORMERS KISS - AUTOLOOPER & ATARI: The third release from Takara-Tomy is a police version of the Mazda RX-8. Autolooper comes with the Atari pvc figure and is priced at $69.99, we have rough images available of the figure in both robot and vehicle mode.

TAKARA'S KERBEROS PANZER COP: An awesome armored 12" high-end figure from Takara. This version, called 'Special Trooper 92' comes with a variety of body armor, gas mask, pistol, backpack, and a variety of other gear.
Preorders are available at $179.99


SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: The very popular GX-01R Mazinger Z is finally back in stock, this piece used to sell in the $100 range, but now it is available for just $69.99

REVOLTECH: The new Getter 2 and EVA-03 Black Revoltech figures are now in
stock for only $19.99 each. Preorders are available for the rest of the
upcoming figures as well

BOME: The ever popular Bome series from Kaiyodo continues with Volume 13
- The beautiful Ignis from Chaos Gate. Volume 9 - E'clair & Lumiere has also arrived. Check these and more past and future Bome figures out:

CHILD'S PLAY - CHUCKY: Sideshow has just released two very nicely done 15" Chucky dolls at a great price point - only $45.99 each for the standard Chucky as well as the 'Bride of Chucky' version.

BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: Another new batch of Transformers, including nearly every Botcon Exclusive as well as Transformers from 15 other categories has just been listed. Even more TF's and other items will be listed tomorrow

ATTACKTIX: Both the Star Wars and Transformers Attacktix booster packs are in stock for $5.99 and $4.99 respectively. Each pack includes 2 figures and this is the most recent wave of items from Hasbro.

GI JOE SIGMA 6: The Dragonhawk vehicle has just arrived and we've restocked the Commando wave 4. Many other figures are in stock and preorders for all the upcoming items are available

WWE WRESTLING: The Pay Per View Series 12 "No Way Out" and Adrenaline Series 20 are now in stock for $54.99 and $44.99 respectively

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take advantage of the 20% Off Sale!


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel @

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