BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm

BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm

Friday, February 16th, 2007 4:11am CST

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Joel of has sent out another exciting update fileld with new preorders and arrivals. A little something for everyone here.

Hi - Here is a big update from about a ton
of new Toy Fair Preorders and another wave of new arrivals. There are
almost 130 new Preorders so be sure to view the entire list - tons of
great new items. We'll be listing many many more new items as we work
through all the new offerings announced at Toy Fair 2007 so check back


LEGENDARY HEROES - NEW SERIES: After selling off the Marvel toy license
to Hasbro, Toy Biz has renamed itself Marvel Toys and they are producing a
new line of figures called Legendary Heroes - which is very similar to
their past Marvel Legends series. The new Legendary Heroes line will
focus on independent non-Marvel comic book properties. The Build-A-Figure
concept returns so there will be more oversized figures to pack your
shelves. Series 1 includes the Pitt Build-A-Figure and Savage Dragon,
Super Patriot, Judge Dredd, Rip Claw, Madman, and Witchblade. Series 2
includes Star, Striker, Ann O'Brien, Marv, Judge Death, Darkness, and the
Monkey Man Build-A-Figure. There are also a few Two-Packs up for order -
Conan and Wraarl, and characters from Body Bags. We have single figures,
sets, variants, and cases up for preorder here:

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM 6": Hasbro has just sent us info about the upcoming
Sunstorm and War Within Ultra Magnus Titanium figures. These are listed
at $17.99 each and the Starscream preorder has been reopened as well.

MEDICOM REAL ACTION HEROES - MARVEL: A great new batch of 12" RAH figures
has just been listed. From the Marvel universe we have Blade, Magneto,
Punisher, and the Venom as Punisher figures. Pricing has gone down
significantly on these so preorders are listed at only $97.99 instead of
the normal $130 to $150!

WORLD OF WARCRAFT: DC Direct has created a new branch of their company
called DC Unlimited, so now they can spread their action figure and statue
expertise to lines outside of the DC universe! The first new line from DC
Unlimited is from the granddaddy of all MMRPG's - WoW. The first series
is up for preorder at $49.99 ($14 below MSRP) and we also have single
figures listed at $14.99 each. Characters include a Blood Elf Rogue, Orc
Shaman, Dwarf Warrior, and Undead Warlock.

YAMATO 1/60 MACROSS - FOLDBOOSTER: Yamato has just announced a nifty new
accessory pack so your valk can now enjoy faster than light travel. The
Foldbooster & Fastpack accessory set is up for preorder at $59.99 (This
set will only fit the 1/60 YF-19 as far as we know) and they also have
created a giftset of the 1/60 YF-19 along with the Foldbooster for $229.99


--PREMIUM FORMAT DARTH MAUL: Another excellent large scale release from
Sideshow, this one is priced at $264.99 and should rival Boba Fett in

--MCQUARRIE CONCEPT LUKE VS VADER KIT: Another awesome release from
Kotobukiya, this hefty set features twin statues that fit together to form
McQuarrie's take on the classic duel.

--HOLOCHESS 12" FIGURE ACCESSORY: Now your 12" figures can risk
dismemberment-by-wookie with their own 1/6 scale Holochess replica from
Sideshow. This cool set is up for preorder at $47.99

--OBI-WAN vs ANAKIN DIORAMA: Another new format of collectibles from
Sideshow, this cool Diorama will be around 13" tall and features Obi-Wan
battling Anakin shortly before Anakin ended up spending some quality time
with the medical droids. Up for preorder at $249.99

--IMPERIAL ROYAL GUARD VCD: Medicom continues its line of cute 8" figures
with the troop-buildable Royal Guard. Preorder Price is $57.99

DESIGNER TOYS: A batch of new original artists' creations are available:

--CARL JONES HOODIEZ - limited to 1500 pieces each

--THE CACTUS FRIENDS - fun and inexpensive vinyl figures

--UGLYDOLLS - A variety of plush, vinyl, and clip-on figures

--QEES - A variety of single figures and case assortments

--MORE DESIGNER TOYS: Do a quick search for: Trexi, Edward the Gator,
Dekoboko Boys, Hellhoud, and Invisible Plan. More Designer Toys will be
added to our selection soon.

LEGEND - LORD OF DARKNESS PREMIUM FORMAT: Sideshow has unleashed another
beautiful large scale figure. The figure stands about 23" tall and
features a variety of real fabrics and other authentic gear.

CTHULHU - VINYL FIGURE: The 'My Lil' Cthulhu figure comes with mini
victims that pull apart to show tasty red innards - $29.99


--WONDER WOMAN JLA COVER TO COVER STATUE: This is probably one of the
best small scale statues we've seen in a long time - check it out here:

--BATMAN & SON SET OF 5: Another new cool set of figures - $51.99 for the
set of 6" to 7" figures.

--BATMAN DARK CRUSADER STATUE: Another excellent new statue based on the
work of Alex Ross - we have this statue listed $35 below MSRP at $159.99

--SUPERMAN VS DOOMSDAY: A new set of 4" Animated figures has just been
announced as well as the Superman vs Doomsday 6" figure set with matching
graphic novel.

--JUSTICE BOXED SET: This set combines 4 popular Justice Sculpts and is
priced at $35.99

AFRO SAMURAI: Another new property from DC Unlimited, this animated
series starring Samuel L Jackson now has a 4 figure set - up for preorder
at $49.99

ROCKY: We've listed new case assortmenst for Rocky IV, Rocky V & VI, Best
of Rocky 1 and 2. Rocky III figures should be arriving within a month or
less so be sure to get preorders in on those great figures.

RED SONJA STATUE: Inspired by the cover art of issue #13, this is another
beautiful statue of the dangerous Red Sonja


--LEGENDARY SCALE SAURON BUST - This bust measures in at 24" tall, it
features the fearful helm as well as both spiked shoulder pieces.
Preorder price is set $15 below MSRP at $364.99

--THE CRACK OF DOOM - FRODO VS GOLLUM - Sideshow brings us a much more
affordable yet still nicely designed piece. This 6" statue is priced at
only $79.99 and it features Frodo & Gollum struggling in Mount Doom.

METAL GEAR SOLID 4 - REAL ACTION HEROES: Medicom continues to create cool
figures based on the best licenses, the MGS4 figures include Raiden and
Solid Snake - each priced at $139.99

SAW - 48" LIFE SIZED SAW PUPPET: Medicom has entered a second production
run of this full sized and super-creepy puppet from the brilliant Saw
series. The 2nd edition is $100 less than the first, this is because they
removed the sound chip feature.

ELVIS PRESLEY PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE: Sideshow has created a 1/4 scale
version of Elvis as he appeared in 1953, this figure is priced at $279.99,
will be produced in limited quantities and is sure to be hard to find in
the future.

X-MEN VS SENTINEL STATUE: The second in a series of statues from
Sideshow, this one features Beast and the White Queen perched on the huge
headless torso of Sentinel - priced $15 below MSRP at $284.99

HOT TOYS ALIEN MOVIE MASTERPIECE: The new 16" Alien Warrior and Ripley's
Power Loader are now up for preorder at $124.99 and $139.99 respectively

EVEN MORE SIDESHOW - Check out this list for more cool new items:

--1/4 DOG ALIEN MAQUETTE: Huge & Spendy - $829.99

--TERMINATOR 1/2 ENDOSKELETON ARM: A shrunken version of the 1:1 arm from
a few years ago, this one carries only 1/4 the price!



--SPIDER-MAN 3: Busts, Statues, Medicom RAH & VCD figures

--FRANKENSTEIN 1:1 BUST - Classic Universal Monsters - $484.99

--SPIDER-MAN SYMBIOTE 1:1 BUST - Huge 21" bust - $384.99

THE MUNSTERS - EDDIE & MARILYN STATUE SET - By Electrik Tiki - $144.99

GREEN HORNET & KATO STATUE SET - This set is around 14" tall with two
separate statues - $264.99 for the pair, made by Electric Tiki.

DISNEY STATUES: A variety of new items including the "Donald gets
Drafted" set with Donald and Sargeant Pete, and three Cinderella themed

FANTASY CUTLERY: Four inexpensive and realistic looking weapons including
a sword, dagger, 3-headed battle mace and more.

MOVIE POSTERS AND WALL SCROLLS: Do a quick search of these movies to see
new poster or scroll listings - most of the posters are high quality
limited edtion double-sided theater style posters: Shaun of the Dead,
Dawn of the Dead, Bleach, Seven, Predator, Tomb Raider, Transformers and
Spider-Man 3

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN LIGHTAN: These figures are now available domestically as
single figures for just $34.99 each!


MCFARLANE'S DRAGONS SERIES 5: This series continues to get better and
better, and the new storyline starting with Series 6 should be fantastic
as well. Sets of 5 figures are now in stock for $59.99, single Berserker
and Water Dragons are $11.99 and the huge Fire Dragon Boxed Set is just

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-35 WALKER GALLIA: A cool set of transforming mechs
from the Xabungle anime. Walker Gallia can be separated into two parts,
with its upper body transformable into Gallee-Hover, and the lower body
into Gallee-Will.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 - WAVE 3: NECA's latest round of figures
features another version of Jack Sparrow plus Norrinton, Barbossa, and
Clanker. The set of 4 is in stock for $49.99

300 PROP REPLICAS: The first round of items from NECA have just arrived,
check out all the life sized props here:

GI JOE SIGMA 6: The new Soldier wave 6 figures have just arrived and we
also have some Commando waves 6 and 7 left in stock.

REVOLTECH GIANT ROBO: Only $19.99 for this highly articulated figure from
Kaiyodo. We have a variety of other Revoltechs up for preorder also

TRANSFORMER CLASSIC MINI-CONS - WAVE 2: $23.99 will get you all 9 of the
latest Mini-con figures including Dirt Digger Team, Clear Skies Team, and
Predator Attack Team - they are also available singly.

MARVEL TITANIUM FIGURES: Hasbro's latest Magneto and Hulk Titanium
figures are now in stock for $17.49 each.

SAW HEADKNOCKER: This cool 8" figure features the Saw Puppet on its
tricycle - in stock now for just $14.99

PREMIUM FORMAT KISS: The Spaceman figure is now in stock for $229.99 -
$20 below MSRP. The rest should be arriving fairly soon so start your
collection out right with The Spaceman.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items listed above. We'll be listing a ton more
new items in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more exciting news.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): gutter bunny, Joel of

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Re: BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm (24133)
Posted by Air Commander Starscream on February 16th, 2007 @ 4:16am CST
Personally I am looking forward to that Foldbooster for my YF-19. The WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm also looks prettygood too.
Re: BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm (24316)
Posted by Down_Shift on February 16th, 2007 @ 9:29am CST
I'm a fan of Magnus repaints so I'll be getting the WW version for sure. I find that I like Sunstorm more then I do Starscream in the WW mould. Oh well, I'll get both anyways.
Re: BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm (24329)
Posted by Zeds on February 16th, 2007 @ 9:42am CST
Did I say in previous posts how much I love this line? Oh yeah...I did!
Re: BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm (24386)
Posted by Sunstar on February 16th, 2007 @ 10:41am CST
Very Mew. Sunstorm :D
Re: BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm (24478)
Posted by Gutter Bunny on February 16th, 2007 @ 1:02pm CST
G1 magnus,WW megs,and the fallen preorders are up now also :grin:
Re: BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm (24570)
Posted by sparkofchaos on February 16th, 2007 @ 2:57pm CST
not so much looking forward to repaints though the ones here are very nice in my opinion. I'm definitely looking forward to the next four 6" titanium releases though: Cheetor, Fallen, WWI Meg, and G1 Ultra Magnus. That right there is a true Magnus that everyone should have.
Re: BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm (24598)
Posted by Tigertrack on February 16th, 2007 @ 3:20pm CST
They also have pre-orders for 6 inch Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus, and War Within Megatron.

Those were not there yesterday when they updated with WWI Magnus, and WWI Sunstorm.
Re: BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm (24668)
Posted by Liege Evilmus on February 16th, 2007 @ 4:51pm CST
Sunstorm looks good, better than StarScream, but I'm afraid that I'll pass on these though.

I'm not a fan of repaints.

G1 Magnus I'm very excited about though.
Re: BigBadToyStore Update: Titanium WWI Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm (24678)
Posted by UltraPrimal on February 16th, 2007 @ 5:02pm CST
There's also a pic of WWI Megs too.

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