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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004 5:26pm CDT

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TRANSFORMERS ENERGON: The brand new Mega Shockblast, Cliffjumper, Mirage, and Ultra Bulkhead figures have arrived. We have also received more of the Ultra Landmine and Scorponok and Mega Jetfire. We have a reasonably good supply of the new items, but judging from the speed they are selling now they will not last more than a day or two. More of the Universe King Atlas and Tankor & Obsidian sets have also arrived.


--GUNDAM: The HUGE 1/144 HG Seed Meteor Unit with Freedom Gundam has arrived. This set is packed in the standard Perfect Grade sized box and the kit itself looks awesome - a big ride with many nifty features.

--GUNDAM: Fix 0020 Madrock has arrived and we have limited stock available. Also in stock is the Master Grade Rick Dias 1/100 kit - many other Master Grade kits are in stock.

--DEKARANGERS: The huge DekaRoboBase figure is now in stock on the Rangers Menu.

--SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: The GX-23 Zambot 3 has just arrived, another masterpiece from Bandai with a very attractive and fairly large box.

ROBOTECH AND MACROSS: We've restocked a variety of Robotech items in small quantities and received the new Yamato Armor kit for 1/60 Vf-1
Valkyries. Also back in stock for Yamato Macross are: 1/48 Super Max
and Millia, 1/48 Super VF-1J, 1/60 VF-11B Fastpack, 1/60 Brown VF-1A, 1/60 Elintseeker, and many other 1/48 and 1/60 items are in stock.

JAPANESE ENERGON - SUPERLINK: We've received a few new figures including the SD-12 Dinobot and SD-14 Laserwave (which is the Japanese version of the new Shockblast) Previously sold out items have also been restocked:
SC-01 Convoy, SD-02 Ironhide, SD-03 Sandstorm, SD-06 Command Jaguar, SD-07 Galvatron, and SC-13 SL Convoy - now priced at $24.99.

HASBRO'S DUELMASTERS: Based on the hit card came, the Duelmaster Mini 2-packs and basic figures are in stock - priced at $4.99 and $8.99 respectively. Also now in stock is the impressive Bolshak Dragon - it stands around 1 foot tall and has electronic sound and lights. 2 Dragons will interact with each other with flashing lights and roaring, and its overall a very nice looking figure.

STAR WARS: The Trilogy X-Wing and TIE Fighter have just arrived and are available for $22.99 each. More Unleashed wave 9 figures have arrived - Leia and Obi-Wan - both available separately. We've also restocked some of the soldout Saga figures including Holographic Luke, Rappertunie, Tanus Spijek, and Sail Barge Lando. We've also cut prices on some other recent releases including Bossk, Dengar, Admiral Ozzel and others!

GI JOE: We've received more of the 40th Anniversary figures #14 Command Post (both Caucasian and African American) #15 Action Sailor Shore Patrol, #16 Action Sailor with 4 weapon sets, and #17 Action Marine Beachhead

MICROMAN: We managed to acquire limited stock of the very popular Batman Microman figure TV Version. This will be the last stock we are able to get of this figure unless Takara decides to make more of them - available on the Microman menu for $18.99

VINTAGE DEPT: The vintage department continues to sort through and list more G1 transformers and GI Joe loose vehicles. Thousands of items are listed on the vintage menus from a huge variety of manufacturers and licenses, so be sure to take another look at it sometime.

STIKFAS: More new stikfas have been announced for this summer. The Stikfas brand has broken away from Hasbro and their new plan appears to be speeding up the number figures and frequency in which they release them!
The next release is the new Generation 2 (G2) Alpha Male figure - The Generation 2 Alpha Male body has extra joints for even greater articulation and poseability - Pre-Orders are available for the new set of 3 - Yellow, Green and Red figures for $13.99

Thanks for your interest in and please be sure to check out the new items.

Joel & The BBTS Crew


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