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Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another new round of preorders as well as a variety of new arrivals.


JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED: Three new 3-Packs have just been listed at
$9.99 each. Here is your chance to pick up the Justice Lords set, Green
Lantern Corps, and Batman / Zatanna / Shining Knight. These all should
ship out in June and don't miss out on the other new figures scheduled to
ship in October.

MARVEL LEGENDS GIANT MAN SERIES: We've finally been able to secure a
limited number of cases of this exclusive series. Cases of 12 are up for
preorder at $174.99 each, and they will be arriving in July.

REVOLTECH: TRANSFORMERS & MORE: Optimus Prime will be making his way to
the Revoltech line of ultra-articulated figures this winter for just
$19.99. We currently have only a concept/prototype photo, but it should
be a very cool figure with lots of extra add-on goodies. Also now up for
preorder from the Revoltech lineup is the Red Eva 02 and King Gainer
action figures - $19.99 each.

REAL ACTION HEROES (RAH): Three new offerings from Medicom have just
been listed - the X3 Movie version of Wolverine is $169.99. From Ultraman
we have the Z-Ton monster at $134.99 and from Kamen Riders, the Kamen
Rider 2 Pegasus Form figure at $104.99. Check these and more RAH figures
out here:


--MIAMI VICE: Mezco brings us their rendition of the coolest guys of the
80's - Crocket and Tubbs - even Elvis the crocodile is included. Sets of
2 are available to preorder at $29.99

--PUBLIC ENEMY: Groundbreaking rappers Chuck D and Flavor Flav are
available as a set of 2 figures for $34.99 - giant clock medallion

--SOUTH PARK SERIES 3: God was available in Family Guy wave 5, and with
this new South Park series you can pick up a Jesus action figure along
with Timmy, 'respect my authority' Cartman and more.

--FAMILY GUY MINI FIGURE BOXED SET: Get the 6 family members for just
$16.99 with this new 2.5" scale set.

TAKARA-TOMY MICROMAN: The 2006 Microman series continues with the first
Scopedog based figure - Fiana with Capsule. We also have 4 new preorders
up for two new Micro Ladies and two new Acro Ladies - $15.99 each, but no
pictures yet.

ELECTRIC TIKI - HELLBOY & POPEYE: Four new statues are up for preorder
including Hellboy, Lobster Johnson, Classic Popeye and Retro Popeye.

NEW VENDOR - REELART STUDIOS: We are now offering the full lineup of
statues and collectibles from ReelArt Studios. In the future we'll also
be listing their Frank Frazetta 'Snow Giants' sculpture - a very cool
item. Items currently listed include Blue Bulletteer Statue, Gil
Elvgren's Suzanne Pinup Statue, Attack of the Brain Monster, William
Stout's Dinogirl and Number One Statues, Neal Adams' Going Ape Statue.
Check all the items out here - nice images listed for everything.

BRAVE EXKAISER: A new two-pack from CMS Corporation in Japan - the Great
Exkaiser and Great Fighbird set is up for preorder at $74.99

NEW TRANSFORMER IMAGES POSTED: We've just received new images from Hasbro
for the 3" Transformers Titanium wave 2 figures. Legends of Cybertron
Wave 4 images have also just arrived. We've updated the 10th Anniversary
Prime and Megatron figures with in-package photos as well as added new
photos for the Cybertron Ransack GTS and Giant Planet Mini-con Team.


CAPCOM QUEENS: A new series of figures from Moby Dick Toys in Japan have
just arrived, these beauties of fighting are priced at $22.99 - figurs
include: Akira School Uniform, Akira Body Armor, Sakura, and Hinata.

MARVEL BUSTS & STATUES: The new Dr. Octopus Bust and Vindicator Busts are
each in stock at $41.99 - both are nicely done. The Marvel Milestones
Nick Fury Statue has also arrived - priced at $164.99

HALO 2 SERIES 7: Limited stock is available for the latest wave of Halo
Figures. The manufacturer limited production to only the initial advance
orders placed, so there won't be a ton of these to go around. Cyan
Spartan, Heretic Elite, Prophet of Truth, and Sets of 4 area available

CORPSE BRIDE STATUES: Along with the Corpse Bride herself, we now have
the Maggot Statue at $54.99 - check them all out here:

GRAND THEFT AUTO III KUBRICKS: Sorry, these are from the days before the
infamous Hot Coffee episode when GTA was innocent fun. This cool Kubrick
set of 5 from Medicom is available for $44.99

RYUKENDO MICROMAN: These figures are based an all new live-action TV show
in Japan, we have two figures in stock now for $9.99 and $13.99

GD-98 GODZILLA 1975: These were released a month or two ago and we
finally have open stock after filling preorders with the initial
shipments. Another nice mechanized version from Bandai - $74.99

Thanks for your interest in - be sure to check out
some of the new preorders or new arrivals.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Seibertron

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