update: Classics Wave 3 and much more! update: Classics Wave 3 and much more!

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 3:12am CST

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Here is another update from Joel of

Hi - Here is a quick update from about some
new arrivals and very exciting preorder news!


TRANSFORMER CLASSICS WAVE 3: Two new Deluxe sized figures - Cliffjumper
and Mirage have just been listed at $12.99 each. These will be released
in January. Classics Legends Wave 2 have also been listed, this set of 4
mini figures includes Whirl, Bumblebee, Trypticon, and Fireflight and is
priced at $17.99. Check out all the classic items here:

MP-05 MASTERPIECE MEGATRON: Masterpiece Optimus Prime will finally have a
worthy adversary on your shelf! We will be importing a modified version
of the MP-05 Megatron pistol with an orange tip on the barrel. This is
being done so that the gun will comply with US Toy Gun laws. We have full
details listed on our website about the modification and the reasons we
had to do it. This is going to be a fantastic figure, preorder now at
only $99.99 - Megatron arrives in March!

MEGATRON WALL STATUE: Another new release from Diamond Select Toys, this
wall statue is priced $10 under MSRP at $79.99 and features Megatron in a
soaring action pose with a variety of Cybertronian steel as his backdrop


--13" DELUXE COLLECTOR CATWOMAN: The first female figure to join this
popular line of characters looks to be very well done. Catwoman comes
with whip, tight leather style outfit, goggles and helmet - preorder now
at $59.99

--BATMAN ELSEWORLDS WAVE 4: This wave of figures includes one each of:
Amazonia: Wonder Woman, JSA Liberty Files Batman & The Flash, Kingdom Come
Blue Beetle, and The Dark Side Superman - both good and evil versions.
The set of 6 is priced at $71.99.

--BATMAN BLACK & WHITE - ALEX ROSS STATUE: A mean looking statue designed
based on the Alex Ross version of Batman - $54.99

--DC MINIMATES WAVE 4: We have all waves including the recently announced
4th wave listed for this set of highly anticipated mini heroes and
villains. Each set of 8 is priced at $29.99

attractive new bust

Bookends to hold your favorite novels, dvd's, or comics upright. We have
it listed at nearly $50 off the MSRP

HARRY POTTER 17" DOLLS - BY TONNER DOLL: These huge dolls are very high
quality and highly detailed. We've listed a total of 7 dolls, 3 extra
outfits, and 5 accessory sets - each modeled closely after the world
created JK Rowling. These dolls are all limited edition items and worth
taking a look at:

H.P. LOVECRAFT - EXCLUSIVE BLACK CTHULHU: This is a fantastic repaint of
Sota Toys' Cthulhu mold - mainly black with some speckles of pink and
orange between his wings and various other places. This is limited to
around only 1200 pieces and priced at $20.99

SPORTS PICKS MLB SERIES 19: McFarlane's latest series of baseball figures
will include Albert Pujols 3, Johnny Damon 2, Jonathan Papelbon, Pedro
Martinez 2, Prince Fielder, and Scott Kazmir. No images yet, but these
are priced at $10.99 each.

18" ROCKET PACK HELLBOY EXCLUSIVE: A Previews exclusive by Mezco, this
new version of the 18" Hellboy comes with a big rocket pack strapped on
his back - arriving in February and priced at $54.99

MARVEL STATUES, BUSTS, & MAGAZINES: More new items from Bowen and Diamond
including: Iron Fist Statue, Mandarin Bust, Prowler Bust, Wasp Retro
Bust, Wasp Bust, Kitty Pryde Bust, Marvel Origins Punisher Statue. More
of the Magazine and die-cast figure sets have been listed including #09
Captain America, #10 Doctor Doom, #38 She-Hulk, and #39 Mystique.

STAR TREK 40TH ANNIVERSARY STATUE - "City on the Edge of Forever" - this
new statue is priced well under MSRP at $174.99 and includes an
interesting mixed media presentation.

BUFFY / ANGEL: Diamonds new Angel Amends Motion Globe is up for order at
$139.99 - check it out here:


TRANSFORMER CLASSIC DELUXE WAVES 1 & 2: All the deluxe figures are now in
stock! Get the first 6 figures for $69.99 or pick out your favorite
singles. The new Mirage figure is available for just $12.99, Starscream,
Bumblebee, Astrotrain, and Rodimus are $10.99 to $12.99. Be sure to
preorder the wave 3 figures as well.

CULT CLASSICS WAVE 5: A nice wave of evil figures has just arrived. In
stock now are the Saw Jigsaw Killer in both human and pig faced mode,
Leatherface, medeival Ash, and pass the liver, hold the fava beans -
Doctor Hannibal Lecter. This is the best wave yet!

HARD HERO TRANSFORMERS BUSTS: Our big shipment of bust close-outs has
just arrived. Fantastic pricing on a variety of busts and statues
including the just listed Iron Hide bust & Bombshell statue. Other busts
start at $16.99 including Wheeljack, Jazz, Starscream, Hot Rod and more
all at a fraction of original retail pricing

STAR WARS SAGA WAVE 7: This wave is now fully available with full sets
and singles in stock! Wave 7 contains a wide variety of characters at
reasonable prices - check them out here:

HOT TOYS - CHOPPER PREDATOR: More Movie Masterpiece figures are now in
stock, the Chopper Predator is priced at $129.99 and he looks pretty nasty
wearing his human skull backpack.

by Sideshow, this one stands about 22" tall - check it out here:

STAR TREK EXCLUSIVES: Now in stock are a variety of Star Trek exclusives
including: Counselor Deanna Troi, Mirro Universe Sulu, and 1st Contact

VARIOUS NECA ITEMS: Other items that have just arrived include the
Highlander Medieval Boxed Set, Jimmy Page, Crow 'Transform' Diorama, Iron
Maiden Head Knocker, and Jack Sparrow Statue.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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