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Joel of has a new update to share with us all.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a big
batch of new preorders as well as more new arrivals.


JAPANESE BEAST WARS 2007: Our sources in Japan have just released very
early info about a set of new JBW figures that will be released in March.
Takara has not yet released any images of the figures, but they have
confirmed there will be 8 figures in the set including Optimus Primal,
Megatron, Cheetor, Waspinator, Blackarachnia, Archadis, Corhada, and
Dinobot. Our sources say these will be new-mold figures and they are also
limited editions. The full set of 8 is listed at $224.99 and we also
have a listing for Optimus and Megatron at $69.99. We'll update the site
as soon as more info surfaces. Takara should also be announcing more new
product for the second quarter within the next week so stay tuned

STAR TREK - WRATH OF KHAN: Diamond Comics has secured an action figure
license for this film and the first wave of cool figures have just been
listed. We have preorder listings for the exclusive Double Cross Kirk
figure and also Khan, Kirk, and Captain Terrell.

SPIDER-MAN 3 - REAL ACTION HEROES: Medicom delivers more high-end, high
quality figures in their RAH series. From Spider-Man 3, they have just
offered Venom, Spider-Man, and Black Costume Spider-Man - each priced at
just $94.99. These are being distributed in limited numbers in the US at
prices far below what you would pay for an imported version.

NEW MARVEL TITANIUM: Hasbro has just announced the second wave of
Titanium figures including: Hulk, Magneto, and Wolverine. These are all
priced at $17.49 and new images are are available:

ALEX ROSS - JUSTICE LEAGUE WAVE 6: The top selling series from DC Direct
continues with a new set containing one each of Armored Batman, Armored
Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Scarecrow. This set is priced at $51.99 and
as usual, the figures look great!

ROCKY - MOVIE MASTERPIECE 12": Hot Toys will be releasing a Rocky Balboa
and Clubber Lang 12" figures from their extremely popular Movie
Masterpiece series. These are $149.99 and both are limited editions.

NFL LEGENDS 3 - SPORTS PICKS: We don't have any images yet, but the next
round of NFL Legends will contain: Dan Marino, Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell,
John Elway, Reggie White, and Roger Staubach. Preorders are listed at
only $10.99 each.

GOD OF WAR - KRATOS: NECA brings Kratos to life with two different
versions of the hero from the hugely popular Playstation game. The two
versions include Flaming Chains, and Golden Fleece Armor, each priced at
only $12.99

GUNDAM 1/60 GLORIOUS SERIES: Bandai has recently announced a new line of
large scale kits - the 1/60 Glorious series look to be similar to Perfect
Grade kits in size and price. These also include LED lights and three
models have been announced so far including Gouf, Rick Dom, and a chromed
version of the Rick Dom. Preorders are listed at $149.99 to $299.99

DC MINIMATES WAVE 5: This set of 8 minimates is priced at $29.99 and it
includes: Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Guy Gardner,
Kilowog, Red Tornado, and Ma Hunkel. Waves 1 through 4 are also up for
preorder at $29.99

GETTER ROBO: In addition to Aoshima's recent red Getter 1 figure, they
will be releasing a few limited edition exclusives including a 'weathered'
version, and a 'test & training' version sold through their Miracle House
brand. Preorders are available for these exclusives at $119.99

HELLGATE STATUES BY WETA: Based on the Hellgate video game to be released
later this year, Weta brings us four nicely sculpted statues that are each
limited to only 1000 pieces. Statues include Male and Female Templars,
London the Hunter, and Cabalist - each priced below the MSRP at $199.99 to

DC DIRECT - 13" DELUXE COLLECTOR NIGHTWING: This cool new figure from DC
is priced $10 below MSRP at $59.99. A nice addition to the growing 13"
series DC introduced last year.

HARRY POTTER SERIES 1 - BY NECA: NECA continues to impress with great
sculpting and reasonable pricing. The new Harry Potter figures are the
best released by any company so far with movie accurate sculpting and a
nice selection of characters including Harry, two Death Eaters, Dementor,
and Voldemort. The set of 5 is priced at $59.99

BETTY PAGE 13" STATUE: This fabulous statue does a great job capturing
the look of Betty Page. We have it listed $10 below MSRP at $114.99

MUTTS: From the popular comic strip, we now have several Mutts items up
for preorder including Mutts Book-Ends, 8" PVC figures of Earl and Mooch,
and a 4-piece PVC Set.

MORE IMPORTED GUNDAM KITS & FIGURES: Check out some of these new imports
- 1/100 Master Grade Hi Nu Gundam, 1/100 Cross Bone Full Cloth, HCM Pro
Qubeley, HCM Pro Gold Hyakushiki, 1/144 Civilain Astray DSSD Custom, 1/144
HGUC GPO2A MLRS and a variety of other items.

HOT TOYS MILITARY - SNIPERS: Two new snipers from Operation Iraqi Freedom
have just been listed at $109.99 including the 23rd Marine Regiment and
Desert Tiger BDU versions.

MCFARLANE'S 24 - JACK BAUER FIGURES: McFarlane has put together a great
looking boxed set of the 24 star - Jack Bauer. We have preorders listed
for both the upcoming sets at $24.99 each.

TRANSFORMERS CLEAR & BLACK HOT ROD: A supplier in Japan found a limited
supply of this long-gone exclusive. Preorders for the clear version are
listed at $99.99 and the black version is $69.99

PATLABOR - INGRAM FIGURES: New from CMS Corp in Japan, the Ingram is
available in a Movie version as well as a TV version for $129.99 each.
This figure comes nicely equipped with a variety of accessories

STAR WARS KUBRICK SET: A new 5-pack boxed set from Medicom has just been
listed for $59.99. This set features Luke & Yoda Dagobah, C-3PO (animated
droids version), 2-1B, B-Wing Pilot, and Snowtrooper.

EVEN MORE PREORDERS! Do a quick search on the site for some of these
other cool items:
Women of DC Universe - Donna Troy Bust, The Sandman Absolute 11" Statue,
Starblazers EX-33 Black Tiger Model Kit, Hellboy Liz Sherman Animated
Bust, Classic Peanuts Snoopy Statue, Classic DC The Flash Statue, The
Godfather 3D Poster and Godfather 6" Figure, Rocky 3D Poster, The Simpsons
Spay Anything boxed set, Robocop 3D Movie Poster, Shining Tears Elwing,
Inukami! Yoko and Nadeshiko, Yakitate Tsukino Azusagawa, Sigma 6 Commando
Wave 7 set of 6.


HUGE HASBRO SHIPMENT: We have literally tons of new items arriving
tomorrow, so be sure to check the site for a batch of new Marvel, GI Joe,
Transformers, and Star Wars arrivals!

PREMIUM FORMAT LEATHERFACE: Sideshow's newest 1/4 Scale figure is now in
stock for $224.99. This 19" polystone figure comes with the pretty lady
mask, and of course the trusty old saw.

MARVEL LEGENDS 15 - NEW SHIPMENT: Another wave of Legends 15 has just
arrived and we now have a small restock of all the variants available.
Sets of 6 are also still available for $59.99 - check it all out here:

BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The vintage department has just listed a wide
variety of Transformers from 15 different Transformer lines and the AFA
graded Vintage Star Wars auctions we have listed end tomorrow night!
To see the new vintage department listings - click here:
To see the AFA graded Star Wars auctions - click here:

MACROSS VF-19: Just in from Yamato is the new 1/60 scale YF-19 priced at
$199.99. Our sources in Japan say this item is running somewhat low and
that another production run is not currently scheduled, so be sure not to
miss out on this beauty.

KERBEROS PANZER COP: Another cool high-end 12" figure from Takara, in
stock now for $179.99 with a few more arriving soon.

MOTU STATUES WAVE 4: Our second shipment has just arrived and this very
popular set of statues is back in stock for $56.99

DOOM HELL KNIGHT STATUE: Only $44.99 for this cool item from First 4
Figures. Check it out here:

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: The Jack Sparrow Ring, Elizabeth Swan Necklace
and Davy Jones Key are all back in stock

GODZILLA: The GD-98 Mecha Godzilla 1975 is back in stock and we've also
received more of the vinyl Gamera and Godzilla figures.

SAINT SEIYA PANDORA: More of this popular mail-away figure have arrived,
they are in stock for $59.99.

CARS PULLBAX: These fun smaller scale figures each have a pull-back
windup motor and they are priced at just $4.99 each.

NEW ANIME GIRLS: Another new batch has just arrived including:

--ZOIDS - KOTONA ELEGANCE 1/7 PVC STATUE - great swimwear!




Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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