Update: June 6th 2007 Update: June 6th 2007

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 8:26pm CDT

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Joel of has provided yet another exciting update fileld with tons of new arrivals and preorders. There is always something for everyone.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of cool new arrivals and 60+ new preorders - including more
exciting Hasbro items.


STAR WARS 30TH ANNIVERSARY: We have just received a good portion of our
order for the 3rd wave of 30th Anniversary figures as well as more Wave 1
and Wave 2 figures. Check out this menu for a variety of single figures
in stock now from the first 3 waves:

MEDICOM SPAWN FIGURES: Imported from Japan, these very cool Spawn figures
are much different than what is normally released in the States. In stock
now are Bearbrick Spawn, Vinyl Collection Doll (VCD) Spawn, and Spawn

SPIDER-MAN 3 REAL ACTION HEROES: More good stuff from Medicom, the RAH
Venom, Spider-Man, and Black Suit Spider-Man are all in stock for $94.99.
Check out these highly articulated 12" beauties here:

STAR WARS - 2007 SAGA LEGENDS: Keep your 30th Anniversary collector coin
booklet up to date with the Saga Legends line. Each contains a special
collector coin and we have a variety of series 1 figures in stock now:

ROBOCOP BATTLE DAMAGED ED-209: This beastly new figure from Hot Toys is
truly impressive at 15" tall. We've reduced the price to $174.99 so they
may not last long!

TRANSFORMER MOVIE FIGURES: Our buyers were able to supply a limited
supply of the exclusive Robo-Vision Optimus Prime, Arcee, Hardtop, and
Signal-Flare. We've also just received more Deluxe figures, Transformers
Risk Game, and our full shipment of Real Gear figures - all six of them
are in stock as a set for $49.99. Preorders for many more upcoming items
are also available:

NECA: Over 50 previously sold out items, including a variety of action
figures, bobbleheads, and lunchboxes have just been restocked. Take a
look at the ever-expanding selection of NECA items here:

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-37 KING JOE: Another nifty high-end item from Bandia.
King Joe disassembles into four separate space craft modules and is in
stock now for $84.99

BRAVE SERIES - GOSHOGUN: Brave Gokin 08 GoShogun is from the Japanese
super robot anime action series Sengoku Majin GoShogun, produced in 1981
and aired in 1982 in Japan. GoShogun Measures 7" tall and is fully
articulated, with a host of accessories and weapons.

MEGAZONE 23 - GARLANDS: Four very cool new mini Garland figures have just
arrived from Japan and are in stock for $34.99. We also still have the
much larger 1/15 Scale Military Garland

SPIDER-MAN 3 VCD: Three very cool Spider-Man vinyl figures have just
arrived. These figures have a Japanese feel to them and lots of attitude.
In stock now at $57.99 each.


TRANSFORMERS 12" HOT RODIMUS PVC STATUE: It looks like an exciting new
series has just started up with the announcement of Daiki Kogyo's 25cm =
~12" Hot Rodimus 'Metal Version' PVC Statue. This statue features
Rodimus in traditional G1 robot mode and it comes with a high-end display
base. Arriving this fall, preorders have been listed at $99.99.

MARVEL LEGENDS - 12" ICONS WAVE 4: Up next in Hasbro's 1/6 scale lineup
is the nicely sculpted Magneto & Cyclops. These are available as a set
for $44.99, or individually at $23.99 each - check them out here:

HOT TOYS PREDATOR 2: Thanks to the domestic distribution of Hot Toys
items, we are able to bring you the awesome new 14" Predator 2 figure for
only $119.99 instead of the import price of roughly 50% more! Hot Toys
has been doing top-notch work on all their items lately and this one looks
to be a good one as well:

RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER - WAVE 3: Hasbro has just announced a third
wave of figures and the entire case contains brand new items so we can
bring them to you in a handy set of 4 for just $39.99. These are the
best looking figures of the series so far - check out Human Torch, Mister
Fantastic, Doctor Doom, & Silver Surfer #2 here:

JAWS MOVIE COLLECTIBLES: A very cool new high-end series of Jaws items
from Delmac Creations has just been listed. The items include several
sculptures, a Jaws Shark Tooth display, and Jaws movie storyboard.

STAR WARS - SAGA LEGENDS 2007 - WAVE 5: Hasbro has just announced another
wave of Saga Legend figures that includes more troop builder figures, and
a variety of new paint versions. The case of 12 is up for preorder at

FANTASTIC 4 - MORE ITEMS: In addition to the new wave of action figures,
we've just listed the Fantasticar with Mr. Fantastic at $23.99 and a
variety of Bump 'N Go vehicles at $10.99 to $11.99

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE PLUSH: Four new plush items have just been listed
including the 16" Autobot & Decepticon pillows at $22.99, and
Softimus-Prime and Slumblebee figure plush at $11.99:

NEW SPIDER-MAN MOVIE FIGURES: Hasbro has announced another new movie case
and we've broken it down into sets and singles. Get all 4 of the new
figures as part of this set of 9 for $89.99, and we also have single
listings for new figures at $14.99 each. Check them all out here:

ROBIN HOOD 12" & 5" FIGURES: Underground Toys brings us a new line of
action figures based on the BBC tv show that coincidentally just started
airing on BBC America a few days ago! We've just listed 12" Robin Hood
and 12" Sheriff at $21.99 each, and there are 5 different 5" figures
listed as a set for $49.99

DISNEY STATUES & COLLECTIBLES: Our Disney menus are growing, the addition
of 8 new statues has pushed us to over 50 instock or preorder items.
Check out all the new Mickey, Donald, Minnie, and Pooh items here:

DOCTOR WHO - SPACE SUIT SERIES: A new set of figures has just been listed
that includes Doctor Who In Space Suit, Clockwork Man (Blue), Mickey Smith
with Peacher Gun, Black Dalek, & Ood. This set is priced at $54.99 and
arrives in a few months.

DARKSTALKERS - FELICIA PVC: A new release from Organic, this 6" PVC
Statue is quite revealing and the sculpt looks great - $57.99

STREET FIGHTER - CHUN LI PVC: A traditional take on Chun Li, this PVC
statue stands around 9" tall and is up for preorder at $48.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items mentioned above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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I unsubscribed to this as I figure I'm just gonna look at it here anyway.

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