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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 8:40pm CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
great new sale we are running, new arrivals, and more new preorders!


We have tons of great new deals listed on the site for you with our Spring
Cleaning Clearance Sale. 25 Menus have discounts of 35% to 80% with 20 or
more of them at 50% or more! We've also listed 60 individual overstocked
items at greatly reduced prices. Check out a variety of Transformers,
Marvel Legends, Halo, X-Men, Attacktix, Imports, GI Joe and more on the
new sales menu. This sale does not have a specific end date yet, but
items will be pulled as we reach more desireable inventory levels. Great
deals are spread throughout the entire list so be sure to check them all
out here:


JAPANESE BEAST WARS 10TH ANNIVERSARY: Eight great new versions of classic
figures have just arrived. Each is packaged in a fancy multi-faceted
window box that displays both the new paint versions of the figures but
also the included DVD. A DVD case for each figure is also secured to one
side of the box for future storage of the DVD. Takara did a nice job with
these figures - sets and singles are available here:

exclusive from E-Hobby has just arrived. This set features three all new
characters - Rosanna, Glit, and Sundor - details about them are listed on
the site. This set is priced at $54.99 and is in stock now.

GOD OF WAR - KRATOS: NECA has just delivered two amazing versions of
Kratos from the awesome God of War game. We have both the Golden Fleece
and Flaming Blades versions in stock now. NECA is currently sold out and
won't restock until May, the majority of our stock is sold, but we do
still have a good number left here:

E-HOBBY THS-02B BLACK CONVOY: Another shipment of this popular exclusive
has just arrived. E-Hobby is running low on these and we now have a good
chunk of their remaining supply - in stock now for $84.99

ultra-high-end version of the Enterprise is now in stock. This baby is
priced at nearly $1200 so you'll need to check the spec sheet for all the
goodies included.

TITANIUM TRANSFORMERS: Scourge and Jetfire join Soundwave and Rodimus
Prime as recently restocked 6" Titanium figures. Check out the full
selection here:

SPIDER-MAN 3 GAMES & FIGURES: Spider-Man versions of Monopoly, Sorry!,
and Operation have just arrived. Check out the cool adaptations of
classic games here, and don't forget to check out all the new figures too


ALTERNATORS RAVAGE & RUMBLE: These are starting to show up at retail
across the country and our buyers are working on getting a supply to us
soon. Preorders have been opened at $33.99 each for Ravage and Rumble,
but the quantities are limited of course, so be sure to reserve them soon!

NEW TITANIUM TRANSFORMERS: Hasbro will deliver the War Within Ultra
Magnus, Sunstorm, and Starscream 6" Titanium figures to us in about a
week! Preorders for all three are available for $17.99

DC SUPERHEROES: Mattel will be delivering cases that contain Darkseid,
Kal-el, Bizarro, and Mongol from the DC Superheroes line, we also will be
receiving the 10" Justice League cases within the next 5 days or so.

Starscream Protoform figures will be arriving to BBTS in about a week!
Preorders will be listed next week as well so check back then.


BUFFY T.V.S - 'THE JUDGE' BUILD-A-FIGURE: Diamond gets in on the
bonus-figure idea with their new set of 6 Buffy figures that each include
a part needed to build The Judge. The full set is up for preorder at
$79.99. Two other new Buffy items include the Summers Family Album Boxed
Set and "The Wish" Xander

STAR TREK TNG: Captain Picard finally gets his own Captain's Chair style
figure. This 20th Anniversary figure is priced $4 below MSRP at $20.99

OFFICE SPACE - MILTON DIORAMA: A great addition to your desk at work,
this cool new figure is set in the 7" scale and is priced at $20.99

ARMORED CORE MODEL KITS: Another new kit for the highly popular Armored
Core series. The Ray Leonard 3 Aaliyah Kit is priced at $33.99

BOME VOLUME 22: Monsieur Bome brings us his interpretation of the
Fate/Stay Nigh Rin Tosaka figure - up for preorder at $27.99

24 MINIMATES: Jack is back in a new 4-piece Minimate set for just $13.99
- check out this cool new 24 format here:

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Two new items have just been listed including the
Series 2 Minimates and also the 12" Retro Apollo & Starbuck figures

MARVEL STATUES & BUSTS: A nice batch of new items including: Origins
Doctor Doom, Icons Elektra, Avengers Spider-Man Statue, Civil War Nitro
Bust, and Milestones Magneto Statue - all spread throughout this menu:

BEGOTHS SERIES 6: Our first listing for the BeGoth series, this set of 3
figures is priced at $89.99 and includes Pandora, Penelope, and Slayer

NECA HARRY POTTER: A few more new items from NECA includ 11.5" Bendable
Dolls, and the 7" scale Harry Potter vs Voldemort - Goblet of Fire Boxed
Set - Check all the NECA Potter items out here:

TARZAN & THE GOLDEN LION STATUE: Another cool statue from Reel Art
Studios, this Tarzan statue is priced $35 below MSRP at $154.99

SAVAGE DRAGON - SHE DRAGON VARIANT STATUE: Another cool limited edition
statue from Moore - this one is priced at $189.99 and features nothing but
a mohawk and tiny bikini bottoms.

STAR TREK - ICONS KIRK BUST: Diamond has started a promising new line of
busts with Kirk from the early days. This bust is $5 under MSRP at $39.99

GRINDHOUSE - STUNTMAN MIKE: A cool 12" version of Kurt Russell's role,
this new figure is priced at $27.99

Thanks for your interest in - be sure to check out
some of the many great deals on our latest sale


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel at

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Re: Update - March 28th, 2007 (67381)
Posted by buddha-con on March 28th, 2007 @ 9:44pm CDT
Because of this sale I finally got Star Convoy and Laser Prime, for $100!! I had to let go of something in my pile of loot but I think it was worth it
Re: Update - March 28th, 2007 (67520)
Posted by Basketball Jones on March 28th, 2007 @ 11:54pm CDT
$45 for 20th Anniversary DVD Prime? BBTS can do better than that.
Re: Update - March 28th, 2007 (68112)
Posted by Liege Evilmus on March 29th, 2007 @ 6:58pm CDT
$33.99 for Rumble and Ravage!

Re: Update - March 28th, 2007 (68337)
Posted by Dclone Soundwave on March 29th, 2007 @ 11:32pm CDT
I'm still waiting for their update that concersn MP Megatron. I can't wait any longer!!
Re: Update - March 28th, 2007 (69146)
Posted by Air Commander Starscream on March 30th, 2007 @ 9:08pm CDT
Decepticlone Soundwave wrote:I'm still waiting for their update that concersn MP Megatron. I can't wait any longer!!

Yea I am also curious as to what BBTS is going to do.

Lot's of cool things in this update...especially that big Enterprise.... but the $,$$$.$$ makes me :SICK:

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