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Monday, May 23rd, 2005 5:12pm CDT

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Hi - Here is a big update about a ton of new arrivals at - Pre-Orders for all the items mentioned below will be processed over the weekend and ship Monday.

HALO 2 SERIES 3: The latest Halo figures have just arrived, sets of 4 figures include Blue Spartan, Special Ops Grunt, the huge Tartarus, and Ghost vehicle with mini Tartarus. The set is priced at $54.99 and single Ghosts and Blue Spartans are available for $13.99.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2: The first series was immensely popular and Joyride has followed up with another nice wave of figures. Series 2 sets of 3 are available for $34.99 - the set includes Apollo, Starbuck and Cylon Commander. Also available is a Series 1 repaint of the Colonial Viper for $15.99. We still have a few Series 1 items in stock and the 12" Apollo and Cylon are in stock for $74.99

TRANSFORMERS: A wide variety of arrivals:

--USA G1 SEALED CYCLONUS: A rare warehouse find! Original US G1 boxed Cyclonus figures still factory sealed! We have C7.5 to C8 (standard grade) available for $279.99 and C6.5 to C7.5 (substandard grade) available for $239.99. Please be sure to read the 'Notes' section for further information on box descriptions - they are in pretty nice shape overall, but they are showing a bit of age, still a great piece at a reasonable price. Product removed from their website ... click here for more details!

--TRAILER FOR 20TH OP: Just Toys in Hong Kong has produced this custom trailer that fits on the 20th Anniversary Prime and can carry several BT cars. It is constructed of heavy duty plastic and matches the 20th Prime quite well - available now for $79.99

--NEW PRE-ORDER BT-15: Takara has announced they will release a 2nd version of the BT-15 Acura Integra. We previously had listed the Bt-15 Police Integra Prowl and we've now listed the new Blue street version of the Acura Integra. The name is unknown at this point, but its another good looking binaltech figure.

--MASTERPIECE PRIME: We were able to secure a small supply of Takara 20th Anniversary Masterpice Primes at retail overseas - limited stock is now available at $159.99 each and we also have the MP-02 Ultra Magnus in stock for much less :)

--BEAST WARS RETURNS: The 3rd wave of figures has just arrived - this wave features repainted versions of Beast Changer, Strika, Megabolt Megatron and Obsidian - they are priced from $37.99 to $41.99. We also have Silverbolt, Tank Drone, Motorcycle Drone, and Blackarachnia in stock from this same line.

--EVEN MORE TRANSFORMERS: These items are all back in stock: BT-13 Laserwave, BT-07 Smokescreen, BT-08 Meister, #17 Blitzwing, #13 Hot Rod, #04 Tracks, Mega PVC Megatron Exclusive, Mega PVC Optimus Prime Anime, Binaltech & TF Collection Book, G1 Transformers Book, Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia, Bumblebee & Cliffjumer Keychain set, Japanese Keychain boxes of 12, Galaxy Force GC-10 Nitro Convoy, Palisades Starscream Statue.

STIKFAS: Another big month of releases for Stikfas - These figures have just arrived: Omega Male Superhero, Omega Male Supervillain, Beta Female Fairy, Beta Female Safari with Jungle Cat, Alpha Male Firefighter, Omega Male Military, Classic Black Alpha Male Military - each only $8.99. The new Alpha Male Motorcycle kit has also arrived - $14.99. We've recently restocked these popular kits as well: Blue Samurai, Pirate & Skeleton, Legionnaire, Spaceman, Deluxe Dragon & Knight kits & More!

NINJA GAIDEN PVC STATUE: Our first shipment of these statues from Kaiyodo sold out in days - we've received an even larger 2nd shipment of Ryu and Ayane - both are in stock now for $37.99 & $36.99 respectively.

SPORTS PICKS - NBA LEGENDS: All your favorite NBA heroes in tight 70's shorts - we have Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Wilt Chamberlain, Pete Maravich, Bill Walton and Willis Reed in stock. All the normal figures are $9.99 each and we have a variety of variants in stock as well.

MICROMAN MAGNETFORCE: The first 3 figures all previously sold out and we have restocked them all - MGM-01 Achilles, MGA-01 Phobos, and MGA-02 Atlas are each in stock for $18.49. The next 3 figures arrive in 2 weeks.

EPISODE III: We had a great time seeing EpIII on Thursday and hope everyone will be able to see it this weekend if you've not already. We have more #33 Clone Commanders in stock as well as a variety of other newer figures, some with lower pricing! The .45 Scaled EpIII Anakin Lightsaber has also arrived - $33.99.

BANDAI JAPAN: A few new Gundam MSIA figures and more Kamen Rider Disk Animals have arrived. New Gundams include MSIA Asshimar, MSIA Blaze Zaku Phantom, Extended MSIA MK-II Titans Version #1 and #2. New Disk animals include #06 Lion and #07 Eagle. We also have #1, #2, #4, #5 in stock for $21.99 each.

LIVING DEAD DOLLS SERIES 9: The latest set of LDDs is available for $97.99, this is an interesting set with the highlight being the Purdy doll with exposed brain ala Ray Liotta dining with Dr. Lecter.

ARRIVING SOON - TWISTED FAIRY TALES: McFarlane has just alerted us that our full order of Twisted Fairy Tale figures will be shipping this coming week. Pre-Orders are available for this awesome set of 6 for $62.99 -


CHOBITS: Toynami's Yuzuki and Chi Chobits figures are $10.99 & $9.99 FIST OF NORTH STAR: The 200X repaint version Roah - $24.99
BERSERK: Limited Griffith Millenium Statue - $189.99
STAR TREK MODEL: 150 piece 1701-A kit for $39.99

Thanks for your interest in - if you have a pending pre-order for any of the items mentioned above we'll be processing them over the weekend. Please be sure to check out some of the new items.

Thanks again - we greatly appreciate your business!

Joel & The BBTS Crew


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