Update: Revoltech Megatron Pic and more! Update: Revoltech Megatron Pic and more!

Thursday, January 18th, 2007 10:58pm CST

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Joel of has another huge update for us. One of the highlights is the preorder for Revoltech Megatron which has a prototype image.

Hi - Here is another big update from about a
bunch of new arrivals and more excellent new preorders!


MORE JAPANESE BEAST WARS 2007: We've just received word from Japan that
after the limited edition 'early release' set, Takara will be releasing
all the figures plus some additional ones as single figure releases.
Preorders for all 8 figures have been listed at $27.99 each and we've also
listed Rhinox, Drancron, and Howlinger. We should have images of most
figures early next week.


--JABBA'S THRONE ROOM BAND - This awesome new statue features Max Rebo, Sy
Snoodles, and Droopy McCool. We have it listed at $30 below MSRP!

--JABBA THE HUTT STATUE - This is going to be a large and heavy piece with

a $295 MSRP. Jabba sits on his throne with a tiny Jawa fanning him. We
have this one listed nearly $50 under MSRP at $249.99

--ANIMATED YODA ON KYBUCK - The extremely popular animated series
continues with this fun new statue featuring Yoda perched on his trusty
Kybuck steed. Preorder now at $79.99 - MSRP is $89.99

--LORD OF THE RINGS - ELROND & SARUMAN: The fifth and sixth busts in
their new series look great - preorders are listed at $44.99 each.

--HARRY POTTER BUST-UPS: A great looking new set of 5 bust-ups for $26.99

4 Clone Trooper bust-ups as well as Saesee for just $22.99

TRANSFORMERS - REVOLTECH MEGATRON: Megatron will get the Revoltech
treatment this April! Preorders are available at $24.99, we can't wait to
see what figure they make next. Optimus and Ultra Magnus Revoltech
figures are in transit and will be here next week!

STAR WARS SAGA LEGENDS WAVE 1: Hasbro is bringing back a variety of
popular molds from past Saga and Episode III waves and is offering them in
all new Saga Legends packaging. We are offering the wave 1 set of 10
figures at $74.99, and wave 1 cases of 12 at $89.99. Figures include:
Vader, Maul, Grievous, C-3PO, Yoda, Battle Droids, Shock Trooper, Ep2
Clone Trooper, Ep3 Clone Trooper, and R2-D2

ROBOCOP BATTLE DAMAGED ED-209: This awesome figure is now being
distributed domestically, we have preorders open at just $189.99 for this
huge figure. Check it out here:

STARGATE SG-1 - 10TH ANNIVERSARY WATCH: Master Replicas has put together
a nifty functioning watch replica. This watch is limited to 1000 pieces
and a Stargate themed bezel twists to reveal the watch’s crystal and
Stargate logo inside. Preorders available at $279.99

LUKE SKYWALKER BLASTER LE REPLICA: Master Replicas is producing only 1500
pieces of this high-end die-cast and machined metal blaster. We have it
listed $40 below MSRP at $459.99

MARVEL STATUES AND BUSTS: Another batch of new listings including New
Avengers Iron Man, Marvel Milestones Frank Miller Wolverine, Doc Ock, Ms
Marvel Bust, X-Men 3 Professor X Bust, Marvel Origins Captain America, and
Marvel Icons Daredevil Bust.

priced replica from Master Replicas. Only $9.99 for heart-shaped crab

STIKFAS EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM: We don't have an image yet, but this
mega sized kit will contain redeco versions of the Stikfas Nurse,
Firefighter, and Police with K9 unit.


HASBRO MARVEL LEGENDS WAVE 1: Hasbro's first round of Legends figures has
just arrived and sets of 6 are now in stock for $64.99. The set of 6
figures also includes all the parts needed to build Annihilus.

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM: Rodimus Prime and Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime
are now in stock for $19.99 and $16.99 respectively - we have limited
stock remaining on both figures.

GI JOE SIGMA 6: The new Commando Wave 6 set of 4 has just arrived and a
variety of 2.5" Sigma figures including vehicles and mission sets have
also arrived.

TRANSFORMER CLASSICS: Cliffjumper is now in stock for $12.99, Rodimus has
been restocked and Mirage is now priced at $9.99. Grimlock, Ramjet, and
Waves 2 & 3 sets were pre-sold-out but preorders are still available for
our next shipment of those.

STAR WARS DEATH STAR BRIEFING ROOM: A new exclusive from Diamond Comics,
this set features Lord Vader addressing all his underlings in the Death
Star. The set includes 7 total figures and the box is set up with a huge
table and chairs in the foreground. In stock now for $36.99

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA: DC Direct's latest figure set is now in stock
for $59.99. This one features Hourman, Mr. Terrific, Dr Mid-Nite, Golden
Age Atom 2-pack and Hawkgirl.

MP-03 MASTERPIECE STARSCREAM: A small shipment of MP-03 has just arrived,
we are nearing the end of our supply - $109.99 each for this beauty.

UNICRON.COM GOLDEN DISKS: Back in stock for $15.99 - a great add-on to
your Transmetal Megatron figure.

GX-13 DANCOUGA - S.O.C. - Back in stock for just $159.99 - the GX-13 is
one of the larger and more complex Chogokin figures out there.

SPECIAL OPS TROOPER HELMET: We've located a few pieces of this exclusive
limited edition Master Replicas Helmet - in stock now for $499.99

KURT COBAIN: The 'Unplugged' version of Kurt Cobain is now in stock for
$13.99 and we also have a variety of other Cobain collectibles in stock.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the great new preorders listed above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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