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Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another exciting round of new preorders - Hasbro's first Marvel figures,
and a wide variety of new arrivals!


HASBRO MARVEL LEGENDS: Hasbro has just unveiled the first round of
figures from its exciting new Marvel license! Wave 1 is up for preorder
at $64.99 for the set of 6 which includes: Emma Frost, Banshee, Planet
Hulk, X3 Beast, Hercules, Ultimate Iron Man. We also offer cases of 12
for $119.99 - the case is scheduled to include 2 full sets of 6. Also up
for preorder are the 12" Icons - Thor & Wolverine. Check these out on the
all new Hasbro Marvel menu:

HASBRO SPIDER-MAN ORIGINS: Spider-Man, along with the entire library of
thousands of Marvel characters are now eligible to become new figures from
Hasbro! They are starting out with some all-time Spider-Man favorites
with their Signature Series and Battle-Pack sets. The Signature Series
figures stand around 8" tall and include Doc Ock, Spider-Man, Black
Costume Spider-Man, and Green Goblin. The Battle Packs feature 3
different versions of Spider-Man against Venom, Doc Ock, and Green Goblin.
Sets are priced at $64.99 and $34.99 respectively

HASBRO SUPERHERO SQUAD: Hasbro is applying the 'Galactic Hero' idea from
Star Wars to the Marvel World. With all the characters to choose from,
this could be a fantastic and far-reaching set of figures. They start us
out with 8 figures including: Angel, Colossus, Cyclops, Magneto,
Wolverine, Captain America and more! A great price-point on these, only
$24.99 for the full set of 8 series 1 figures.


TOYBIZ MARVEL - A huge shipment of Marvel items are now in stock:

--MARVEL FACE-OFF: Three cool new 2-packs each come with a nice display
base to better pose the figures and an animated backdrop to put them in
the context of the storyline. Sets include Hulk vs Leader, Kingpin vs
Daredevil, and Captain America vs The Red Skull. The set of three 2-packs
is in stock for $49.99, individual sets & variants are available.

--MARVEL MASTERWORKS: This set of dioramas features highly detailed
figures that are not articulated, but focus instead on capturing an action
sequence from the comics. The set includes Spider-man vs. Green Goblin,
and The Fantastic 4 vs. The Mole Man. Sets are $32.99 each.

$29.99 and contains 4 all-new figures. The Monsters set includes The
Zombie, Frankenstein, Werewolf by Night, and Dracula - as told by Marvel
Comics. The Young Avengers set features younger replacements for your
favorite hero team including: Iron Lad, Patriot, The Asgardian, The
Hulkling. Preorders for the House of M Giftset are also available.

--12" MARVEL ICONS: This wave of beefy 12" figures includes Hulk and
Venom, with Gray Hulk and Unmasked Venom Variants. Sets of 2 normal
figures are $35.99 and the cool variants come in at $24.99 and $22.99

--MARVEL SHOWDOWN: All kinds of new figures are now in stock, from the
Booster class we have: Green Goblin, Juggernaut, Beast, Silver Surfer,
and Elektra. Two new starter sets include Magneto vs Colossus, and Mr.
Fantastic vs Mole Man. The Rider series is also in stock featuring Namor
& Shark, Ghost Rider & Motorcycle, Logan & Chopper.

--SPIDER-MAN SERIES 18: Finally a wave that is heavy on villains instead
of packed full of action-gimmick S.M. figures. Wave 18 is priced at only
$39.99 for the set of 4, and it includes: Madjack, Stealth Venom, Super
Kick Spider-Man, and Dual Blast Shocker - who has a wind-up vibrating
feature to shake/shock other figures right off the shelf.

--X-MEN SERIES 2: Another shipment of this popular series has arrived,
back in stock are Air Strike Wolverine, Bird of Prey Angel, Juggernaut,
Stealth Cyclops, and Tech Gear Beast.

MACROSS 1/48: The brand new Angel Birds 1/48 Valkyrie has landed, this
cool figure has a completely different and much brighter paint job than
any other Valks we've seen - in stock for $154.99. Also just in is the
Low Visibility Armored Parts set for $129.99 - this camo armor will fit
any of the 1/48 valks.

IMPORTED GUNDAM: A variety of new figures have just arrived including the
FIX 0031 Crossbone Gundam, Baund Doc repaint, MSIA Providence Gundam, HCM
Pro #30 Re-GZ & #31 Gelgoog. A variety of other figures are in stock.

NIGHTMARE BEFORE X-MAS: NECA's fourth wave of NBX figures is now in stock
for $49.99 per set of 4 figures. Pumpkin King Jack is also available
singly for $12.99

BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: A variety of loose vintage Star Wars figures
from the late 70's and early 80's have just gone up. They will also be
listing a nice round of open box G1 Transformers in the afternoon.

HOT TOYS MOVIE MASTERPIECE BATMAN: Back in stock for $199.99, this is one
of the ultimate 12" versions of Batman - highly detailed and great quality
from Hot Toys in Hong Kong.

STAR WARS TITANIUM: The new Clone Trooper and IG-88 figures have just
arrived - nicely packaged 3.75" figures made completely of metal.

ATTACKTIX STARTER SETS: We now have the new Starter Sets, Booster Packs,
and Battle Packs in stock for all the new Star Wars figures as well as the
Transformers sets.

MEDICOM RAH SEX PISTOLS: Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten come packaged in
screamingly bright pink and yellow boxes. These figures are 12" tall and
nicely detailed - in stock now for $139.99 each.

REVOLTECH: We've restocked all the sold out figures and now have every
one of the normal releases to date in stock for $19.99. Dante, many
Evangelion, Getter Robo 1 & 2, Dougram & King Gainer

NINTENDO DOTS: From the extremely difficult 'Ghosts & Goblins' game comes
a new Dots set. This two-box set features both the knight in his undies,
and his armor, which can be combined to form, you guessed it, the knight
in his armor. This set is sold for $14.99

figure, but that makes it even cooler - Gamera stands around 12" tall and
is not highly articulated, but is extremely detailed. In stock now for

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new Marvel items or anything else that interests you.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel @

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