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Friday, November 24th, 2006 4:19am CST

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Another Update from Joel over at

Hi - Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at BBTS! We hope you have a great
holiday weekend. A huge batch of Marvel and other items have just arrived

20% OFF SALE CONTINUES: Our Thanksgiving sale will end at 8:00 PM Central
Time on Friday 11/24 - be sure to take advantage of the savings on all
older retail & vintage items soon!


MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES 15: The latest set of ML figures includes the
build-a-figure pieces to form a very cool Modok figure. The set of six
includes one each of Moon Knight, Spider-Woman, Wasp, Beta Ray Bill,
Thorbuster Iron Man, and Captain Marvel - in stock now for $59.99!

MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES 14: This set includes Baron Zemo, Psylocke, Falcon,
Luke Cage, 1st Appearance Iron Man, and Longshot. Sets are priced at
$59.99 and we also have some single pieces and variants avaialable. The
build-a-figure for ML 14 is Modok.

MARVEL ICONS SERIES 3: Another superb round of large scale figures - Wave
3 is in stock for $39.99 and it includes a cool version of Spider-Man
hanging upside down inside the packaging and a hulking darker version of
The Beast.

of various Toy Vault Plush items has just arrived, A total of 50 items
have just been stocked or restocked. Check out the website for all the
arrivals, here are a few highlights: Knights of Ni Hat, Giant Cthulhu
Plush, Mini Rodan Plush, Conker Plush, 6 Sided Fuzzy Dice, Black Knight
Plush, KISS Demon Plush, Farscape Rygel Plush & Much More!

X-MEN 2006 WAVE 3: This year's X-Men figures have been wildly popular
because they go back to the basics and don't include a lot of gadgets and
made up add on features. Series 3 holds true to that theme and brings us
authentic versions of Colossus, Nightcralwer, Sabretooth, Iceman,
Avalanche, and Rogue. Sets are $69.99 (which include the 1 per case Rogue
& Avalance) and the other four are also available separately at $8.99 to

MARVEL LEGENDS FACE OFF SERIES 2: Face Off series 1 was a solid set, but
series 2 bumps it up a few notches with great packaging and great
characters. The set of 3 two-packs includes: Iron Man vs Mandarin,
Wolverine vs Sabretooth, and Punisher vs Jigsaw.

SPIDER-MAN CLASSICS WAVE 19: Full sets of 5 are in stock for $54.99 -
these include one each of: Toxin, Electro, and three variations of

MARVEL LEGENDS MASTERWORKS: Two new figure dioramas are now in stock -
the Galactus vs Everyone and Thing vs Hulk dioramas recapture classic
comic book covers. The set of two is priced at $32.99

MARVEL SHOWDOWN SERIES 4: Five new gaming pieces are now in stock for
$7.49 to $8.99. Figures include Daredevil, Thor, Invisible Woman, Venom,
and Cyclops.

STAR WARS VCD CLONE TROOPER: Another fresh new item from Medicom, the VCD
Clone Trooper has an oversized head and an imported feel to it - in stock
now at $59.99

GI JOE LIFE SIZE SWORDS: The Swords of Snake Eyes & Stormshadow are back
in stock for $174.99, give the gift of ninja weapons this year

stands almost 14" tall and changes from a transport vehicle to robot. In
stock now for $114.99

13" DELUXE AQUAMAN: Another entry into this popular series from DC
Direct, the new Aquaman figure is priced at $51.99

MACHINE ROBO MUGENBINE: One of the larger Mugenbine items to arrive so
far, the Mugen Engine Turbo Animal Force looks to be a fairly complex set
with transforming and combining parts - in stock now for $44.99

NIGHTMARE BEFORE X-MAS: Wave Five singles of Jack and Undersea Gal, as
well as the Jack on Snowmobile set have just arrived. We have a variety
of other NBX items in stock and up for preorder here:

$29.99 and we also have a variety of other 1:18 Scale Bond Cars.

SPEED RACER DIE-CAST ITEMS: A new set of Speed Racer, Racer X, Mach 5,
and Shooting Star is now available for only $14.99. The figures stand
around 3" tall and the cars are roughly 3" long


RED SONJA & GIANT SNAKE STATUE: Dynamite Entertainment continues to bring
out very nicely done Red Sonja collectibles. This new statue features a
large scale full body Red Sonya sculpture standing over a really huge
snake - Preorder price is $269.99 - $24 under MSRP.

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN - VOLTES V DOCKING BAY: This accessory for the Voltes V
figure features an indoor and outdoor view - it will display the Voltes
figure in full mecha mode or when broken down into all the individual
parts. Made by Buto and priced at $159.99

GWAR ACTION FIGURES: Shocker Toys brings us 7" action figure replicas of
one of the most heavily costumed bands ever, the hardcore shock rockers -
GWAR. Wave one includes Beefcake, Oderus, and Techno. They are available
as a set of 3 for $44.99, or $15.99 each.

MARVEL MICRO HEROES: Playground Maniacs brings us 2" mini figures
fashioned after 24 different Marvel heroes. These are available in boxes
of 15 for $39.99. The figures are packed in closed boxes so you'll likely
need two or three boxes to complete the set.

Set from Hasbro will be shipping to us next week and arriving in roughly
10 days. This is going to be a great set at only $22.99

Thanks for your interest in and have a great
Thanksgiving Weekend!

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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