Botcon 09 and ROTF Figures Now Available

Botcon 09 and ROTF Figures Now Available

Friday, June 5th, 2009 10:28am CDT

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Ray over at Robot Kingdom has just sent us a news update with all the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen toys and Botcon exclusives they have available. Check them out below:


Botcon 2005 - Descent Into Evil Box Set Of 7

US$315, 1pc only. ... FBC2005DIE


Botcon 2009 - Banzai-tron & Skyquake

US$119.9 ... TFBC2009BS


Botcon 2009 - Leozack

US$99.9 ... TFBC2009LZ


Botcon 2009 - Razorclaw & Elita One

US$139.9 ... TFBC2009RE


Botcon 2009 - Wings of Honor Boxed Set

US$399.9 ... TFBC2009WH


Botcon 2008 - Sideswipe & Blurr With Rampage

US$139.9 ... TFBC2008SB


Transformers Botcon 2008 - Rodimus & Megatron With Divebomb

US$249.9 ... TFBC2008RM


Movie 2 Deluxe Wave 3 - Sealed Case of 8

PRE-ORDER, available 15 June.


Sealed case including:
2x Cannon Bumblebee,
2x Barricade
2x Ravage
2x Mudflap ... I=TFMV2D03


US$15.9 ... TFMV2D03BC

Cannon Bumblebee

US$15.9 ... TFMV2D03CB


US$16.9 ... TFMV2D03MF


US$19.9 ... TFMV2D03RA


Movie Voyager - Wave 3 Sealed Case of 4

PRE-ORDER, available 15 June.


Sealed Case including:
2x Mixmaster,
2x Megatron. ... I=TFMV2V03


US$29.9 ... TFMV2V03MM


US$27.9 ... TFMV2V03MT


Movie Voyager - Wave 4 Sealed Case of 4

PRE-ORDER, available 1 July.


Sealed case including:
1x Starscream,
1x Optimus Prime,
1x Demolisher,
1x Stratosphere. ... I=TFMV2V04


US$32.9 ... TFMV2V04SS


Movie Leader - Wave 2 Sealed Case of 2

PRE-ORDER, available 1 July.


Sealed Case including:

1x Optimus Prime,

1x Jetfire. ... I=TFMV2L02


US$59.9 ... TFMV2L02JF

Also, don't forget to check our Just List Items & Restock items! ... 21&lang=us

Robotkingdom Crew

Credit(s): Ray @ RobotKingdom

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Re: Botcon 09 and ROTF Figures Now Available (932307)
Posted by King Slick on June 5th, 2009 @ 11:01am CDT
Finally a release date for my Decepti-kitty! Awsome. On the 16th I can kick back with a "banquet" with d-kitty in lap and watch as the G1 goodness comes alive again (though I may have tissues near-by for "Fire in the Sky")
Re: Botcon 09 and ROTF Figures Now Available (932428)
Posted by Blurrz on June 5th, 2009 @ 2:25pm CDT
Bleh. I can't believe how much '08 Sideswipe and Blurr go for on the secondary market now. I should've got 'em when they were below $100.. Q_Q

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