Cybertron Swerve and Swindle on Ebay!

Cybertron Swerve and Swindle on Ebay!

Saturday, October 1st, 2005 1:42pm CDT

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TFW2005 user BigPhill makes note of Ebay auctions for Cybertron Swerve and Cybertron Swindle.

TFW2005 user TriBlurr has emailed the seller about both bios and tech specs:

Swindle Bio -

Though he is outfitted with a sensor package and weapons system nearly identical to his twin brother HARDTOP, SWINDLE scorns long-range tactics. He'd rather charge an AUTOBOT and club him across the visual cluster with his laser rifle than actually use it to blast another robot. SWINDLE is deceptively agile and tough for his size, traits developed over years of picking fights and winning. He's not as slavishly loyal to MEGATRON as his brother; he'll work for anyone who lets him trash AUTOBOTS.

Swerve Bio -

Impatient and short-tempered, SWERVE is a robot whose processors run so hot he was forced to install a backup exhaust system just to compensate for the excess heat. After his suspension from official races for poor sportsmanship, he found himself in the seedy underground oil-sport racing circuit. There, running races in which the last robot standing is declared victor, he's finally found an outlet for his temper, and a use for his lightning fast reflexes and sharp-shooting skills.

Tech Specs for Swerve -

Strength 5
Intel 6.5
Speed 7.5
Endur 9
Rank 3.5
Courage 6.5
Fireblast 5
Skill 6

Tech Specs for Swindle -
Strength 7
Intel 6
Speed 8
Endur 6
Rank 3.5
Courage 5
Fireblast 5.5
Skill 8

Credit(s): BigPhill and TriBlurr of 2005

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