Did Dreamwave Slip fans a MICK-y?

Did Dreamwave Slip fans a MICK-y?

Tuesday, August 5th, 2003 1:48am CDT

Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth   Views: 34,038
Every now and then a rumor comes along that´s so completely off-the-wall that it absolutely must be posted. The topic of this rumor is current "War and Peace" writer, Brad Mick. Since he was announced as being the writer for the G1 series, questions started popping up. Questions like "Why haven´t we heard of this guy before?" or "What happened to Chris Sarracini?" Eventually, the questions shifted into accusations like "Brad Mick is really Pat Lee!" or "Brad Mick is really Simon Furman!" Well, this rumor is in the spirit of the last two.
RUMOR: Brad Mick is really Chris Sarracini.
It´s a fact that originally, Mr. Sarracini was listed as writing the second G1 miniseries (Back cover of Armada issue 8). It´s also a fact that Mr. Sarracini was originally given credit for the preview of Volume 2 that was included in the Volume 1 Trade Paperback (Back cover of Volume 1 issue 5 (first print). Last year, Mr. Sarracini made his rounds at Comic Book conventions. This year, he was absent from the same conventions he´d attended the year before. In his place, sat Brad Mick. Photographs snapped at both conventions seem to show that they are two different people. Or do they? It´s another fact is that baseball caps can be removed and facial hair can be shaven. A Seibertron.com supporter had the chance to speak with Mr. Mick at OTFCC. When asked about the work of Mr. Sarracini, Mick was heard to say "I ****ing hated him." What better way to distance himself from what may essentially be an "alt ID" than to basically "flame" himself? After all, professional courtesy would seemingly prevent one from saying such harsh words about a fellow writer (even if such words echo the feelings of much of the readership of the book). Are these two TF writers one and the same? Is Chris Sarracini the Clark Kent to Brad Mick´s Superman? Is this a fact? Maybe. Is this fiction? Perhaps. Is this a rumor? Definately. Feel free to debate this topic on Seibertron.com´s Energon Pub.

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